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  1. Incoherent ramblings
  2. "Drew's work"

    From a PM I got permission to post here - Hey Aletheia, just wanted to share that I also very much like and value Drew's work, even though I don't understand all of it every time. I sense much truth in his work and words. I wanted to ask you what exercise did help you the most on your path, using Drew's ideas? Was it moving yin and yang? If so, for how long did you practice it to get to your results? At the moment I am not yet able to do full lotus ----------- Okay I'll just write down some topics to help me remember -- breathing, horse stance, fasting, moving of yin and yang, orbit, non-dualism/music theory, emotions. Okay this is my interpretation of drew's work and although I don't remember what daily routine I was doing at the time, I was doing something similar when the heavenly orbit opened for me with a kundalini awakening. There's nothing too complicated there I don't think, it just takes putting it together and really getting a feel for what you're doing. ------------ Breathing: So first, this is the breathing technique - Breathing all the way down to and with the perineum is key for getting the governing channel open. If you're not doing it correctly then the heavenly orbit won't open up. It only need be really slight, like 1% of the whole bodily breath so you don't need to be totally conscious of the perineum, it just needs to be involved with the breathing. Both during standing and seated and ultimately all day long too. Similarly the tongue has to be placed at the roof of the mouth all day long and certainly during seated and standing practise. ------------------ Horse Stance: Horse stance recodes the body getting it ready for the qi flows - Right so I would do that first thing in the morning after waking up followed by 5 rounds of wim hof breathing -- 30 deep breaths then max hold on the EXHALE (see youtbe for correct methodology etc). Plus do something similar or the same whenever you think about sex too. BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO BE MIND AND BODY CELIBATE. Now see what drew says about doing max hold horse stance followed by wim hof breathing because I think he does them at the same time and perhaps for good reason. ---------------- Fasting: I personally fast all day and then eat in the evenings. Fasting activates the vagus nerve and the vagus nerve from the perspective of the material plane plays a big role in spiritual experiences. -------------- Moving of Yin and Yang: Moving of Yin and Yang is key as an incarnation of the logos -- a dynamic of unification of the many as the one - I would do the whole routine once a day to help get the channels open and the qi moving, and add extra moving of yin and yang by itself throughout the day where you can and end with the tapping routine she does at the end of the video. Not sure when the best time to do the practice. Other than it's useful to do before bed in fairly deep horse stance. Just follow along with the programme. It's like riding a bike, it gets easier through time. The longer you spend doing Moving of yin and Yang the better. It gathers the qi, unblocks the channels and gets the qi moving. You can picture energy going out of the palms while you keep them on the central channel. --------------- Orbit: drew recommends the first Chia book plus the SFQ heavenly orbit DVD. For the small universe or microcosmic orbit guidance you can read Mantak Chia's first book which focuses on microcosmic orbit -- for free -- For the advanced levels of the small universe/microcosmic orbit practice then read this book -------------- Non-dualism/music theory The music theory for now can be substituted by a form of non-dualism which gets you beyond thinking in linear sequence and abstract representation. Some type of dream work should help, I just remembered this from when I was thinking about time years ago now. Protention and retention, however, Husserl believed in the western subject but still - -------------- Emotions: There's more to Taoist emotions then I personally understand. But one thing that could be helpful is to realise that pretty much all contemporary institutions are sick so the closer you get to them and the more serious you take them, then the sicker you will be! I'll try and tidy things up a little later. Hopefully that's helpful for people!
  3. Incoherent ramblings

    I realise I started this thread because someone asked me for some help in a PM and so far I haven't bothered to write anything. So, I'm sorry for being a dick and certainly tomorrow I'll write a little qigong 101. Hopefully it will be helpful to someone at least! I'm still a bit all over the place from going ot the other day tbh. Anyway, has anyone seen Blade Runner 2049? Here are some good articles and a podcast on the movie - Great Podcast Here -
  4. Incoherent ramblings

    Thanks, drew. I've decided I'm going to put some effort in over the next 6 months to increase how much time I meditate. I'd love to get up to 5/6 hours per meditation. Really celibate energy with the channels relatively open plus good amounts of numinous energy -- I ought to be chomping at the bit to get to it really. Thanks for all the help, drew.
  5. Incoherent ramblings

