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  1. Problems most might not understand!

    Thank you for these encouraging words. I appreciate it ~
  2. Problems most might not understand!

    Thanks, I found interesting pair of Yi jin jing and Xi sui jing? Can we practice them as beginners? Is there any meditation technique or breathing techniques that complements martal techniques?
  3. Newbie Intro and Questions!

    Brother how does one understand if one's Dantiens are opened or not?
  4. Problems most might not understand!

    Can you give me some links and resources for me to go through? There are so much information I'm overwhelmed which is real, whoch to follow and what not.
  5. Newbie Intro and Questions!

    Thank you senior for your kind suggestions. I have set the goal of cultivating Qi to temper and strengthen my physical body and find a way to create a harmonious balance with my body, mind and soul. I would ask if senior could giveme some pointers on that suggestions for tempering and strengthening the physical body and make the mind more strong and stable.
  6. Problems most might not understand!

    I see. Thanks for informing!
  7. Problems most might not understand!

    Sorry, but at first I wasn't sure whatI wanted. But now I guess I have my initial goal which is that - I want to temper my physical body making it stronger and reach a higher level and in this process I also want to gain deep connection with my mind and body which has harmonious balance and Unwavering intention so when I do something I can truly focus on that with all I have. So to sum it up - Temper my body and reach a higher stronger level; Gaining harmony with mind, body, soul; Strong mental capabilities focus, insight etc.
  8. Problems most might not understand!

    Can anyone answer this question?
  9. Problems most might not understand!

    Can anyone answer this question?
  10. Problems most might not understand!

    Can I get info on when and how to practice Yi jin jing (muscle/tendon restructure) and Xi sui jing (Bone marrow washing)
  11. Hello daobums, After joining I have been reading the forums and posts. I find lot of info but not much clarification. Here are some problems and questions I had in mind: 1. I come from an asian country. My country is a developing country in this era. The place I live there are no training centers where they teach qigong, cultivation techniques, martial arts etc. I as a grown man know around 100km of area but there are nothing as such and this certainly is true. There are some gyms and centers where they claim they teach martial arts but most of them say it's either for women or for boys under the age of 16. So I find them as more of business guys rather than true teachers. In real life situations the martial arts you learn fail to provide what you were promised while learning even having very good teachers and here there are centers who are afraid to accept men. So I'm not saying without knowing or looking for but I can't find any teachers here who can personally guide me in the path of betterment. So all I want to learn I can only learn online from free materials. Now after stating a problem I have a question about how I can learn cultivation of energy by myself? Where can I find step by step informations to progress. 2. A lot of people suggest books and materials which is good but to be very honest from the socio-economic place I hail from it's hard to obtain these materials. Let me explain in a more understanding manner. Someone around the age of 18-20 who started earning has an average income of $120-125 per month. With this much you can very very barely reach a months end before starting a new month. Even saving $5 is a hassle. This is no story it's the harsh reality. Now when you suggest a $20 book on amazon for studying qigong basics one would have to skip lunch for around 15 days. So one would rather want not to feel starved rather than reading a book. That's why I asked for materials for free which can teach me Martial arts, Qigong, Cultivation etc. principles, fundementals and so on. Some of you may think of us as poor country bumpinks from your socio-economic standards but that's how it is. There is bright lights in one side of the world and there is darkness in the other. 3. While lifting weights in gyms can we corporate abdominal and reverse abdominal breathing in it? Will it do good or harm us? Anyone have experience it that? 4. As stated above if anyone is fated here to help others can help me with resources for which I won't have to skip meals and can learn step by step from scratch, please lend me a hand. Compassion and Kindness is the basis of all cultivation I know so I guess! I hope I will have some divine fate to venture in the path of cultivation ~
  12. Newbie Intro and Questions!

    Can you suggest me sources from where I can learn this system?
  13. Hello, I just joined this forum. The techniques you're talking about here what are their purposes and how can I learn these?
  14. Newbie Intro and Questions!

    I want to know and learn about Qi for self improvement first of all then again when I read about it, it continues to fascinate me again and again. Now for qi cultivation I have to first sense ki and open my meridians and dan tiens right? Now there are a lot of methods in the internet but I can't make up my mind which to follow and the instructions are not clear. Like how do I understand that I am sensing qi and stimulating it? The meditative breating for qi sensing is suggested as abdominal breathing; now should I do normal abdominal breathing where I expand my abdomen while inhaling air or should I do reverse abdominal breathing where I contract my abdomen while breathing? How should I control my rest of the body movement is not clear in most writings as some say to contract anus, others saying to keep inhaling till your abdomen expands and the chest starts movement too? Which will be a correct way for me to follow? P.S. I tried a technique from the book cosmic healing of Mantak chia , 1st one after doing for a while not sure how long I did it I went to sleep immediately, bext morning I felt my palm and feet are heated (!) and that heat remained for quite a good while. Am I imagining thisor does it have any significance to it?
  15. Newbie Intro and Questions!

    Thank you everyone for replying to me. I want to know in which forum should I ask my questions about martial arts and qi cultivation?