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  1. I came across this school quite by accident when I was looking for something else. I stress I am not trying to secretly promote it. As you will see I have some fairly sharp criticisms of what i’ve found. But its also very interesting and approaches energy work in a way i’ve not seen before. I’m somewhat intrigued but also torn by their material. I tried doing some research on them but these guys seem almost unknown. The head honcho ‘situ’ Rob jones claims to have trained in martial arts for over 40 years and was involved in a previous site - chi He no longer affiliates himself with that site and considers its methods no longer up to date in the light of further research. (personally that chi power site is the sort of thing i'd usually run a mile from. Horrible presentation. But maybe I have to look past it being marketed like diet pills...) Outside the site itself i’ve found no independent opinions on the chi energy heals school (it seems to have a few different names) yet it claims a 90% retention rate. On TB forum there only seems to be a couple of indirect references to Rob Jones which don't give much away but actually sounds pretty positive. There’s much more that could be said about their material. But the salient points of the school's method are: - making use of modern research into biomagnetic research. - main exercise is in building up nerve fibres throughout the body rather than any approach which concentrates on energetic structures in the body - i.e. lower Dantien. - focus on building stable energy that becomes very tangible. - no preoccupation with building heat in the body as a sign of chi development. Students learn precise temperature control of the body to avoid damaging glands. Something called the ‘tri concept’ is used to keep energy development in balance. - working with bioelectricity and biophotons as opposed to affecting hormones in the body which many energy work methods do (apparently). Claimed that systems that work with the body’s hormones can cause problems that most of us associate with ups and downs or ‘healing crises’ of cultivation work. PRO - from the outline of their 3 year course it has some amazing sounding stuff that might genuinely come at energy work from a new empirical angle. They provide a full course catalogue of what to expect in the training. I’ve done a little research on biomagnetism and the work of people like Dr Robert becker, James L. Oschman and some of the work of the French physical radiastheesia researchers lke Chaumery. Its enough to know that when they talk about ‘bioenergy’ and bio-phtons’ the school is not just making up a load of 'new age' psuedoscience. There can actually be some basis to this. - The fee structure is transparent and pretty reasonable. About $950 for a year of training - which includes some mentoring. - overall the presentation of the school is quite low key. CON - no matter how cleverly they dress it up all of their open door material amounts to ‘our system is better than everyone else’s’. This wold normally cause me to dismiss something quickly. Its a big no no. - this means a student is asked to stop doing other forms on energy work when doing this one. This seems an unfair request when the student doesn’t know at the start whether this system has any worth. - related: For all the material they have on their site they are very effective at not giving away a single practical technique to try. They seem to imply this is for safety of the student as even the first nerve fibre building exercise is strong. - they lump ‘qigong’ into one thing as if all 9000 styles were the same. They also use the word ‘chi’ and lots of nice pictures of Chinese bridges etc in their marketing and yet essentially seem to reject traditional approaches to cultivation. The is what pushed me closest to ignoring them outright. - they invoke quantum physics. Its a big red flag. There are very divided opinions on whether quantum physics demonstrates anything one way or the other about esoteric matters. …and yet there is something in the material which suggests they might just be onto something. I’m not about to change my practise over night - but neither will I fight to defend what i currently do just because i’m emotionally invested in it. Ultimately if these guys really do have a valid scientific approach to energy work then i’ll listen and adapt. Thoughts, experiences…?