    The shock of new media environments causes ontological uncertainty along with a general confusing of reality. McLuhan compared the situation to frontiersmen on a quest for a new identity which he said is always a violent affair. WWIII was an information war fought at the speed-of-light with the last extension of man, the nervous system, involving espionage and surveillance. McLuhan says when a medium is pushed to its limit a reversal takes place, so information turns in misinformation. I noticed that my mum doesn't react the same way as other females. If I offer my opinion on any subject she instantly becomes highly irritated, especially if what I say goes against something she heard on MSM lol. The other day my friend came over with a couple and the female couldn't take her eyes off me. So I said to her if you feel something for me it's the qi you're reacting to not me, and before she could reply her BF said yes he knew what I was talking about. It was so funny! Actually the other day my eyes were shaking and I've felt the magnetic energy going out from them too, but only a couple of times.
  6. Incoherent ramblings

    Co-conspirators -- Jesus used to kiss Mary on the...
  7. Incoherent ramblings

    Okay, I haven't slept and am still a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic. However I made up my mind not to see any of those people again and instead really begin to take my alchemy seriously. I've never seen ghosts or even auras, at least not that I remember. Hopefully if I get serious I'll reach that level some day! Anyway, I realised that the same professor that wrote about the invention of writing and the pre-literacy token system in ancient Sumer also wrote a book about anthropocentric art and the invention of tokens 10,000 years ago which is the same time-period as the "symbolic revolution." So if I'm right about that (I think I am just need to check quickly) then McLuhan's maxim the medium is the message probably fleshes out drew's writings on civilisation's madness. According to McLuhan each medium is an extension of the body with its own inherent biases that transparently effect user's sensoriums, psychic lives, bodily experiences, understanding of space/time etc so that through use those biases actualise as media environments (culture and civilisation forms i.e. architecture, roads, cities, immutable laws, trading, mathematical systems etc) -- that is the message of the medium i.e. the environment of effects rather than the technology itself. Each new medium goes around the old and has its own peculiar set of biases. With use that is when the old environment becomes "visible" as something to critique and wonder about (such as Plato's dislike for oral poet's seemingly not being able to think for themselves as individuals and why he ended up violently recoding their ways into abstract Idealism). All the while the new environment remains invisible through the law of proximity. That's why McLuhan used the analogue of a fish in water to explain media ecology "I don't know who discovered water, however it certainly wasn't a fish!" It also explains why he said - We drive into the future using only our rearview mirror I uploaded something here for everyone to listen to giving an explanation - But, McLuhan, just like all other westerners, is in the dark about the ancient lunar shamanic lore which gets buried in the foundations of civilisations. I.e. McLuhan didn't know about qi energy. Only drew has worked that out. So really we could argue that drew's the greatest philosopher that ever lived. Collective groan from the entire forum lol.
  8. Incoherent ramblings

    Thanks, drew. I got the book too, it's a good idea to have a searchable electronic copy too. I've got Foundations of Internal Alchemy to so I can go through them while also searching this site for commentary too with these types of searches - voisisyinyang yin qi as the vagus nerve I'll keep going through it all and piecing it together, I've got loads of notes and bookmarks too. It's my hope that one day I'll be at a level where I can send you some energy. Although right now it's total fantasy, just have to see how it pans out. What about you, are you going to get to qigong master level or what? I downloaded this earlier today - I think there's a better copy at though. Lots of good stuff in there. Right now I'm going to get back into doing 2 hours of moving yin and yang a day to clear my blockages. And I haven't been healing people. As of right now that's perhaps the best bit of advice along with being in solitude to build up the energy which I learned from you. Saw this too the other day - I can write about what I think about that tomorrow. When my heads a little clearer Thanks!
  9. Incoherent ramblings

