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  1. Year of the pig

    DIdn't realize it was the year of the pig until I logged in and saw the picture of the pig. Anything special this year?
  2. Depression

    Eneegetically speaking, what is depression? I remember someone saying something about depression being a misplaced dantien or chakra. Could someone describe what the corespondence or depression is in terms of energy?
  3. (-:

    i dont like stuck tho. however i do like the meows.
  4. (-:

    why can i not be even slightly happy without human relationships? my brain is contantly scannijg for human relationships to fond happiness, i know human relationships isn't the way to find it but its all i know, was i programmed that way by society? how do i get rid of it? how does one be contempt by themselves? im stuck couldn't remove the video link
  5. Third Eye Block?

    maybe its something in your environment that is preventing you from progressing any further, maybe a change in habitat can remove thr block ?
  6. Vaping

    thanks for your input, i wasn't talking about vaping weed tho, like you said balance and intention are key, and because i can't really find that balance i decided to quit weed cold turkey until later notice, but i couldn't break the addiction, i just turned it into another addiction which was vaping aromatic e liquids.
  7. Vaping

    i'm vaping a mix of Propylene Glycol , vegetable glycerin , and aromas. basically the vaping vaping not the weed vaping
  8. Vaping

    what kind of negative health affects does vaping have on ones health?
  9. Vaping

    may your husbands soul be well, this is a very different perspective i hadn't thought of before thanks for bringing it into light for me, i plan on quitting vaping too it doesn't feel right for me either, i'm just transitioning from one addiction to another until i can get rid of it completely.
  10. Vaping

    Anyone have any thoughts on vaping, and how it can be bad/good for a person? i recently gave up smoking weed by transitioning to vaping and from the research i've done i couldn't find any negatives to it.
  11. Teas

    I am interested in several different teas but i am not sure whether it would be dangerous to drink them together or not. For example drinking dwarf everlast tea in the morning and drinknig avacado leaf tea later at night. Would mixing the two with in the period of a day/week/month/however long have a negative effect? not only these two but teas in general.
  12. Ego Death

    i don't understand ego nor its death nor its healthy form. i just miss drugs.
  13. Ego Death

    i don't understand but ok
  14. Ego Death

    what would you say is purpose of the ego?
  15. Just arrived here

    me too