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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everybody! I just got finished reading the Kybalion (yes, I am an occult newbie) and I got very interested in developing the skill of mental transmutation.. Therefore I want to ask all of you for any tips you might have for practices or books to read! I would also love to hear your about your experiences and any thoughts you might have on the subject Thank you in advance!
  2. So The Kybalion has just landed in my lap recently. Very interesting indeed (the timing and the book itself haha) I'm about a third of the way through and so far,'s been tying up a few loose ends for me which is all well and good, as far as understanding everything goes. Great. The thing that still bugs me is this "two sides of the coin" talk. I sure did come to this realisation a long time ago and ever since, I have found decision making so difficult! I find that I'm now impartial to most things and this is hindering a lot of stuff for me. Like what side to take in a debate...or how to move forward in business because there is a pro and con to each and every little thing in life! How can I get my head around this? How do we make decisions in life when we feel like we are now on the outside of the world looking in?