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  1. Pure sources of Kabbalah

    For information on guys who've done a lot of work with Bardon's Kabbalah check out Mark Rasmus and the blog.
  2. Franz Bardon's KTQ

    I understand this is the mother of all thread resurrections. But if you are interested in KTQ check out the works of Mark Rasmus and the blog.
  3. Calling all students of hermeticism

    To all, For anyone interested in Hermeticism, I strongly recommend checking out the website of Rordan Phobos at For practical instruction, check out Mark Rasmus. He has a vimeo channel here: Rasmus is probably the preeminent Hermetics teacher in the Western world at this time. Primarily because his is the only school openly teaching the body training methods required to transmute at physical level. As for the specific techniques being involved here, keep in mind that Hermetics represents a tool kit of about 50-60 discrete skills, all of which must be mastered, before it become functionally useful. These skills are representative of what would be taught in a cultivators temple over the course of a year to 18 months in Asia. Franz Bardon's first book "Initiation into Hermetics" includes everything needed, except they physical training. Rasmus has done journeymen's work in developing a comprehensive system of body training. At this point his is the only openly operating school of Hermetics that has this. Those familiar with a complete system of jibengung from the TCMAs will find little surprising here, but it is rarer in the Western systems. Without a system of body training practitioners are largely limited to mental and some astral level effects. With proper physical training you can bring it down into the physical which leads to a more complete form of transmutation for those interested here.
  4. Favourite Hermetic & Occult Books

    I think the main issue with Bardon is that few practitioners of his stuff in the English speaking world are very good and certainly few are promoting themselves. I suspect his profile is much higher in the German speaking world. The Buddhists and New Agers are actively looking for converts/practitioners. The Western traditions really aren't.
  5. Favourite Hermetic & Occult Books

    I second Initiation into Hermetics. Franz Bardon's work is a masterpiece of Western Hermetics and has many parallels to Taoist practice. The clarity of the writing is stunning. I also recommend John Michael Greer's Inside a Magical Lodge. The book talks about group workings in a manner that is unique to any work I have seen regardless of culture. His discussion of the role of the egregore and its effects upon group consciousness is the only work of any kind I have seen on the topic. Cheers, Peacedog
  6. Golden elixer

    Jinlianpai, Excellent point about the golden energy going to the lower dan tien. In most systems this is considered the home of vital energy in the body and the kidney have a direct effect on its generation. Innersoundqigong, You asked about how a practitioner can use transmitted energy. The truth of the matter is it can go either way. Energy can be transmitted to someone to perk them up if they are tired/dragging and you can see this subconsciously done on a sports field or in military exercises. One member of the group will be trailing and someone will come up to them and pump them up. They rally and the group moves. on Otherwise, a very strong practitioner can essentially activate a given energy, or sometimes ability, in someone who has not quite reached a given point of development. When the saints in the New Testament talk about how Christ gave them their gifts this is what they are referring to. Cheers, Peacedog
  7. Golden elixer

    Some of the differences in color simply come down to perception on the part of the practitioner. I've never trained anyone who was color blind, but I think they would have some interesting commentary. The main differences between the energies manifest in their separate properties. For example, while vital energy often manifests with a clear or yellow tinged color it also has an enervating effect on the fasciae tissue and nervous system making you feel active and full. Earth energy on the other hand feels heavy and still despite the royal golden color. Precisely speaking it acts as a binding force amongst the other elements, but most people refer to it as feeling heavy and still.
  8. Golden elixer

    Golden light is generally associated with enhanced vital energy in terms of practice. Bone breathing and running the orbits a lot is a good way to generate this. Purple light represents Akasha and is loosely associated with the throat and external dan tien above the head. If you work with the elements long enough and learn how to generate equilibrium using them most people will at some point begin to spontaneously generate Akasha. Otherwise, most people learn how to do this via initiation. Checkout my blog for information on this at
  9. seeking guidance on practicing with pain

    Satyaloka, Regarding your joint problems. First thing, get a quality dit da jow and use it nightly. This will kill the pain in your toes and the associated reduction in inflammation may reduce some of the day to day dammage. I recommend Tiger Exits the Forrest from Dale Dugas at Next, get a bottle of Bone Knitting Powder a good brand can be found here:, and take that as well. Martial artists use that in China to repair injuries to soft tissue. Start with a half dose and work your way up. Do not drink while you take this as it is hard on the liver. In your case it is unlikely to solve the problem, but it will help slow things down. Don't do more than two cycles in a year. Following that, get to a good herbalist in your area and get on a custom made formula. It probably won't slow the problem, but it will help slow down the progression of the disease. Regarding cultivation systems that do not require standing, you basically have three choices in your case: Taoist orbit training, Franz Bardon's school of Hermetics and one of various out of body projection schools. For the Taoist orbit training, your best bet is via Santiago Dobles or Tao Semko. The good news is they have a very well developed video learning system that I highly recommend. For Franz Bardon's school you really only have two choices: me or Mark Rasmus. For Mark you will need to travel to Thailand and spend 4-6 weeks there to get the basic training. He can be found at The out of body projection schools are numerous, but given your compromised physical state I would advise against it. In general, whatever drives this process seems to burn a pretty rare fuel and people with big physical problems do not seem to last very long. You can check my blog archives for some introductory information at Best of luck, Peacedog
  10. Hi

    Hello all, I go by Peacedog. I've been practicing a combination of Taoist, tantric Buddhist and Hermetic techniques from the Franz Bardon lineage for about 30 years now. Having recently left the military, I am looking forward to meeting and talking with others about the methods I've worked with. Anyone interested in the specifics of what I am working with can check out my blog at Cheers, Peacedog