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  1. Example Yijing reading

    At the end of my second video (see my YiTube Channel) I invite viewers to send me readings that I can use in my videos to show how I interpret the answers of the Yijing. This is one of those readings. In this case I did not know the background of the question that was asked to the Yijing so I created one of my own. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dVWXYqmDUo
  2. My small Yijing tour through the USA this month

    It has been decided that there will be a future one. Hopefully next year :-)
  3. My small Yijing tour through the USA this month

    I am sorry, I don't have the equipment to make a recording :-( . I find the workbook as it is not very useful for self study. So I am working an an expanded version that I hope to finish in about a year or so.
  4. My small Yijing tour through the USA this month

    Word travels fast. I indeed do like Rick & Morty.
  5. My small Yijing tour through the USA this month

    In that case: looking forward to meet you
  6. Atlanta: - Lecture 'Symbols of the I Ching: Their Origin and Today's Application', March 16 (http://www.jungatlanta.com/schedule-mesker.html) New York: - Lecture 'Reading the I Ching: working with the magical symbols from the Chinese Book of Changes', March 21, Catland Books NYC (https://www.catlandbooks.com/events-calendar/2019/3/21/reading-the-i-ching-working-with-the-magical-symbols-from-the-chinese-book-of-changes) - 2-day Yijing Workshop Intensive, March 23-24 (https://www.yjcn.nl/wp/2-day-yijing-workshop-intensive-new-york/ ) Chicago: - Yijing Workshop, March 29 (https://www.yjcn.nl/wp/yijing-workshop-chicago/ ) - Workshop 'Practical Application of the Book of Changes as a Tool for Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine', March 30 & 31 (https://www.yjcn.nl/wp/workshop-practical-application-of-the-book-of-changes-as-a-tool-for-diagnosis-in-chinese-medicine-chicago/ ) Looking forward to meet you!
  7. Hexagram 9, line 6

    For those interested in textual analysis: https://www.yjcn.nl/wp/hexagram-9-line-6/
  8. Debunking some commonly accepted rules and assumptions. Audio is sometimes a bit out of sync but it is the thought that counts. https://youtu.be/eW8fMZq8I7I
  9. Etymology of the character yi 易

    Continuing from this post and the relevant responses: I would not know how to input a character that is not in use any more, nor would I know if it has a phonetic. But you can find it in the sources that I researched back in 2008 and that I mention in my article: "What we do know is that is the name of a certain sacrifice (甲骨文字典, p. 995; 新編甲骨文字典, p. 528)." Most research on this character is summarized in 古文字诂林, Vol. 8, p. 53-57. I wrote the article in 2008 and maybe there are new developments that I am not yet aware of. I do however maintain that 易 is not composed of both the characters 日 and 月. The oldest forms do not show 日 but they do show 月 as a component.
  10. I Ching and the dynamics of complex systems

    Ah, but is (also) a stand-alone character, as can be seen on the oracle bones. So you are saying that 月 together with 彡 is used to signify 'change'? I can live with that. I believe that is also what I am saying in my article: " refers to an offering to the moon, or at least in the dark, to get the sun back. Yi 易 could have been a sacrifice to the ancestors or spirits (indicated by ) during the evening or in the night (indicated by ) to make sure that the sun is returning, that it is 'given' by the ancestors or spirits."
  11. I Ching and the dynamics of complex systems

    You can get all philosophical here but you can't ignore the fact that the character 易 (after all that is what you were talking about) was never made of 日 and 月. I give sources that substantiate that. There is nothing 'speculative' about that. See the examples in the 古文字诂林, Vol. 8. p 435-443 if you don't believe me. See attachment. 易 in Guwenzi Gulin.pdf
  12. I Ching and the dynamics of complex systems

    Read the rest of the article.
  13. I Ching and the dynamics of complex systems

    I beg to differ: http://www.itcn.nl/serendipity/archives/111-Working-with-Yi-a-change-for-the-better.html
  14. Yes, but as far as I know these were not the targets of Confucius' rituals. Alas! My knowledge is also limited :-)