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  1. Interesting post
    -a couple of points about post heaven Qi cultivation.

    1. RookieIAm


      -that article, How i met a fully Enlightened "Buddha"..

    2. RookieIAm
  2. How is your MCO different?

    What is the most effective way to do the microcosmic orbit? How do you do it and how is yours different? Are there any tips you have that would make it more effective?
  3. "Minor Death" in Longmen Pai

    Interesting, thanks for the share!
  4. Personality after death

    lol what i was really trying to get at is whether it is possible to communicate with the personality of the deceased while one is alive, say even after the "soul" of the deceased has been reused or is waiting to be. Essentially, i am asking what would happen to the personality of a person, independent of their "soul". Would it exist in its own realm, kind of like what Perceiver said
  5. Personality after death

    So if you do not believe in reincarnation of the soul after death, what do you believe happens?
  6. Personality after death

    I know it's commonly believed that after death one will reap their karma and then be stripped of their personality and reincarnated whereas the memories of said person will be stored in the Akashic record; but what happens to the personality? Is it also stored somewhere or does it disappear forever?
  7. Form and Chi Movement

    How would i know when i have collected enough energy at my head, sometimes i feel immense pressure at the area in between my brow and sometimes not so much
  8. Form and Chi Movement

    Say i meditate around 30 minutes every day, how long would you expect for me to be able feel it happening
  9. Form and Chi Movement

    1. My first question is whether one's form/position matters when meditating? eg. sitting, standing, walking, lotus position. And if so, how does it affect your body when meditating or doing qigong? 2. How does one smile at one's organs,"breathe" directly into one's organs to fill them with chi? Is one in a state of meditation when doing this? How does one know if said organ in filled with chi? How does one breathe into specific parts of their body? Edit: 3. What breathing mechanisms would you recommend for building up chi or just energy work in general. eg reverse breathing,
  10. Neidan vs Qigong

  11. The Tao Bums

    How can i see the posts that I have liked on TTB?
  12. Would you please enlighten us on the "true methods" that you believe are effective?
  13. Veils

    i've never heard or read of this, could you maybe give some details?
  14. Veils

    In one of the books about Mo Pai i have read that there are supposed to be 72 000 veils between man and god, can someone tell me more about this?
  15. A lot of questions

    1. I know i asked this before, but no one answered it: so since there are 3 broad energies called qi, shen, and jing; does this mean that there are systems like shen-gong and jing-gong or along those lines?And are these energies made up of yin and yang, so would there be energy like yin shen, yang shen, yin jing, etc.? 2. What is Neidan and Waidan? What are the differences between these two? Similarities? I thought they were both types of alchemy, so are there more types of alchemy that fall in group with these two? 3. Last question, there are energies such as post earth and post heaven right, and these are made up of yin post earth and yang post earth right? How many energies like this are there and can someone name them? Moreover, since qi, shen, and jing are also energies, and you can change one into the other by changing the vibration or frequency; can one do the same thing with energies such as post heaven, post earth, pre heaven, etc.?