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  1. Bums I am missing

    I bet nobody did.
  2. Bums I am missing

    They only said that their version of lvl 1 and 2 practice is different from what is public (leaked). And then, they were very pissed off at 殿区域 殿区域殿区域 guy for leaking this lvl 1 and 2 to public, which hints us that it is not so different if different at all. 殿区域
  3. Bums I am missing

    But they never had anything beyond level two and openly admitted this. Level 1 is filling ldt, level 2 is compressing energy in ldt to fill more energy. The secret hidden part of teaching must be about copper rod and how to put it in a certain hole for maximum cultivation results.
  4. The practice changes the person. Nobody truly understands that. Theorycrafting does not change person. Those who truly cultivate are changing on so many different levels, that someones perception about them and hypothesis are all obsolete.
  5. We were all egyptian priests and pharaohs in the past. Oh wait, that must be wrong forum.
  6. If Shen becomes Qi, how does Qi become Jing?

    Shen is a global stock of planet conscioussness, the more shen you got, the higher your % market share. When you own a lot of shares, you become a god, and your thoughts can move oceans, activate volcanoes, give life and take life.
  7. You don't have any solid proof, I will deny it.
  8. Exactly, spiritual cultivation has nothing to do with humans, human ideals, and human perception about what spiritual cultivation is.
  9. How to become less blind

    and Sometimes, I think, I am talentless idiot. Wait insulting self, it is against the insult policy? Will, I get banned for that.
  10. Bums I am missing

    You mean secret lvl 1 instruction? Like fill your lower tantien with energy?
  11. Ye, which is why Qi experts like @GSmaster , judge abilities after scanning tan tien / energy bodies. If I say JC has siddhi that is 100% correct. I know some other people who have siddhi, but they never showed those abilities in public. Nothing can hide from the third eye master though. I'd say his true abilities are different from any videos recording.
  12. Lets not trust video documented demonstration of physical phenomena. Lets trust books of scammers and psychopaths, hello alister crowley. Most of the sources you ever use or rely upon in life and practice have zero credibility, and contain more lies than truth.
  13. Sometimes requiring proof and evidence people become stupid. Anyone can feel qi. Anyone who can feel qi can move qi. Anyone who can move qi can accumulate qi. When you accumulate you qi, it can be heat and electric tingling. Shooting other ppl with electric jolts is just moving qi towards them. Anyone can do this. Bringing paper on fire is moving qi outside of body. Anyone can do this with some training. If you continue to deny all this, I would 99% suspect brain damage, and magic / channelling practice is known to cause irreversible mental damage making people clinically insane. Bcz most people have no ability to develop mental body. They grow its size by distension, corrupt blocks of information. (its like getting fat instead of getting muscles)
  14. The fastest way to learn swimming is to jump into water. Those who are hesitant, don't have what it takes to become a cultivator in this life.
  15. This may sound unbelievable, but immortals have immortal friends, take in immortal wives and live in immortal places. Not among dirtshit.
  16. You could find all the info for first 10 years of practice in the internet, there are even first 2 levels of mopai also. So, go practice... and die... or succeed from it, and stop making pointless threads.
  17. His dan tien is like nuclear reactor, and most ppl on this forum got zero qi / completely empty. Easy to believe the guy cheats as nobody can do that in low level loc we live in. But world is a big place, nothing that he showed can be even considered top level on this planet. There are places with true monsters living, who have skill to move huge boulders by Qi and set whole regions on fire. And yes, they can walk in air with physical body.
  18. And I wish to be a billionaire, shooting lazer beams from my eyes. Do you realize that wish is just silly? Do they still exist? Guys pm me your forum, I am your only hope at advancing beyond lvl 1-2. He is real himself, but I have seen photo of guys 100 times more powerful / advanced, and never seen their abilities.
  19. How to become less blind

    Steve must have seriously advanced, building energy reactors to fuel limitless tan tiens and enough space to host 100.000 students
  20. How to become less blind

    Yeah, I have met so many delusional idiots who thought they / their practice is worth something, instead of actually being worthy. Thoughts in the poor hands become the weapon of selfdestruction and selfhumiliation. Though this is not absolute and visualization as is thinking can be used by masters for various purposes. But for beginners it is a trap as is contacting ghosts / gods, the only thing can be attained through such practice is becoming a laughing stock for all of us.
  21. How to become less blind

    There are no quick ways. Out of 10.000 people with 10+ years of practice in qigong / neigong /meditation, only 1-2 are truly capable of seeing energy and spirits. Technically, if you want an ability that vivid as you describe it, you would already have to be a saint, who would live in mountains, eat prana and walk in air. Having an ability to see Qi is like having a lamborghini, get yourself some bicycle first. Try to develop energy sensitivity to a level when you can walk eyes closed in the forest and not get hit.
  22. Strengthening the Blood

    If you disagree, with anything I say, just move on. I have calculated this thread to 12 pages of discussion and it won't give any results beyond wasting my time on 2 people who have zero potential in cultivation. I am always right. You don't like the right answers, go with the wrong ones, atleast they are hard earned and not given for free.
  23. Strengthening the Blood

    Yes, but you never know when you get heart attack, or cancer, or celiac disease, or tumors, or brain stroke, or any other disease which is caused by eating bread / sugar / milk. You could still live a hundred of years of life, just being sick every once in a while. Its like a roullette. After I said all this, I am going to make some toasted bread with cheddar cheese, garlic, onion, herbs, sea salt. And enjoy it.
  24. Strengthening the Blood

    Toxins are toxic in any amounts, i.e you can drink a shot of alcohol, it is still toxic. The only quantity matters is how fast you will get to the disease, depending on each individual body and ability to detox. It is not like there is or ever will be a healthy dosage of alcohol, nor there is a healthy dosage of white sugar, nor there is a healthy dosage of bread.
  25. Strengthening the Blood

    Sounds to me like both have positive effects on human health and internal organs. They are essential for life