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  1. Three years ago, I experimented with Mantak Chia's Scrotal Compression (compressing air into testicles) and Microcosmic Orbit exercises to increase my energy. However, since then, energy has been leaking out of my kidneys and Ming Men in the form of heat. I've gotten treated by many healers since then, but the energy continues to leak. What solutions do you think would be the best fit for me?
  2. The mysteries of a woman;s heart

    So many things change over the centuries. There is a constant though: No matter how pragmatic the female human species may be, they will often truly love someone that, in all appearances, are beneath them. To the salvation of many of us males. To the mysteries of the female heart and my wife on her 58th birthday.
  3. Hello ! Few things about me, I currently reside in LV, Nevada, originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Background is Brazilian/Argentine.. nor sure what else to write here so I thought I would go ahead and share an experience with you all. Excited to hear what everyone else here has experienced! A few years ago and a few months then into my spiritual/meditational journey, I had an encounter that changed existence itself for me. Only a few people know, and recently I decided that I would share it with anyone out there so that they may see what the depths of your Self holds at all times, and anyone who has had a transformational experience themselves. If you read it, thank you for the time Here it is: At the time of my transformation a few years ago I was doing my regular meditation at around 2 A.M. The living room was virtually pitch black. 20 minutes into the meditation I decide to simply let go of my 'internal clock' that determines when I have meditated for the usual 30-40 minutes and I curiously go into seeing how long I can stay in that thoughtless meditative state. I would have to say about 45 minutes into it that I start hearing a very loud high pitched ringing/noise in both my ears.. as it got louder and louder so this bright light in my mind's eye would become brighter and brighter. This was a pure white light that looked as if someone had turned on their headlights to my face at point-blank range; my eyes are still closed this entire time and never open. This goes on for about 15-30 seconds and then the sounds and light are now accompanied by what seemed to be hundreds and thousands of voices giving me praise, so many voices that it was hard to figure them all out at once but I did not need or try to because I was receiving the core of the message intuitionally, I knew, I felt. It was like being in the middle of a fully filled coliseum, with everyone there cheering for you and loving you unconditionally with Love that reached deep into the past, present, and future all at once. These were immense feelings of achievement and how proud they are of me to come this far into myself, and that they have always been here and always will be here for us all. That they have loved me and all of us since the beginning of it all and continue to do so indefinitely. I was filled with incredible emotions of pure agape, pure love, and interconnectedness that took over my entire being. I smile with Love and Gratefulness and all I can struggle to say is " Thank you " as my eyes begin to form tears. As the loud ringing noise dies down and things begin to get darker, so do the voices dissipate. But it didn't feel as if I was going back down in consciousness, I went higher. Higher into a dark expanse that felt infinite, eternal, empty, vast and yet also containing the entirety of existence itself, all that has been, all that is, and all that will be. Which is plainly also, just all that is. There I could not identify with the part of myself that says 'I' or 'me' anymore. I could not understand it, it was so abnormal and really, non-existent to me. Not only was I in that Void, but I knew and felt my Self AS that Void itself. I was Everything and Nothing all at the same time. It was quieter than quiet.. no sound beyond the sound. Empty. Yet also filled with ALL of existence itself. Pure Oneness. What came, later on, was light, it looked like stars in the distance and stardust but also water, a different type of water/fluid. It filled my view with hues of purple, blue, indigo and a whole array of lights among this void. I stay in observe in a balanced awe. I open my eyes and break down in an utter joy that is beyond any comprehension. About 10 minutes later I comfy myself on the couch in which I usually would sleep on. As I close my eyes, I am in awe of that same sight of stars in this Void still there even after my meditation. It was pure bliss to shut my eyes and head off into sleep, gazing out into the star-filled space in front of me. I was whole, and one with All That Is. This feeling later went on to stay with me for months after, I was born again. Glad to be here with you all, and I'm looking forward to bouncing off of each other with anything that can help us grow -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Later on, I plan to host dark room meditations/retreats for periods of 12 - 21 days. Thanks for reading and Love to you all :)🙏✨❤️ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Words can never convey the beauty of a tree; to understand it, you must see it with your own eyes. Language cannot capture the melody of a song; to understand it, you must hear it with your own ears. So it is with the Tao: the only way to understand it is to directly experience it. The subtle truth of the universe is unsayable and unthinkable. Therefore the highest teachings are wordless. My own words are not the medicine, but a prescription; not the destination, but a map to help you reach it. When you get there, quiet your mind and close your mouth. Don’t analyze the Tao. Strive instead to live it: silently, undividedly, with your whole harmonious being." - Lao Tzu (Hua Hu Ching, chapter 31)
  4. Balance and Nourishment (new here!)

