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  1. LoneMan Pai

    I think this video is a wonderful introduction to this amazing system:
  2. "That there needs to be balance and movement." A person can only hold as much yin as they have yang to balance. "Afterlife theories are tricky." Indeed theories are tricky, but observations are not. With the proper methods, and diligent training any person can observe this reality for themselves, no faith is required.
  3. "How can you "extract" "yin and yang energy" from the environment?" What most people think of as meditation is not what mopai calls actual meditation. Actual meditation while grounded to the earth is required to harvest both yin and yang energy. "Is that actually "the same way you would grow a baby"?" Similar I suppose. Most babies aren't masses of yin and yang energy though, so the nutritional requirements may be a bit different. "Have any of these people grown any babies?" Yes, the creation of a yang spirit that survives death with a human mind is the goal of the practice. "And they "construct" a "spirit"?" From mopai's perspective almost 100% of earth's population dies with a dead spirit, nothing more than an empty shell. It cannot actively choose to do anything, it has no willpower, it does not remember or even comprehend emotion. It retains base memory and that is about it. Mopai creates a living yang spirit which retains all the characteristics of a human mind postmortem. It has to be fed and nurtured the way a embryo would, except with yin and yang energy. The powers that manifest are merely a side effect of it's development, and certainly not the end goal of the practice.
  4. "To be frank, there is no practical nor spiritual need to increase yin chi through the perineum. (Unless your goal is to manifest captivating healing techniques or display riveting martial arts feats, à la mopai.)" It is a common misconception that the end goal of mopai is to develop such abilities. The end goal is the creation of a yang spirit which survives death with a human mind, the abilities gained are merely side effects of the creation of that spirit. We invest a lot of time and energy into children, making sure they are fed nutritious food, and educated. As a result of this investment, hopefully they grow up to be healthy, intelligent, adults. Children are not able to reach the top shelf, but adults are. Indeed it is a side effect of becoming an adult that you can reach the top shelf, but it is not the end goal of becoming an adult. From mopai's perspective we extract both yin and yang energy from the environment and use them to construct a spirit in exactly the same way you would grow a baby, and watch it develop into an adult. From mopai's perspective almost 100% of all humans on earth die with a dead spirit, stillborn if you will. So from this perspective there indeed is a practical and spiritual need accumulate both yin and yang chi, beyond levels humans normally do through diet alone.
  5. Yang energy is an active motive energy, it glows bright white/blue when pure, and purple/red when opposed by yin energy, yang energy comes from the atmosphere. Yang chi can interact with the physical environment, but cannot leave the body except via physical contact or an electrical conductor. Yin energy is a passive field type energy like gravity or a magnetic field, and can leave the body but cannot interact with the physical environment. A strong enough yin field can allow yang energy to leave the physical body, and interact with the environment, e.g. "telekinesis" Jim's video where he is being tested. I will post some other quotes that may be useful. “Where does yin ch’i come from?” Andreas asked. “From the earth. The yin comes from the earth. It is some kind of field phenomenon that feeds our lifeforce. It can be blocked by insulators. For example, if you have a carpet made from synthetic materials in your house, the yin ch’i cannot pass through it. That’s not so good for your health. The yin ch’i enters the body through an acupuncture point that we call hui yin, he added. “It’s located between the urinary tract and the anus.” Kosta Danaos - The Magus of Java (page 104) He explained to me, “Your yin comes from the earth and you need to be connected to it.” He said I have to sit outside on the ground. This was somewhat troubling because where I live it snows about twice a year and rains a lot, so while he was telling me this I was trying to figure how I was going to be able to do it. He also told me yang comes from the air and enters the energy point on the top of your head. And it needs to be equally balanced with my yin which enters another energy point at the area of your perineum. Jim McMillan - Seeking the Master of Mo Pai (page 178) They can pass ch’i from their body, but it is only yang ch’i. During the test I myself generate yin ch’i and act as an opposite pole by standing next to the packs. This induces their yang ch’i to extend over to my yin, and that action allows them to move the cigarette packs. Kosta Danaos - The Magus of Java (page 81) (on Kosta being filled with Yin energy by John) John came up behind me and pulled my shirt out of my pants. As with Handoko, he put a knuckle up against the small of my back, in the area of my kidneys. Suddenly I felt like I was being pumped up with air. I could feel my belly distending and my bladder being squeezed; I wanted to pee. There was no other sensation; no cold, no rush of energy, no electrical discharge, nothing. Just the feeling of fullness. Kosta Danaos - The Magus of Java (page 111) John had mentioned that a student had to be at least Level Three to be able to sense the yin; that a human being, by his own nature yang, cannot sense yin energy directly. Kosta Danaos - The Magus of Java (page 114)
  6. Page 2, post 31 the derailment begins. The original intent of the OP is to have a civil discussion. I request a split and pit beginning with post 31, and continuing to the end of the thread.
  7. In reference to mopai, John teaches that yin energy can not be felt or perceived at all by humans, until the later levels when the two energies are brought together. He also teaches that yin energy can only be obtained while grounded to the earth. While gathering yang chi an equal amount of yin is automatically gathered so long as you are grounded to the earth. Synthetic electrical insulators block the it's flow, from the earth into your body.
  8. The Book Jim Mentions on His Book

    It doesn't matter to you, but it does to me. I will not assist you on your folly. If you want to learn something that is actually real, be careful what nonsense you fill your head with. A common theme among spiritual seekers is this desire to learn every system, and mush them together into something new and better. In reality all these "teachers" never accomplished anything, teach made up nonsense that does nothing at all, and aren't worthy of being called teachers in the first place. What most spiritual seekers do is take all this misinformation these various "teachers" spew out, and mush together a Frankenstein monster of a practice.
  9. The Book Jim Mentions on His Book

    MCO or any type of orbit practice is strictly incompatible with mopai, do not attempt to combine them. Do one or the other, not both.
  10. My Interpretation of Mo Pai

    corpus, Thank you for sharing your practice, but I think you are doing a disservice to everyone else by trying to pass this off as mopai. This has nothing to do with mopai. If this works for you and you enjoy it I think that is wonderful, but in the end you will lead others astray telling them this is mopai. Best Wishes.
  11. Disappearing threads ?

    "we are not discussing Mo Pai we are discussing Western Mo Pai." More of this nonsense, Jim got further than many Indonesian students. He learned the same teachings they did, the exact same system. There is no "Western Mopai" or "Eastern Mopai" just real Mopai. We study what Jim and Kosta were actually taught. Real Mopai. "possess critical thinking skills and present logical arguments. So far this has not proved to be the case." In fact that is exactly what we possess, and what we present. Too bad your bias keeps you from noticing "What we do in fact have is pro Western Mo Pai trolling." We are not trolling, you and your group are. I have seen in several threads where members of your group actually remark that they enjoy watching the drama they create. It's pretty obvious who is trolling.
  12. mopai

    I notice you posted a comment on my wall but deleted it, did you need something?
  13. Well that solves this mystery, please disregard this thread.