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    Because there are certain criterias to go to higher planes which you have to achieve on this plane. You cannot just hop through levels and cheat your way through without doing anything. People have alot of darkness inside them and alot of negativity that holds them down here.
  2. Ultimate Inner Alchemy

    I feel like there is no ending to the mastery of qi and grasping qi. It is an endless mountain road. In one day, I can teach pretty much anyone to feel qi with their hands and body. But to teach seeing qi, that would take atleast several years of practice and it is a bit different ability, used in a different way. Sometimes using hands is better and you cannot get information from what you see.
  3. Ultimate Inner Alchemy

    So you dont believe in siddhi and superpowers, no levitation, no immortality. Why can I see energy, with my eyes, including lifeforce in living things and other people can't. This is called siddhi. Is it more mysterious to be able to see things with your eyes science have no idea about? Bringing things on fire is a simple and working ability, same as electrokinesis and levitation. It does show a certain level of mastery in some internal arts, you don't even know. I am sorry that what Chang does is called qigong or neigong, as it is nothing similar to what you guys are doing.
  4. Ultimate Inner Alchemy

    I am going to mountains soon for 2 weeks retreat. Hope to make some breakthrough and get back the power. I have almost forgotten about this forum, not sure if there is any interesting discussion or even a morepie thread?

    When I wanted to quit exam at university and was a bit angry, the whole building got on fire and everyone evacuated. When I was travelling to some place, the plane turned back in the midway. When I was sitting among the dead bodies and people, well, its not for public forums. Master is a position of selfconfidence in my own way and practice. Also it is a definition of a person who is the head of school or an advanced level practitioner.
  6. Oops, it's been a minute

    Just because you think something is an action, does not make it an action. Some people can do alot of actions without doing any action. The thing is in the mind, and yet your mind sees action in things, when it could be just empty. I can do 3000 actions per minute while doing nothing. All things are empty, yet your mind thinks they are full.
  7. Ultimate Inner Alchemy

    Do you think I remember what you are talking about?
  8. Oops, it's been a minute

    I don't give a fuck about life. Hell, I don't give a fuck about anything. - You must be taoist master who reached zen stage.
  9. I believe those psychology works are written on purpose, to piss off / annoy people. Each person has some sort of individuality and you need to look for those that have a bit more of a self cognition and a bit less of animal instincts, although thats not a rule of thumb.
  10. How to become less blind

    I have been starting cultivation, and did few rounds with microcosmic orbit, then I felt overwhelming power spreading from spine, this feeling of endless ecstazy and being "high". I go sleep, wake up look at my hands, and they are glowing like in dense rubber.
  11. Hello, I am redstratus :)

    Why, have I read Redstraus?
  12. On Drugs

    Drugs, especially those that are used for "spiritual experience" have a tendency to make user weaker all the time. Eventually, they are left as empty hollow shells without any kind of consciousness or cognitive ability.
  13. Deleted

    It feels like I have become spiritual teacher for many.
  14. I don't think you can treat energy deficiency with food. Try meditating on moon.
  15. Bums I am missing

    I bet nobody did.
  16. Bums I am missing

    They only said that their version of lvl 1 and 2 practice is different from what is public (leaked). And then, they were very pissed off at 殿区域 殿区域殿区域 guy for leaking this lvl 1 and 2 to public, which hints us that it is not so different if different at all. 殿区域
  17. Bums I am missing

    But they never had anything beyond level two and openly admitted this. Level 1 is filling ldt, level 2 is compressing energy in ldt to fill more energy. The secret hidden part of teaching must be about copper rod and how to put it in a certain hole for maximum cultivation results.
  18. The practice changes the person. Nobody truly understands that. Theorycrafting does not change person. Those who truly cultivate are changing on so many different levels, that someones perception about them and hypothesis are all obsolete.
  19. We were all egyptian priests and pharaohs in the past. Oh wait, that must be wrong forum.
  20. If Shen becomes Qi, how does Qi become Jing?

    Shen is a global stock of planet conscioussness, the more shen you got, the higher your % market share. When you own a lot of shares, you become a god, and your thoughts can move oceans, activate volcanoes, give life and take life.
  21. You don't have any solid proof, I will deny it.
  22. Exactly, spiritual cultivation has nothing to do with humans, human ideals, and human perception about what spiritual cultivation is.
  23. How to become less blind

    and Sometimes, I think, I am talentless idiot. Wait insulting self, it is against the insult policy? Will, I get banned for that.
  24. Bums I am missing

    You mean secret lvl 1 instruction? Like fill your lower tantien with energy?
  25. Ye, which is why Qi experts like @GSmaster , judge abilities after scanning tan tien / energy bodies. If I say JC has siddhi that is 100% correct. I know some other people who have siddhi, but they never showed those abilities in public. Nothing can hide from the third eye master though. I'd say his true abilities are different from any videos recording.