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  1. MCO doesnt work

    Yeah, although I would say its just the basics of cultivation, it is not for beginners at all. People need to work with other things first, like meditation, free mind from all thoughts and disturbances, work with energy sensitivity practice (easiest to be done in pairs or groups).
  2. MCO doesnt work

    I totally cannot imagine doing MCO for 8 hours straight. Its like working out in gym for 8 hours straight. You stop practice when you are full / overloaded, if you dont you can cause serious / lethal brain / internal organ damage to oneself. Brain matter could simply get crushed under high pressure. Also you dont do MCO or cultivation if you are sick and the body is weakened, it may not be able to handle additional pressure.
  3. MCO doesnt work

    I dont know how you do it, I feel very strong results with MCO after 8-10 circles which takes about 15 seconds. 15 seconds and mind is blown away by qi force mco and tan tien meditation are 2 things that are simple and proven to work and give amazing results
  4. Mo Pai and unwellness

    Check Starjumper ppd After release of that lvl 1-2 guide, members of Ilovecoffee community were mad like ... And then they started saying that they have different levels but from the same guy.
  5. Mo Pai and unwellness

    If you want quotes and may be, you just forget things you wrote, because you write walls of text? I am sure he did not mean that "another long 4x quote on lecithin". Electric Eel is simple example of a living being that can do electrokinesis. But you take things literally, and go into the science of why it does electrokinesis, and you make suggestion that Chang does it exactly the same way. I have not made that up. Thats the basics of meditation, everyone knows that you have to let go of your ego, and merge with the forces of nature and then start control it, its like the very basics, but you overcomplicate things and start posing them off as some divine or neidan knowledge, impossible to understand to such trivial masters as I am. No, its just a common sense. Very first lesson or may be the second lesson of your meditation course for beginners, they should teach you that. I have studied things you wont even find in any existing books or esoteric works. Its just mind boggling and its not shared publicly.
  6. Mo Pai and unwellness

    "You cant see energy, but want a proof that energy exists" "I can see energy, and it is the proof that it exists" "There is no way you could prove someone who cant see energy, that energy is actually visible"
  7. Mo Pai and unwellness

    I dont really understand why people are afraid of arguments or discussions on this forum. Very little threads actually have exchanges or sharing experiences. Very little discussions are made by people who have their own experience in cultivation. Threads made by newbies are fairly not interesting at all. The overall activity on this forum sounds to be weak. This was once a huge forum that is like 10+ years old and has like 5.000+ members, but it runs as a forum with 20 people size. Drew might be excessive in his walls of texts, but atleast he writes something and there are some logical arguments. I remember Ilovecoffee though, and that guy would make 500 posts, each would repeat the same thing over and over again like a radio and hurt brain. He also wanted physical proof of energy or mental based abilities that was quite silly.
  8. Mo Pai and unwellness

    There is a difference between ejaculation and orgasm. You stated that orgasm leads to cancer and lack of cultivation and you stated that celibacy is required when you dont even look in the woman's eyes. Everybody knows this, this is meditation basics level 1 1 lesson. I dont think John read those things or has an idea about an electric eel functions beyond general understanding.
  9. Mo Pai and unwellness

    No, it makes zero sense, that for telekinesis you would need 2 people. Even less sense, statement that only Chang can control yin field. Daoist quantum biologist
  10. Mo Pai and unwellness

    Its quality over quantity, not many people actually read your posts. Yin Qi is the resistance, its the magnetic field. Yan Qi is the electricity, the kinetic power. This is kindergarden type of knowledge does not require more than one sentence. It also descends during sex and sexual circulation. And during MCO practice. Heart level is a place where your hands grow from. Its like saying that you eat your food, and it comes through mouth into stomach, wow. A revelation. Attention moves energy - energy moves blood. Why you overcomplicate things, as it is something being taught on 1 lesson of any low level qigong school. Sounds like cosmic bs. Again, an irrelevant piece of information that holds no practical use and cannot be verified by any means possible.
  11. Mo Pai and unwellness

    Stop with all this internal alchemy and immortality training gibberish quotes and show us a single immortal. There are books about immortality and alchemy and cultivation, but there is not a single being who has done that. I wonder why.
  12. Mo Pai and unwellness

    You are gonna die of this is too brutal for your brain.
  13. Mo Pai and unwellness

    Even if I would type from phone and make grammar / wording mistakes in every sentence. It would still make way more sense than your text walls of pointless quotes and citations.
  14. Will to resist the flu (and other illnesses)

    FLU often is a cleansing reaction of a body that usually comes with seasons, you are coughing / spitting the toxic waste materials outside of the body. I cant understand how many people could consider that a bad thing to do. Toxins go out. Getting flu like symptoms very often happens after intense Qi workout or after going on a cleaner diet.
  15. Mo Pai and unwellness

    I dont support scamming, tricking and deception. Unfortunately, people seeking Qigong Masters, are too easy to decieve and are bad with critical thinking and laws of physics. While there could be people somewhere with real superhuman abilities, Jian Feng was not one of them.