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  1. In the video below, Sadhguru speaks about organizing your mind in a way so that: Mind, physical body, emotions and energy are all organized in the same direction. This supposedly, allows you to manifest anything you want in life. Does anyone here have experience of this? If this really works, it should work in order to manifest health, fearlessness and other personal attributes as well, yes? And those should also accelarate any future wishful manifestations? I do believe this but I wan't to hear your thoughts.
  2. Hi Niko! I don't have any new techniques to offer you but I can tell you that I had an somewhat similar experience (my old thread asking for help should still be up here on this site) during my Kundalini awakening and it did get (alot!) better cause of grounding and relentless surrendering. If you are on facebook there is a great support group there "awakened kundalini support community" that has lots of information and people with experience who are willing to help. That was a tip that I got at that time and the goup has been immensly helpful to me! I wish you all the best, peace
  3. Calling all students of hermeticism

    Thank you very much, I like the approach! This seem like it could be some very helpful tips indeed I'll check the link and the book out and hopefully return to you with some good questions!
  4. Calling all students of hermeticism

    Thank you, I really appreciate the answers! This is all intresting stuff. Let me ask you something about how you speak of connecting the wires if I may.. Is it beneficial or even required in your opinion that the "two wires" are of a "Yin and Yang" character in order to manifest into Yuan (wich I am guessing represents the before unknown manifestation)? And could those also as easily be translated into "positive and negative" or "masculine and feminine"? An example of this could perhaps be ones will and courage (Yang?) to overcome financial hardship (Yin?) and transmute from passive to productive being the Yuan in this case. How am I doing here?
  5. Calling all students of hermeticism

    This is the kind of stuff that I am looking for! Very intresting... Do you visualise the vibration as lower frequency than is present in your own sphere? Or do you tune in to what is already present? To clarify my question: If I am already feeling happy to an extent; do I imagine the vibration of sadness first, and then reconcile it with the antidote - wich I guess is the opposite polarity - ? I also wonder if you are pointing out the difference of emotional and intelligence transmutation to point out that there is no universal rule to transmutation? As in there are several categories wich you best transmute in different ways or on different planes even.
  6. Calling all students of hermeticism

    Thank you! I actually read the first link before and felt like the arguments were fairly weak. Not to say that I trust the Kybalions claims blindly but this did not put me of it either.
  7. Calling all students of hermeticism

    Very nicely put! But are you saying that no further knowledge is required?
  8. Calling all students of hermeticism

    My own thoughts is that transmutation can be applied on all the planes of existence known to us (spiritual, mental and physical), and that they all feed of eachother (as below so above). If I am not mistaken the planes should effect eachother most effectively descending in that order (spiritual, mental and physical). How to transmute on a mental and physical plane seems quite obvious to me.. How to do it effectively on the spiritual is not as clear however! I have had some minor success simply by finding the "vibrational frequency" I want to transmute through meditating on a feeling - say happy or sad for instance - and then focusing on the “edge” of the emotion that is facing the way I want to go (happy in this example). Does this make any sense? I wonder what form of techniques would be the most powerful.. Visualization? Feeling into the energy? Maybe some form of surrendering or something that I am missing?
  9. Hey everybody! I just got finished reading the Kybalion (yes, I am an occult newbie) and I got very interested in developing the skill of mental transmutation.. Therefore I want to ask all of you for any tips you might have for practices or books to read! I would also love to hear your about your experiences and any thoughts you might have on the subject Thank you in advance!
  10. Grounding energy - Navel or earth?

    Please do as I am always open to try new methods of grounding How do you mean that I can use copper for grounding? Just by directing energy into any copper object? Thank you
  11. Hi! So Iv'e been having some troubles with stagnant and excessive energy due to Kundalini the past 2 years or so and Iv'e wondered this for a while: What is really the difference between grounding energy into the ground or in behind your navel? Is one or the other more right for some practises? I am thankful for all thoughts and answers on the matter Thank you!
  12. Kundalini headache and fatigue

    Thank you both dor your advice Sorry but what is a yin sattvic diet? And you are advicing against further meditation as long as Im having problems with excess of chi I take it?
  13. Kundalini headache and fatigue

    I think you misunderstood me... I asked for advice on practices. When you tell someone who is struggling with addiction to just "stop taking drugs" you oversimplify things. It is not easy, making it sound like it is puts guilt on a person who fails to quit time and again for not being able to. Im aware as Iv'e fallen into that trap before, I just don't want you to go around giving other addicts the same "advice" lol. Btw, you just did it again mate
  14. Kundalini headache and fatigue

    Update: Felt much more energy flowing this morning! Couldn't sleep for more than a few minutes at a time since about 5 hours in. Still I feel more alert today then earlier days, not what Im used to from earlier experience
  15. Kundalini headache and fatigue

    Thank you old chi! <3 Will dust this of