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  1. The Tao Bums Interview with Bruce Frantzis - March 2011

    Here is the pdf 132904043-The-Tao-Bums-Interview-With-B-K.pdf
  2. The Tao Bums Interview with Bruce Frantzis - March 2011

    You can find the PDF on scribd, I think it is free, at least at first.
  3. How to learn 'sung'?

    Wow! Thanks everybody. This is so much more than I expected to get. Now for watching video, thinking, digestion and then back to daily practice. When I wrote my initial question I neglected to mention that in addition to standing and sinking, my daily routine also includes slow deliberate movement ('cloud hands') with sinking, and a small amount of fast repetitive movement with sinking. I also do a chunk of seated meditation daily. To what extent would you all describe 'sung' as a continuous experience - like falling rain? Or is sometimes a single wave ? of sensation Or is it like dropping a stack a plates - they all fall down
  4. How to learn 'sung'?

    I am trying to learn the skill of "sung" I've seen this described as 'releasing', and 'sinking.' I've found a number of helpful mentions in various posts on the site. So far most of the instruction I have received have been along the line of 'practice it a lot, and it will happen.' I stand about 45 minutes a day, very slowly scanning through my body from top to bottom, looking for anything I can release, let go of, or let fall. Any suggestions for other things I can do (or cease to do) to would be much appreciated. Any useful sources online or in print? Thanks. Apologies if I've posted this in the wrong forum.
  5. Video 3: how (not) to consult the Yijing

    An excellent (imho) video, thanks for producing all three of these.
  6. Kundalini Awakening and Kundalini Syndrome

    Its not kundalini, its just too much hot energy in your head. You should stop doing whatever is causing the problem, and now you know what happens when you skip preliminaries or first steps. You can't build a tall building on a weak foundation. Concentrate on your lower dan tien with your tongue touching the roof of your mouth just behind your front teeth, allow the excess energy to drain down to your lower dan tien.
  7. Most Powerful Blockage Clearance Technique ?

    Sure. Consider that releasing each blockage has effects. 'side effects', 'consequences'. Consider the possibility that you are able to dissolve them at a rate that you, your body and your spirit can accommodate. Go faster if you wish a 'rougher ride.' YMMV
  8. Shan Ren Dao

    I'm looking for practical / practice-able information on the Chinese healing system known as San Ren Dao (善人道 "Way of the Virtuous Man"), most famously expounded by Wang Fengyi (?) It seems like this system provides methods of healing by releasing or processing buried emotions? This is done largely through contemplation? I'm not sure if this is a synthesis of Daoism/Buddhism/Confucianism or a Confucian system, my apologies if I have posted this in the wrong forum. There are two books by Wang Fengyi available in English and another about him, do any of these provide the kind of information that would allow one to practice this system? Are there other resources available in English - other books, websites, DVDs, youtube, classes, etc. There seems to one two week retreat each summer in the US. Let the Radiant Yang Shine Forth: Lectures on Virtue by Yousheng Li Twelve Characters: A Transmission of Wang Fengyi's Teachings by Wang Fengyi Discourse on Transforming Inner Nature: Hua Xing Tan by Wang Fengyi
  9. Taoist Books on

    I'm posting the following books on Ten Methods of the Heavenly Dragon by Robert Sheaffer Mastering Miracles by Dr. Hong Liu Chuang Tzu translated by Burton Watson The Tao of War, translated by Ralph Sawyer Master Lam's Walking Chi Kung A Natural Guide to Weight Loss that Lasts by Nan Lu Sword and Brush by Dave Lowry I Ching by Cheng Yi Exercises Illustrated: Ancient Ways to Keep Fit: Zong We & Li Mao Attune your Body with Dao-In by Ni, Hua-Ching The Way of Harmony By Howard Reid The Chinese Art of Healing with Energy Qi Gong Therapy - Tzu Kuo Shih
  10. taoist and qigong resources for women

    I'm not sure if you are looking for books or teachers, here are some. I'm assuming you are beginner, or relatively new to Daoism? The Valley Spirit: A Female Story of Daoist Cultivation by Lindsey Wei my original Daoist instructor was Marie Favorito, in Boston, MA, USA - Immortal Sisters Conference August 2017, is already passed, but there should be resources listed on the website Eva Wong and Lilvia Kohn are both famous western scholars of Daoism and have written many books There are more books about women, written by men, not sure how interested you are in those. If you'll say more about what you want probably we can come up with more resources.
  11. Taoist Books on

    I'm posting the following books on Uncovering the Treasure: Classical tai chi's path to internal energy and health by Stephen Hwa Chinese Qigong Outgoing Qi Therapy by Bi Yongshen Riding the Dragon, a taoist meditation guide by Liviu Argeseanu Tao & Longevity: mind-body transformation by Huai Chin Nan Seeking the Spirit of the The Book of Changes, Master Zhongxian Wu
  12. Taoist Books on

    The Way of Qigong: the art and science of Chinese Energy Healing: Ken Cohen Taoism: John Blofeld The Secrets of the Golden Flower: Wilhem / Jung The Secret of the Golden Flower: cleary (translator) Tranquil Sitting, Yin Shih Tzu Tao & Longevity: Huai-Chin Nan (Wen Kuan Chu translator) Lieh-Tzu, Eva Wong
  13. Taoist Books on

    I'm posting one of my copies of The Internal Structure of Cloud Hands: A Gateway to Advanced T'ai Chi Practice by Robert Tangora on I'm not sure why I have two copies. The book contains four or five simple exercises (Ji Ben Gong?) that will help you develop awareness of the central channel (zhong ding), left & right channels, and to develop the four basic forces of tai chi. I'm no tai chi expert, these exercises are very helpful to me.
  14. Bagua mastery program

    Well, instead of hundreds of pages of text plus stacks of DVDs, its all PDF files and MP4s. There is a lot of extra material (added cost). The original program is just the first palm (?), the extra material includes the other seven AND the monastic practices (circle walking with different arm movements and postures).
  15. My eyesight is getting worse with age (I'm 58) and I am very nearsighted. I see mentions in various books that TCM will help your eyesight, and I'd like to use TCM on my eyesight. I've found some very simple exercises, and two specific systems: Wu's Eye Qigong program (three DVDs, $120 US) Tai Chi Ba Gua Qigong - taught via skype sessions from a teacher in Australia. Neither of these options is inexpensive enough for me to buy and try. Does anyone have experience in improving their eyesight via qigong, especially any specific practices for near sightedness? FYI: I do about 2 hours per day of various qigong and meditation, including standing (zhan zhuang) about 40 minutes per day. As my knees improve I am planning on resuming my practice of Beng Chuan (Xing Yi wood fist) - which is good for the liver. I am planning on investing about 20 minutes per day in addition to my daily practice on my eyesight, perhaps more at the beginning. In my 20s I experimented with 'the Bates method' but didn't practice regularly and didn't get much in terms of results. Thanks. ----------------------- I apologize if I should have posted this in one of the other boards, please feel free to move this.