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  1. Experiments in Weather Magic

    apologies and thank you for the explanation
  2. Experiments in Weather Magic

    what do you think about HAARP?
  3. life path

    hi friends, are life paths already chosen for eberyone beforehand? if so does that mean i dont have to do anything and let whatever happens happen. including letting my own decisions be chosen by my ego (which isnt me). just some thoughts in my head that i wanted a second opinion on because im kind of in a dillema nowish. lots of love to everyone!
  4. blank

    He who knows, does not speak. He who speaks, does not know.
  5. Where is Jeff? I would like to contact him

    a vegan wouldn't do this regardless of the marrow.
  6. Letting go of attatchments

    sounds a lot like me :confused:
  7. Daoist Dieta

    is there a certain temprature one should not exceed, my brain has retained information about the cells in vegetables exploding and losing their nutrients after a certain temprature (around 60 degrees celcius(140f)). this is a little in relation to a raw vegan diet. would this also apply to herbs?
  8. Letting go of attatchments

    In the children's TV show Avatar: The Last Air Bender, a guru explains how to unblock/balance chakras. He goes through each of the 7 chakras starting from the root chakra to the crown chakra. After going through all necessary actions to unblock/balance the other chakras, he explains that one must let go of all earthly attachments in order to have cosmic energy flow through the crown chakra. My question is is it possible to skip all the other chakras and just let go of all attachments to activate/balance/unlock the crown chakra.
  9. Year of the pig

    DIdn't realize it was the year of the pig until I logged in and saw the picture of the pig. Anything special this year?
  10. Depression

    Eneegetically speaking, what is depression? I remember someone saying something about depression being a misplaced dantien or chakra. Could someone describe what the corespondence or depression is in terms of energy?
  11. (-:

    i dont like stuck tho. however i do like the meows.
  12. (-:

    why can i not be even slightly happy without human relationships? my brain is contantly scannijg for human relationships to fond happiness, i know human relationships isn't the way to find it but its all i know, was i programmed that way by society? how do i get rid of it? how does one be contempt by themselves? im stuck couldn't remove the video link
  13. Third Eye Block?

    maybe its something in your environment that is preventing you from progressing any further, maybe a change in habitat can remove thr block ?
  14. Vaping

    thanks for your input, i wasn't talking about vaping weed tho, like you said balance and intention are key, and because i can't really find that balance i decided to quit weed cold turkey until later notice, but i couldn't break the addiction, i just turned it into another addiction which was vaping aromatic e liquids.
  15. Vaping

    i'm vaping a mix of Propylene Glycol , vegetable glycerin , and aromas. basically the vaping vaping not the weed vaping