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  1. So fat and glycogen doesn't count?
  2. Meditation and Standing Meditation

    Yea I think that's the product of mindfulness, which is what some consider an aspect of higher consciousness I'd be careful with experimenting with Gamma though! For many reasons gamma is great but I believe it would be far too much for beginners to handle...heh.
  3. Meditation and Standing Meditation

    Aim for Theta brainwaves or the Hypnagogic state. You can get a feel for it pretty easily by using brainwave entrainment although what Kajenx said is best for gaining the skill to do it alone.
  4. How about using one's Jedi-mind-influence powers to become a powerful politician and make government leaders actually do their jobs and stop destroying our rights and freedoms, stop the wars and definitely stop the suppression of human capabilities...
  5. Ah, I wish I could find it also! This type of thing is very common with companies paying for their own studies to be that create vaccines for example...also heard about this happening a lot in China.. :-/
  6. Does Anyone Have Power?

    Honestly, if you want power.....asking about it on TTB will do you no good. Most people here either tell you something like "You want power(s)?!? NO NO NO! You should cultivate compassion, kindness,love and a good heart!! All that other stuff is soooo not spiritual!"... I started meditation when I was in juvenile hall at 15 years old...I didn't gain any real abilities trying out MANY Qi Gong systems and Yoga meditations until I started investigating things on my own,piecing together whatever knowledge I could get from many ancient systems and practices...and finally, learning from a YOUNG shaman(shaman is not the correct term but it's what most westerners call them other than witch doctors) with great CONTROL over his abilities. So what does this have to do with your question? Well, to actually gain any abilities you must first gain awareness of your own energy and how it moves and functions inside of you. To do that, it requires getting into a deep meditation which means NO breath regulation or visualization (these things keep your brainwaves close to the alpha and beta ranges which obviously is not going to allow you to go deeper). Once in a trance/trance-like state (hypnagogic might be the proper term), the mind is quiet,with absolutely NO thoughts and you'll have enough clarity to really feel your energy'll feel strong vibrations or what may be considered "strong" at this point at least. Another marker for being in this state is the ability to "see" through your eyelids! This is extremely common for those who actually make it to this state... But anyways, in that state is when all the training truly begins. Get to that state first THEN put your awareness on your LDT or Astral projection...etc.. This meditation is in SFQ btw, Chunyi Lin calls it "going into the Emptiness" I believe. It's also in Longmen Pai but called Yin Xian Fa. It is obviously called different names in different systems but that meditation is where it all truly begins!
  7. If you wanna know what Yin feels like then get into a very deep state...something along the lines of the lower theta or delta brainwaves, then put your awareness (if you managed to not fall asleep and maintain your awareness) on your organs..there is a subtle force squeezing or better yet "holding together" everything. I can't feel Yin directly but I can feel its effects on my body and its various parts/"forms". Maybe others might have fortunately learned methods to actually control Yin
  8. First off, stop thinking that you fit this description of whatever Drew said and look at it as though your body is doing things to make you aware of something that needs fixing. For example, if you eat something your body can't digest properly for whatever reason, you may have a bunch of symptoms as a rashes, itching, swelling of the throat...etc. to let you know it cannot handle the substance. In your case it may be an issue with your nervous system (not trying to diagnose you here). So to consider yourself something based on an opinion of someone you don't know is nowhere in your best interest.
  9. Filling up the lower Dan Tien- How and Why

    IME, visualizations and breathing practices can create feelings/sensations but they aren't permanent nor do they leave any lasting results. What gave me a serious increase in power and understanding of what energetic cultivation is all about, was learning how to use barely any effort to get into a state of consciousness where there are absolutely no random thoughts/mental chatter but very powerful awareness and clarity..sort of like going from sunshine to laser beams. -edit: forgot to write that within this state of consciousness is where your true work begins as far as internal alchemy and also realizing the effects of yin qi and yang qi and how they function within your body.
  10. Calling Out All Taoists

    Lmao! Yeah that's true, the mo pai tards never cease to amuse me haha and maybe I'm being a bit too critical since this is only the internet and a forum for discussion like you said. The people reciting this crap and/or constantly showing their "intellectual elitism" pretty much prompted the creation of this thread hehe.
  11. Calling Out All Taoists

    Could've sworn Qigong was Qigong (energy work/discipline) and I'm aware of everything mentioned...I was talking about others getting swamped in the philosophical and theoretical aspects of Taoism to the point of not doing or barely doing Qigong in any form. Like, for example, there are those who experience phenomenon and then there are those who talk about these phenomenon but have barely or never experienced any of what they speak of.

    You know what, I think all of it is an illusion but some "paths" just work better for certain individuals so they'll be subjected to whatever is included in that "path". Certain things though, IMO, are called different names and have slightly different explanations for them but represent the exact same thing..
  13. Calling Out All Taoists

    I understand and agree with what you're saying but to "let nature take its course" is IMO not applying the "will" or being a bit too passive. I see plenty of Christians and other religious people saying EVERYTHING was by God's will even though they obviously made these "events" happen on their own accord, and will forfeit their own "will" to become passive in life because "everything is God's will"... The reason why I oppose this idea is because of a serious illness I had earlier in life and if I would have let nature take its course and didn't oppose this "natural" illness I would have been dead by now. Maybe this doesn't make me a complete Taoist (whatever that means) but I feel like we have control over the course Nature takes...why? Because we are intelligent beings that are apart of the structure of nature just like our cells are intelligent and are apart of the structures our bodies..we have the power and every right to change its course as necessary. Love your posts btw, they give much food for thought. Thanks.
  14. Calling Out All Taoists

    That's something definitely worth living up to, living in harmony with the world around me is one of my major goals. Thanks for sharing
  15. Calling Out All Taoists

    Haha, will do! Thanks!