    Hi everyone, I've been an occasional visiter here for a little while but have finally decided to get more involved. I'm open to all wisdom paths but I predominately follow Buddha-Dharma. I'm here looking to deepen my experience of the internal arts. At present I have a yin-deficiency with heat and my liver and kidneys are doing their best to keep the show on the road! After many years of addressing imbalanced lifestyle & diet I'm now more confident that my herbal and energetic interventions will be more effective in bringing physical and spiritual nourishment. Consistency and the maintaining of habits is my current challenge. Happy to be here and hoping to learn more!
  5. I've done some research but I've started to understand how this energy works. It has came to me mostly thru qigong, sexual kung fu and sexual yoga practices, the latter of which I've done with my current partner. I also should mention that I practice retention and cultivation and I have my own observations thru this, namely, when you don't emit semen often all of the energies seem reflected back into your body and everything gets more intense. I ejaculate once in awhile, i'm still young and my partner sometimes enjoys it, but when I'm older I plan to limit it even more; I've discussed this with her and she understands how we will ultimately move toward Karezza. Basically i believe that puberty / time naturally make a male more Yang and a woman more Yin, but because balance is quintessential in all things it's important to keep in touch with the other side. For some reason when I think of yang I think "upper" and yin I think "lower." Losing jing often seems to make the body more yang, and vice versa seems to help balance and dissipate. That's another thing, yin seems to disperse and yang to gather. Yin would be going for a walk or run, yang would be lifting weights. My experience has also been that one extreme causes a tendency toward the other in myself, I seem to have an internal sense when I am out of balance for my own health which is really what this is all about. Shooting in the dark a bit here, but any thoughts? Thanks
  6. hello, I have been doing tests and read about TCM and such, and i have been diagnosed by different tcm practitioners and tests that i have yin deficiency. these links of some tests and what i have been told by some tcm practitioners: " You seem to have several symptoms of a general yin deficiency. The burning of the hands, nervousness and flushing can stem from heart yin deficiency. some of your digestive issues and some of the constant worry could be from spleen qi deficiency. Eczema is commonly caused by damp heat and is probably made worse by your yin deficiency as well. As for your tongue, the deep centerline crack reflects yin deficiency. The soft, somewhat flaccid texture of the tongue reflects chronic spleen weakness. the bumps of the tongue reflect chronic heat accumulation, which in your case is probably a result of the chronic yin deficiency. it is a little hard to tell but it does look like the front of the tongue is a little brighter red than the rest, which is another sign of heat which has accumulated in the upper." tests: Can someone explain me the yin energy and how it is absorbed (ground or cosmos..or...) and what food or lifestyle is yin, and techniques and such that may help me in balancing, since i don't have much knowledge in tcm. thanks
  7. For a few months now (greatly since open heart surgery), I've had this almost chronic craving, actual sense of need, for extremely cold drinks. I took up chomping on crushed ice in the hospital and am still on that. I was delighted to develop a vice that was not a drug and didn't cost me money and wouldn't give me a disease. :-) But it's been 4 months now, and I am still just craving COLD drinks all the time. Yes, I am on diuretics (for edema) but yes, I drink PLENTY of water (sometimes probably too much). So it's not just thirst. It's specifically a need for something COLD -- not just in my mouth, but going into and being inside my body like a drink is. I have begun to wonder if this might be reflecting some kind of need, or imbalance, that people more into the subtleties of eastern medicines might be more familiar with. Need for yin? I'm wondering if anybody has ever heard of this, or has any comments about it. Many thanks in advance if so. RC
  8. era or jiayin?

