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  1. Tai Chi proper drills for beginning the martial path

    Watch "the tao of taiji pugilism" on YouTube
  2. Tai Chi proper drills for beginning the martial path

    Check it out family. Watch "taiji artistic pugilism" on YouTube
  3. Exorcism

    Good Idea
  4. Exorcism

    Kenobi how long have you been in energetic training?
  5. Tai Chi proper drills for beginning the martial path

    We did a back to back session Watch "practical application of taiji skills" on YouTube
  6. Tai Chi proper drills for beginning the martial path

    check it out family Watch "pracrical apps for internal boxing methods" on YouTube
  7. Tai Chi proper drills for beginning the martial path

    Watch "ward off part 3a" on YouTube
  8. Tai Chi proper drills for beginning the martial path

    Watch "ward off part 3 the anatomy of it" on YouTube
  9. Tai Chi proper drills for beginning the martial path

    indeed tons of practice with a partner both scripted and unscripted the mind will start to memorize distinct patterns with certain types punching patterns once the mind memorizes it becomes instinctual. it took me alot of experiences before i could feel anothers movements in a real fight everyone has patterns you can manipulate you just need lots of experience.
  10. Is Tai chi fake?

  11. Is Tai chi fake?

    With all due respect to your teachers and their great accomplishments. I am happy for you that you had the opportunity to work with them and if your physics experience is as vast as you say it is then you already know how it connects and can see how it connects by watching the video. So the proof is in the video if you believe i am using some other form of physics then please go ahead and explain or dispute. i have proven by doing. What you can do is find a steel industrial train filled with coal and duplicate what I did and then we can really talk from like experience. love and peace Sifu Eric Randolph
  12. Is Tai chi fake?

    The student i'm teaching has been studying over 20 yrs and can fight better than most on the street and has a few black belts in karate and jujitsu ( jim is 52 ) and nowhere near old nor incapable of really defending himself at that moment he tried using tense muscular force to counter . When we teach a technique it's just so you can undetstand the basic mechanics of how a technique works you literally have to start somewhere when teaching how to apply a technique in various ways. fighting someone is something different and its not about what art form you use its about can you fight can you take their violence.Some people are good at this Some are not and it has nothing to do with whether you use tai chi or mma. It has everything to do with can you handle violence. What's great about tai chi is that it teaches you balance even after learning how to use it as a fighting skill.Most of us who really can fight and use peng as a weapon avoid fighting. We also avoid people recording how we actually use our fighting ability against another. Fighters who use their art to defend themselves in real street altercations know it is not wise for someone to record them nor should you want someone to see how you defend yourself. The element of surprise is very important in life and death situations. Peng is evident in every move I'm doing to teach how to express full body power while staying in a given structure. I do not look like this when i'm fighting its way faster and more fluid and quite violent for my attacker in these classrooms i would not use this energetic for i am teaching not trying to harm my students at this stage of learning. In the sparring this is different and I'm still making sure not to do permanent damage or even major damge to my students or even just a curious bystander. Morality is a very serious aspect in my school. i've crossed hands with a few mma people in sparring and won every bout does that mean i can beat every mma person and that mma is trash for real fighting? No it just means the people i was sparring with weren't better fighters than myself it is the same for the mma people who beat some tai chi. Not all of us can't fight, those of us who can just dont really care about the fight that happened nor others opinions. We know what we can do and that's all that matters. Now ofcourse no matter what anyone can dispute in many ways over the internet and I always say you would need to touch hands with me in order to know if I can truly defend myself and I am always open to that for anyone because in all honesty you can't know if i'm the real deal unless you come to see me or train with me. Just like people can say they are good at any martial art. It doesnt mean you're a great fighter, does it mean you have the ability to defend yourself yes does it mean you will win all encounters absolutely not. All aspects can happen in this wide range of fighting in reality. Fighting is not sport. If you took an mma fighter and put him in a sensing hands competition he would lose mostly especially to somrone who is exceptionsl in it. Just like a tai chi person could lose to an exceptional person in an octagon event but no one knows who would win in a fight, You would hope the tai chi person could use some visual tai chi skills and you would hope the mma guy would do well because of his training but fighting is beyond both of these and no one knows until the end of the fight. love and peace Sifu Eric Randolph
  13. Is Tai chi fake?

    some mechanics some playtime
  14. Is Tai chi fake?

    I find nothing to speak for or against the train is an industrial train filled with coal and yes I used resonance to move it and it has everything to do with tai chi because tai chi is physics an advanced form of physics at that and this aspect of it can be used in a martial aspect and if you're doing tai chi you know that resonance waves are a part of the penetration aspect to the palm strike. The video is very real. We almost got in serious trouble the foreman came and was amazed at what was being done and also told us it was illegal for us to be there. Now it doesn't matter whether you believe it's real or not. I believe earl grey my student gets quite excited when people doubt us teachers. He must learn that unless someone studies with you directly they have every right to be in disbelief. There are so many people of questionable skill levels open inquiry should never be stunted in any way. So allow me to apologize for my students frustration with any of you, for having the natural skeptic aspects that are needed for routing out those who take advantage of the lay person. Everything I do is very real and all about physics. I also can fight extremely well and have chosen a path more difficult with education and medicine. Please ask me anything I have no qualms with skeptics and actually enjoy them since I was also one once before. love and peace Sifu Eric