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  1. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    Nice sunglasses, where do you get these.
  2. Who is Loneman Pai?

    When you talk to npc ingame 999 times it tells every time the same thing.
  3. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Radio with set ideas and program. I am sure things like awareness, consciousness, mind and upper planes were not among the subjects studied by vonkraken.
  4. Who is Loneman Pai?

    But can you see Qi? Lololol. I can show, but you cant see it. I can both see and touch qi and move it around like rubber. Moreover I can catch qi beasts and parasites. Are living things made of qi, just a movement between polarities? Advanced masters can materialize qi into visible to mortals tangible objects. But thats a very high level. Master of such level will not bother with bringing proof to a mortal. They can turn human into a pile of ashes by finger flick.
  5. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Narrow mind is narrow, if you release energy from a physical object, like energy lf atoms, you gonna get nuclear reactors and atom bombs. It proves yet hundreds years ago that physical matter contains alot of energy. When you eat dense food and it gets destroyed into cells, inner force released feeds us into living. Yet, another example of matter being a form of energy. It just structured, contained energy.
  6. Who is Loneman Pai?

    I work with qi everyday, I can see it and grasp it, move it around, and form objects. I have powerful qi field. Whatever you study is not qi, you don't have even basic qi abilities, yet you show disrespect and ignorance. Blind man in dark room.
  7. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Its like blueprint which is just a schematic but once you put qi inside it come to alive and able to perform one or another function.
  8. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Radio on repeat even after proven wrong 999 times.
  9. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Nothing is perfect, saying smth is perfect is like admitting you are wrong. When Qi reaches critical mass it behaves like substance, so you just verified that qi is substance, same as light, sound, air and so on. Just because the substance is 1 out of 100.000.000 its transparent, or you cant see or monitor it, with any pgysical objects, it does not mean it is not a substance.
  10. Who is Loneman Pai?

    yin qi yan qi May be you dont understand what substance is? Everything you can calculate or see is a substance, it is a matter. Even thought in your head is a material stuff.
  11. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Everything I say is correct and tested by ten thousands hours of practice and other practitioners. Plus unlike you I have 3rd eye that can see and verify qi real time. Essence > qi > spirit Only reflects qi movement from low vibrations svadhistana to high vibrations ajna. It is not a movement in a sense but is transformation. While you could feel some lower grade qi, you cannot feel higher grade qi. The reason why they only work with low grade or dont work at all. Taoism does not have any high grade masters. 99.9% are stuck on level of svadhistana forever. Like Mantak. So no surpise that you can study and learn for 55 years and have no third eye. I would open it in few years even for the dumbest of my students. Guys who dont have 3rd eye themselves cannot open it for others. Same with all other siddhi and abilities. Which is why so many people want to find JC.
  12. Who is Loneman Pai?

    original post is already deleted
  13. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Polarity itself is a type of qi. I dont care what you study and from whom, but you should open your eyes.
  14. Who is Loneman Pai?

    I dont know who said that Chang only works with LDT and not MCO, when last time, I scanned him he had thunder type circulation, energy flowing like waterfall.
  15. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Its both, when you accumulate a lot it will widen the circulation, and when you circulate a lot it will accumulate. If you do just one thing. Accumulation without circulation is a blockage, and circulation without accumulation never ending bottleneck.