    Three texts to reference from the Huainanzi, then a commentary. Huainanzi 3.8 Huainanzi 3.9 Huainanzi 3.26 Huainanzi 3.15 I have KDE, kStars. In the solar system viewer, there is a mode of viewing the movement of the planets. It seems that there is a mars eclipse coming on the summer solstice of 2018. Any Thoughts Would Be Appreciated!
  9. This thread was inspired by a post I made in The Pit. see below I'm looking for a polite thread on how the various arts interpret and practice yin and yan energies. I spent most of my time in Ki-Aikido which had a mostly singular definition of Ki. A useful one. Most Eastern arts seem to split chi into many types of energy. The biggies being yin and yan. How does your art work with yin and yan chi? As well as other forms. What develops yin chi, what yan? Do we need to separate them? What is the framework understanding in different systems. As well as practices if permitted. I'm hoping we'll get some of the sites more experienced people weighing in on this and the discussion stays open and respectful.
  10. Introduction and questions about chi

    Hello, let me start out with an introduction. I am new to this website and wanted to see if any would help me out with their perspectives on some questions I have about chi and qigong. I have been interested in chi for a few years and ever since I was stuck in my head trying to figure out what it really meant and the meaning behind the power of it. On my path I found myself lost trying too hard to balance myself and wanting to control every aspect of my life. My path consisted of so many ups and downs, but it was if I was going in circles; and when I realized I was going in circles I would break out into a new path, but then I started going in circles again in the new path I was going in. I couldn't distinguish between which was yin and what was yang though I read online the feelings associated with both. It seemed like I was more consumed by the mental aspect of what chi was. Mentally I felt like nothing could harm me but deep inside I still felt off balance and wondered why things in my life (mostly people) would still reject me for who I was though it was all truly in good meaning. I would sit for hours in my head thinking of so many possibilities of the world and why things are the way they are. Many "wierd" and "normal" questions and thoughts went through my head and it seemed as if I was still while the world was passing me by. " Is immortality possible? Can I have superpowers? Why do we exist? Why am I here? Is this life real or is death real? What if the people who are close to me die? I wouldn't be able to deal with that pain but thinking about it brings me pain. I wish I could just die and end this pain. I'm not meant for this world" and so on and so on. Imagine how much pain built up in me living like this for years. As of recently, all that changed. I think I finally felt CHI. I emptied myself of all these thoughts but somehow kept a little hold of them in order to process reality in my own way. I found out that by keeping myself in this box of mine, I rejected myself of my physical body. I was feeling both energies but I was consuming myself with yin I believe (I am a guy though) which kept me inside of my head. As I released this energy I felt more energy going throughout my stomach and through my body which had been there all this time, but was just stagnant because of my mindset that I didn't have to worry about my body because I thought I knew it already and me not being able to distinguish between the yin and yang energies. Now I seem like I know it. I was now able to go deeper into these areas and I found myself being able to feel and discover areas of my body I didn't really think about much such as places on ears or my toes. I started living more in the moment not because it's what I have heard so many times, but because it felt... right. I realized that my immediate desire to balance my chi took me to my lowest, but at the same time brought me to my highest, and at the same time the realization allowed see and capture what I truly wanted. As of now I see truly see my mind and body as one thing; and whenever I put my energy towards something, I also see it as one and everything else seems to fade around it.Though it may or may not seem as a powerful story; to me it is really just a release that I found the opportunity to act upon. I know that my journey will never be done and I will continue to develop through my life and hopefully if there is an afterlife, will continue then. Don't worry I'm not suicidal or anything I plan to live as long as possible and take what life gives me. Anyways sorry for the very very long introduction hah I got very into it. But now for the questions. Have any of you learned how to store chi in the dantien? If so what does it feel like to you? Also have any of you been in very deep meditation and what experience did you have in doing so? How do you know how much chi is in your dantien and when it is full? Last, how do you project chi (such as using it to send heat through your hand)?
  11. Extent of possibilities

