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  1. Interesting! May I ask, who is the dude?
  2. Interesting! What practices do you do to open your third eye?

    1. Spotless


      I would suggest reading "Opening the third eye and other by products along the way"


      It recounts most of what occurred 

  3. Anyone knows about 'shi sue kong'

    Shih Shui Kung with James McNeil
  4. Systema, Aikido

    I have done some training in Nishio Style Aikido and I recently attended a workshop with Jess O'Brien on Xing Yi Quan. I was amazed at the parallels between the two styles. There are very striking similarities. I can easily believe that O'Sensei had some training in Xing Yi while in China. I also watched the Qi Dao video. Qi Dao looks almost exactly like the warm up exercises we do in Aikido.
  5. Hello

    Hey Several times recently I have googled a topic only to be led here to the Tao Bums! The discussion is very interesting so I thought that I would join.