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  1. When visiting this site as a guest before joining, I encoutered a post that listed links to 4 short articles regarding, I believe, Richard Wilhelm. I believe they were short critiques of his writings and translations. I would very much like to read those. However, I am unable to trace my way back to that posting. 


    Can you direct me to those links?

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    2. Harmen



      However, my copy is a 3rd edition 17th printing and appears to have been corrected, unless I am misunderstanding the error altogether.


      Can you send me a scan of the page? I'd love to see if it has been changed.



      I find Richard Wilhelm's writings to be both information and disturbing.


      I understand what you mean. It is, as you already said, a feature of the German language of that time. It uses a lot of words to say not so much, and in fact it is quite different from the Chinese language that uses much less words. And Wilhelm's background as a missionary, his admiration of Goethe, that all doesn't quite help to see the Yi in its most pure and original form.



      It was not until I began looking at biographical information on Wilhelm that I discovered how close a relationship he had with Jung, almost collaborative.


      Yes, they became close friends. At first Jung used Legge's translation but when Wilhelm's version was published he trashed Legge and started working with Wilhelm.


      Wilhelm's translation is not bad, but it is distinctly Confucian in its translation and commentary. The original Yi does not have this colourization. I urge every student of the Yi to never read the commentaries to the text - the smaller print written by the translator or any other commentator below the text of the Yi. Let the Yi work for you instead of the narrow vision of someone else you have never met.

    3. OldDog


      Sorry for the confusion. The error is not corrected in my edition. It is as you said. I took a picture of the page but am unable to find a way to attach it. 

    4. Harmen


      No problem, I believe you :)