    alright, i was wondering, im not completely sure but i think i read somewhere that one could strengthen their punch by channeling chi into their fist or something of this sort. Is this true? 1) if it's not true, what would channeling chi into one's hand do? 2) If it is true, than could one send chi to the brain to improve their brains abilities such as memory or speed, by directing chi to specific parts of the brain?
  12. I am curious what people's views are on the concepts of 'yin qi' and 'yang qi', and what the sources are for your views on such things. For example, do you think that there are two distinct forms of qi, one of which is pure yin and one of which is pure yang, or do you think that such expressions are really just indicating the relative characteristics or qualities of certain forms of qi, such as Earth qi is more yin as compared to Heaven qi, and Heaven qi is more yang as compared to Earth qi, etc., or do you think the concept of there being such things as 'yin qi' and 'yang qi' is just plain wrong? Also, I would be interested in hearing what people are basing their views on. Is this something you have been taught from a certain tradition or teacher, or how did you come to your view? I have never been a big question asker when I have interacted with teachers, so I have never asked any of my teachers over the years specifically about this.
  13. Abstract- My MCO runs Reverse: Up the Conception and down the Governor's Channel. Some theories suggest females have a reverse MCO, by nature. I am male, but mine runs in reverse. I do not produce heat- even when my Kundalini erupted, it was not the melting heat variety. Unlike g'Tummo where I can stay warm in cold climate, mine is opposite. I can sit in a very hot sauna, well over 280 degrees (F) for over 20 minutes with no problems, not even rehydrating while doing it. I do this a couple of times a week. Other gym members come in there after me, but leave long before me I sweat a lot, and rehydrate afterwards. I also use a lot of steam, and not the infrared variety. So in my estimation, if g'Tummo uses Yang, then mine is using Yin. I use a grounding wire when I meditate in doors. Simple copper tubing running into the ground outside my temple window, about 6 feet down. Flattened iron container on the other end, which I placed inside a double terminal Quartz crystal. (which can be used as a stand in for a Yin field, to get Yang out of the body) Quartz oscillates, and contains Piezoelectric properties. Quartz crystal watches, etc I also use a Yang cushion I made- which is Orgone/Yang/Blue energy. I sit on this small orgone cushion, placed directly under my tailbone, raises me off the floor about 2 inches, while seated in full lotus. The grounding wire is raised slightly, and touches my Perineum/bare skin. This is used, with several varieties of seated meditation, for 2 hours daily.
  14. greetings musings: I am a 19 yr old young male and I feel that i am becoming more of a man all the time. I feel the masculine force growing stronger in me day by day, the powerful yang resonance and heat affecting me in many ways. I was always a very internal, yin-child when i was a child. i loved art, pretty things, music, reading. I never paid much heed to the outside world. I am a Taurus, and hence, a late bloomer - i was slow to develop. Now, as I am rapidly becoming a man, BANG! there is this sudden imperative need to be a MAN and fit into this outside world. The mind psychology changes, the waves transition from theta to beta. I feel that my child is still there in the background, but the man I see looking back at me in the mirror is not that child, or even the adolescent. I feel the feelings of a fully developed man in me....the aggressive drive to compete, the primal sexual urges, but they make me feel very alone and hollow inside.... the love and spirit is missing. I feel the resonance so strong that I feel obligated to treat women with respect and decency, not because it is the right thing to do, but because i feel strong myself, strong enough to be weak. I want to fall back on my child-like creative pursuits once I am strong enough, because, at least to me, the greatest strength is in being able to indulge the love and whimsical passions of a child.... I meditate and practice qi-gong to work with the aggressive feelings and sexual heat. once those have been redirected to the heart i feel that i can act out of genuine compassion and kindness to others, not adolescent tantrums. The funny thing is that when i was a younger teenager, i did not have strong yang resonance, and it stopped me from doing my yin pursuits because i perceived them as too sensitive and weak. little did i know. I want to use the confidence i am gaining to be able to be strong enough to do my yin-pursuits ..... art, music. a basic principle is that yang attracts yin. does this sound logical and in-line with taoist teachings?? peace and thanks. dhiggs
  15. I Ching - Hexigram 16 - Daughter Under Mountain?

