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  1. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    It is fine if you dont like this or that guy, or their teaching, but so what, nobody forces you to pay him money and become his disciple. Is it not good that there is a teacher for every different type of person on different stages of self-development? Do you think there is an ideal type of teacher? I don't think so. I have even less trust into taoist's with modern diplomas and certificates doing online courses than in a man with devil mask.
  2. Leading Qi to the teeth

    Interesting testimonial.
  3. Leading Qi to the teeth

    It is definitely possible in theory, to grow new teeth, It might even become possible in future by stem cells injection for a hefty sum of money, but that would be much better than implants. The question is not whenever we can do this, the question is what level you need and how long it takes. Like it could be taking about 500 hours of meditation for a practitioner that must have X level. I don't believe it can be done by wishful thinking and by person without any serious cultivation level. Even growing new hair when you are balding is also possible but is quite difficult, and most taoist are bald if they are bald, no practice helps them. But with testimonials there is a problem, the only 2 I heard were about growing teeth after months of meditation practice, and the new teeth grew not straight, but under weird angles. One was from falun dafa practitioner, online, might be fake, another was from qigong master, who apparently could make bricks fly in the air. Ah also, there are some testimonials about new teeth coming after age 100-105, like biologically.
  4. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    Most of them are not convincing. Have you seen John Chang with a site offering a 200hr online courses? I would want to see teacher's abilties more than any certificates or that he has many years of teaching experience. Send me a demo with levitation or pyrokinesis, of any chinese master. You could easily be stuck at level 0 of internal cultivation for 55 years and be a respectable teacher in masses. Wudang training or teaching may not include any internal work, I have seen those people they only do physical exercises for many years and movements, and consider this qigong or even neiqun. I would rather suggest going to @Starjumper then, he is not chinese, not wearing a funny hat, but his energy work and mountain place would be more interesting. I would generally suggest to avoid everyone talking about 99 forms and 45 movements, these are meaningless things. Internal practice / work is dangerous and I don't believe they would teach it to outsiders if they knew it. Unfortunately, most people who come study to china don't know this and they will not be able to discern between teacher who is advanced on internal training path, and between someone who is stuck at the very first step. While there could possibly be a group of advanced practitioners in Wudang mountains, there is no guarantee they would train anyone at all. You have to think about it, the internal arts master does not have time to hold classes and travel around teaching mortals on how to move their hands and ankles to meet 108 forms of that taichi style. I bet most information taught you could find in some books like medical qigong, or qigong classics, that cost about 10-15$ in physical shape with delivery from amazon. No need to pay 15.000$ yearly and live in poor conditions.
  5. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    I just mean there is not a single real demonstrations of him, beyond drawing some animations and graphics. Well, if there is - someone should post it here. The videos are not watchable atleast for me, it is too much talking nonsense. John had plenty of impressive demonstrations, without any talking. 50$ usd month for membership on forum or 600$ a year is similar to good fitness club membership. It is not clear what people are buying into, beyond ego ascending the heavens. I once thought he was running a forum for cultivators, registered there and got banned, apparently it is a forum for people paying him money. Think about it, would anyone with knowledge of cultivation, go to such place where you have to pay money and scale your ego. That is just my @gut@ feeling, but using mopai term in the name of the site and forum, is for hyping on the popularity of chang and attracting customers.
  6. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    I have tried to read his site and webforum once, I can't make any certain assertion about him nor do I want to. May be he has something real, may be only delusional. It is very naive to trust anyone on this subject. If he has something real, the way he presents his abilities and his system is very strange and shadowy. But there is quite a lot of confusion and mess overall, and mixing everything together, which makes me highly doubt that it is the right way to go for anyone. Real teaching is simple and straight, while it may have a huge depth and 0.01% of adepts truly understand the meaning, it is rarely a cacaphonia mix of different things alltogether, without any discerning for Emerald Scripture of Hermes, separation of true and false is the first stage to any profound knowledge. What I see here, is trying to encroach adepts from all different paths, i.e you like magic? come to us, you like mopai? come to us, you want daoist come to us, and then sell some forum membership or subscription.
  7. Leading Qi to the teeth

    One thing you should know, once you done a filling depending on its size and tooth work load, it will be destroying tooth by the laws of physics. On average fillings live 5 years, then you need a bigger one. After 2 fillings, you will have to do crown. Crown on live tooth, can damage and possibly kill nerve over time or immediately. Once pulp is inflamed or infected you have to do root canal. Once you get root canal there is 5% probability of failure, and over a period of 10 years majority fails or cause systemic health issues, because dead tooth decomposes naturally, releasing shit ton of pathogenic bacteria in bloodstream. Often, in 10 years after rct, there is a necessity for extraction and in the end you finish with implant, but if you dont have finance for 2000+ usd per implant, you will have bone loss over time and many other issues. Btw, implants can also fail and get infected. So, yeah, this is a long path, but its predetermined. Some people destroy teeth faster some slower, some can live 20 years with rct, some get a failure in 6 months. ---- On the side notes, does anyone have testimonials of tooth regrowing and how much of practice it takes.
  8. Hello