    Thanks for the kind thoughts, Fa Xin! Being coherently one with worldly things is saintly qigong/guru spiritual master with laser energy non-local quantum awareness. Something that's way beyond me! Also I have 2 sets of old friends that use drugs. They're arty fringe types on the one hand to hopeless druggies on the other that I've been avoiding for various reasons. But this one guy had been calling me up for a few days wanting to meet up. So eventually I went to meet them last night and it turns out they wanted me to lend them some money. I leant them some money and used some drugs for the first time in months. But I think that's it now, I don't think I'll see any of them again. So it seems I generally post here after using drugs when I'm incoherent and people probably get the wrong impression by thinking I use drugs all the time from my habit of posting here whilst a little stoned. But the fact is I hardly ever take drugs and really am at a point now where I'll actively JUST SAY NO! I told my mum that I leant them some money and she totally lost it. I have loads of energy right now and think it was helping unblock her anger. All my friends were saying how loving and compassionate I am. My friend's GF was saying she had really strong feelings for me so I think they could all unconsciously feel the energy working on them. I did put my hands out and projected some energy with the female and she could feel the energy. I have really strong magnetic fields coming out my palms right now with telekinesis abilities too. I'm not meditating properly though. I have generally good emotions with channels in the body open, lots of qi energy and a good spiritual awareness, good diet etc. But my mediation along with levels of concentration are really not at the same level. My meditation has really been off recently too, but I still have been gaining energy and transforming to a deeper consciousness all the same. I don't worry when things go astray, I was even browsed some porn for a few days. When you meditate properly, which as I mentioned I haven't been doing recently, then base instincts of the animal body with mundane sensual arousals pale into insignificance because of the blockages having been cleared during mediation. I do very strongly agree with drew's celibacy as it bears out with my own personal experiences.
  10. Incoherent ramblings