    I've been busy these past few months getting much deeper into meditation and trying to get through assorted blockages. Recently I'd swear that for brief moments my 'center of being' has moved from my head to the center of my chest. I guess that is the heart center (heart mind)? Tonight was a good meditation session. I'd been ruminating briefly about the text . But something came up unbidden tonight that surprised me and I do not know what to make of it. I'd swear I got the impression a Taoist Being (Immortal?) visited me only a few moments ago (I could sense him plain as day!) and granted me these lines: Hexigram 16 Daughter Under Mountain In Winter Old Yang becomes Yin Hexigram 16 And then he left!! And I am absolutely befuddled. I have never studied the I Ching ever so I do not really understand what these lines are telling me. I do have a copy of the I Ching (Master Alfred Huang) so about the only thing I could figure out to do was simply look up Hexigram 16. Master Huang translates 16 as Delight Then he goes on to discuss what this hexigram means (I presume) depending on which line it's placed in? There were many different interpretations for just this one hexigram. Some were of seemingly good omen (lots of times they seemed variations of 'persevere and you'll be rewarded' type) but others seemed to indicate pride and conceit which leads to woe. Or I guess as a westerner might say "pride goeth before the fall" So I do not know if these lines are the Tao telling me to persevere and I'll make progress in meditating or if I'm scheduled for some sort of woe this coming winter. Does anyone have any idea what this might mean?
  16. Shen vs. Jing vs. Chi

    I've heard a little bit about this before but I didn't really understand it. What exactly is the difference between Shen, Jing, and Chi?
  17. Yin Yang Left Right

    Just stopping by thetaobums for some questions... Yoga says the masculine aspect of the body, the sun channel, (pingala) is its right side while the feminine aspect of the body, the moon channel, (ida) is the left side. TCM says the opposite. Anyone have a good knowledge why? From observation, it makes sense to say the usually the right side of the body is yang and left is yin. This is a pretty big difference between the two traditions.
  18. What I'm about to describe, might indicate positive effects of my training; however, I'm not sure: it might be quite the contrary. Where I live it's been very cold. Nevertheless, I still feel toasty warm, even when everyone else is terribly cold. Sometimes, the effect is very extreme: I'm overheating, almost breaking a sweat. But it's a different kind of heat, not like one experiences on a hot summer day. It's a type of heat that I started experiencing when I started practicing Yang systems, such as Nine Palaces. A few nights ago, I stayed up late to practice the saliva-swallowing exercise (as described in Taoist Yoga and by Yang, Jwing Ming). In between swallows, I would spend a few minutes Embryonic Breathing, pushing chi down central energy line to dan tian with each breath. The following day I was extremely warm, even though my house's furnace was turned off all day. This shouldn't happen because saliva-swallowing is a Yin practice. And it's happened other times I stayed up late to meditate. However, this heat is something that's always with me, and seems to increase the more I practice. So what should I make of this? If it's a negative effect, how do I correct it?
  19. The Secret Gate to Eden

    Here is a documentary I found to be very interesting, and it's central theme and message rings very true to me. Some people tend to view sex as sinful or something that is easily perverted by humans. However, it is also known that it can be a way to spiritual development. In any case when you think about it, what is Sex? It is the interaction between 2 opposite polarities. It is the perfect interaction between, and perfect balance between, Yin and Yang. This does not only exist in biological creatures, but throughout all the Universe. The center of an atom is it's own polarity, the positive, or male polarity. The electrons are attracted to the positive polarity and are thus, the negative, receptive, or female polarity. We see the same thing in Solar systems. A Sun is the Male polarity, it gives energy to and attracts Planets, who are the Female polarity in relation to the Sun. It is in the interaction of these Polarities that the power of creation manifests. Throughout the Universe, the perfect and most natural state of all beings, is to be in a state of "Sex". Sex- The Secret Gate to Eden- Here is some more information on the primary pattern of creation and procreation in the Universe, Soulmates, and Meta Physics-