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  1. Oops, it's been a minute

    I don't give a fuck about life. Hell, I don't give a fuck about anything. - You must be taoist master who reached zen stage.
  2. I believe those psychology works are written on purpose, to piss off / annoy people. Each person has some sort of individuality and you need to look for those that have a bit more of a self cognition and a bit less of animal instincts, although thats not a rule of thumb.
  3. How to become less blind

    I have been starting cultivation, and did few rounds with microcosmic orbit, then I felt overwhelming power spreading from spine, this feeling of endless ecstazy and being "high". I go sleep, wake up look at my hands, and they are glowing like in dense rubber.
  4. Hello, I am redstratus :)

    Why, have I read Redstraus?
  5. On Drugs

    Drugs, especially those that are used for "spiritual experience" have a tendency to make user weaker all the time. Eventually, they are left as empty hollow shells without any kind of consciousness or cognitive ability.
  6. Deleted

    It feels like I have become spiritual teacher for many.
  7. I don't think you can treat energy deficiency with food. Try meditating on moon.
  8. Bums I am missing

    I bet nobody did.
  9. Bums I am missing

    They only said that their version of lvl 1 and 2 practice is different from what is public (leaked). And then, they were very pissed off at 殿区域 殿区域殿区域 guy for leaking this lvl 1 and 2 to public, which hints us that it is not so different if different at all. 殿区域
  10. Bums I am missing

    But they never had anything beyond level two and openly admitted this. Level 1 is filling ldt, level 2 is compressing energy in ldt to fill more energy. The secret hidden part of teaching must be about copper rod and how to put it in a certain hole for maximum cultivation results.
  11. The practice changes the person. Nobody truly understands that. Theorycrafting does not change person. Those who truly cultivate are changing on so many different levels, that someones perception about them and hypothesis are all obsolete.
  12. We were all egyptian priests and pharaohs in the past. Oh wait, that must be wrong forum.
  13. If Shen becomes Qi, how does Qi become Jing?

    Shen is a global stock of planet conscioussness, the more shen you got, the higher your % market share. When you own a lot of shares, you become a god, and your thoughts can move oceans, activate volcanoes, give life and take life.
  14. You don't have any solid proof, I will deny it.
  15. Exactly, spiritual cultivation has nothing to do with humans, human ideals, and human perception about what spiritual cultivation is.