    Hi, "bums!" I happened to sign in and have a PM asking for advice on drew's work. I'm going to post here as a kind of status report. The last few months I've been staying in, at home in my bedroom, as much as possible in order that I might build my energy. Having said that I haven't been doing much in the way of serious practice at all other than sitting on my bed and doing the breathing with tongue against the roof of mouth and engaging the perineum. Obviously I've done moving of yin and yang and some standing tai chi too. But nothing really serious which for me would mean really concentrating on qigong 24/7. I realised a few months ago that the governing channel up the back was not properly open, really all the energy was at the front. During my kundalini awakening I was engaging the perineum, I know because during the awakening I remember thinking through the breathing technique I was employing so that I could remember what I was doing for future reference. At the time I hadn't read about any techniques other than a couple of forum posts and was really only trying out reverse breathing while reading a book without really thinking about it. So at the time I really thought that I'd screwed up, I had read people suggesting not to do the orbit but that is exactly what I did after feeling heat in pelvic region at the front of the body and had moved, or concentrated the energy, to the sacrum (which I was referring to as "the top of my ass" in my welcome post) a few times only for it to full back from a more point-like energy to something more diffuse. The idea that I'd consciously induced, by followed steps to bring on, an awakening was alien to me at the time even though I was somewhat familiar with descriptions and basic mechanics of the process -- energy going up the spine to the head -- as I was framing the experience in the context of my very limited understanding of the MCO. So I actually believed I'd screwed up the orbit by having dream energy in head and fire in the pelvic region. Anyway, I've been over the experience before on the forum with my wifi being blown out by the energy and having a dull pain cross the navel the next day etc. Few months later I did my first healing with my friend's leg being healed -- instant change of colour from purple to normal as I was pulling out energy and swelling going down as I projected qi into the leg, plus all the pain going away etc. Okay so the top of my head opened up and started to fill the body with magnetic energy etc. I've covered and gone over that stuff before. So during the big breakthroughs, awakening, top head opening etc. I'd had the perineum engaged but then at other times I'd been focusing on the dan tien too much so that the breathing was too high. So the above is "gospel according to Aletheia" that is in the free PDF as a major teaching. The perineum has got to be in the game as second nature for breathing really 24/7 I would guess?!?? So when I did start incorporating the governing vessel I properly began to feel energy going up the back, which as an experience escapes instrumental words because the energy is divine in nature. But the sacrum warms and the point opposite the navel on the back, I think it's called ming men?? that area is very magnetic so that on the in breath my t-shirt is sucked and attracted to that point while energy simultaneously radiates away from the area mainly traveling upward embracing the whole back but more so up the spinal zone. I can write some more later. But another thing I noticed is everyone is affected by the qi energy. Just like cats go bananas for qi so do the females, just like drew says. My friend asked to get married but I had to explain that its the energy she's attracted to, not me. Also I noticed that the energy will act on people's lower chakra as an unblocking destagnation device. Just like drew says! Okay also as the channels fill inside the body they produce magnetic fields around and inside the body which interact, repel and attract, as you move about. So the other day I was cleaning my teeth and the action of my hand and arm were moving energy around in the dan tien like a synchronized dance. Plus if I put my hand in front of the body and move it up and down I feel the channels. Just posting this without re-reading and fixing grammar etc. Right also I see blue lights and drew says that's blueshift, or the Kantian epistemic spatialtemporal horizon imploding in on itself as the annihilation of time as we intuit it a priori as the pathos of distance! or what like I think of as making the jump to the speed of light!
  11. So in fact I only did 5 minutes of reverse breathing and got the first 6 chakra open which during the process blew out my wifi and left a dull pain across my navel the next day. At the time I was seeing vivid colours in the room and wasn't sure if I was asleep or awake! Then when I opened the 7th chakra it was to try out meditation because previously I'd only been doing the breathing while browsing the internet. Again after a few minutes I felt massive magnetic forces in my head so that my whole face disappeared with light energy coming down into the top of my head! It's all recorded on this forum too so you can check for yourself. I can go into way more detail too. Anyway my central point is this -- YOU ARE NOT FIT TO BE COMMENTING IN THIS THREAD CONCERNING THE FRAMEWORK OF WESTERN METAPHYSICS. YOU HAVE NOT STUDIED THE MATTER SO KNOW NOTHING OF WHAT DREW IS SAYING. IF I'M HONEST I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE A COMPLETE FOOL WHETHER YOU KNOW IT (WHICH YOU CLEARLY DO NOT) OR NOT. IT WOULD BE BEST IF YOU JUST SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND DISAPPEARED FROM THESE TYPE OF THREADS FROM NOW ON. Still if the only way to shut you up is to take your home away from you then so be it!
  12. Okay, well put your money where you mouth is. Are you willing to bet your property on your abilities being more advanced than mine? Should be a no brainer for you... Maybe we can contact Lomax and he can keep the winning property if he's willing to fly to our locations. I certainly am more than happy to give him my winnings. How about you? I could visibly heal sickness as witnessed by several people after one month of my kundalini awakening. Which I now know opened up the first 6th charka. A few months later my 7th charka opened up at the top of my head and it filled my body with magnetic energy. So I now have huge warm magnetic fields outside my body, and can feel the energy flowing through the channels, which I feel when I move around. Like I move my arm and can feel the energy digging into my leg while I just sit at the computer never mind during meditation. When I breath the energy circulates outside my body and causes my clothes to ripple and cling to my body from the process. Most likely in a few months I'll be able to move objects just by intent of mind. There you go again talking about other people. In fact I had a divine awakening from the goddess and it's something I wrote about in an old thread which I can dig up if need be. So I had tīvra-tīvra-śaktipāta - Your thinking is still caught in duality. That is why you have no idea how great drew's critique of Plato's metaphysics really is. This thread is about the ontological status of arithmetic, the architectonics of geometry, the essence of truth and the nature of reality ALL OF WHICH ARE STRUCTURALLY INCORRECT AS FRAMED BY WESTERN METAPHYSICS SINCE PLATO!
  13. This ought to be one place on the internet where people can freely exchange ideas about what really works without having to traverse foolish people. Instead the forum admin seem more than happy to let everyone have their say on every subject. No matter that good ideas get drowned out by the bad, as will necessarily always be the case with something as nuanced as Taoist alchemy. A dystopian free-for-all may well contain elements of Taoism, but it doesn't then necessarily follow that everyone's way is true. NO ONE ON THE INTERNET AND CERTAINLY NO ONE ON THIS FORUM IS ANYWHERE CLOSE TO DREW WHEN IT COMES TO GIVING AWAY AUTHENTIC TEACHINGS OF TAOISM. This forum is a complete disgrace letting people like starjumper freely leave comments in bad faith in this thread without reprimand.