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  1. Hi, Has anyone heard of Dr Stephen T Chang? He is apparently a renowned Taoist doctor and herbalist.I do not see any info on him on this forum. Here is his website: with his bio and books. I am tempted to get some of his books (diet and longevity exercises?) but I want to hear first what you guys know of him. Thank you for your help.
  2. No takers? I am shocked. I thought you guys would be all over my question. Did I post it in a wrong area and nobody sees it or something (LOL)? Thank you.
  3. Hi Starjumper,

    You have written in one of your posts: "You can count the number of good chi kung systems in this country on the fingers of one hand and have a couple of fingers left over."

    What are they?

    Thank you

  4. HI, Does anyone have any experience with Yi Ren Qigong? I have come across it when googling menopause reversal. I found this article It says that Yi Ren Qigong can potentially reverse menopause. It is quite a statement. What would the best qigong be to reverse aging, rejuvenate, for longevity, restoring fertility, anti aging, youth, health, spirit, mind etc (you get my drift )? There are so many options and claims out there. I do realize that I will not be 20 again but I will take what I can We ( me and my sister) do you not want to waste time on things that do not work. Thanks a lot
  5. Thank you for all your responses! All very helpful. @ Oneironaut: I have come across The Root of Chinese Qi Gong and Damo Mitchell when I was trying to find some threads for beginners. I was just not sure how broad they were. Fortunately my library has them. Speaking of searches….. I typed in “for beginners” and “Novices” in the titles search box. Any other suggestions on how to find all the beginners threads? @ Dawei: I guess I am looking at the health, longevity (immortality J)and spiritual aspects of Qi gong and Taoism but then who knows I might find something else as I deepen my knowledge. @ Morning Dew: the FAQ is really good. Quite a few gems there. I did not look there as I thought it was just some boring stuff LOL
  6. Hi Everyone, Are the following books good as a wide base introduction (for getting the bigger picture first, kind of bird’s eye view before I chose a particular path) for a beginner? Anything else that is more suitable? Some sort of “encyclopedia” would be great but I do not think that such exists or does it? The Complete Idiot's Guide to T'ai Chi & QiGong and Taoism For Dummies Thank you in advance
  7. Hi Steve, Interesting that you do not like the wedge zafas. Did you try the one exactly from my link or something similar? What was the problem? From description it looks like it should be comfortable. They explain how it tilts your hips so you do not suffer, the blood flow in your legs is not cut off etc. It makes sense to me at least in theory. It seems to have good reviews as well. Yes, I am not flexible and my hips are tight. in your second link it does not say what the gomden cushion is filled with. Would it be a problem? People seem to like buckwheat hull. I have come across a couple more websites that look interesting: and Anything good there? Thank you.
  8. Thank you Everyone, Any particular brand names that you like? Any designs that tend to work better than others?
  9. Thank you Gatito. It sounds interesting. However I am not ready to make my own yet. I just want it easy (LOL). Anyone else has any suggestions? Thank you.
  10. Hi Guys, Since you were so helpful when I have asked a question before about resources for beginners I thought I would ask another question. I am looking for meditation cushion(s). I am considering: and this one: I am leaning more towards the first one as it has only 2 pieces but I am very open to suggestions. My understanding is that it is better for the spine when the pillow is tilted and you need something under your knees as well. Also is buckwheat the best filling material? I am going to use it for just regular sitting (when possible) as well because I do too much sitting and my hips are tight. I am in Toronto, Ontario BTW Thank you in advance.
  11. Hello, Can anyone recommend the best way/resources to learn about Taoism and Qigong in particular? I did my research and I came up with: 1. “The healing promise of Qi” by Roger Jahnke. Although the book does not engross me. 2 “The root of Chinese Qigong” by Yang Jwing-Ming. Once I am done with this one I will continue with his other more advanced books. How are his videos? 3. Daniel Reid’s books. Which one is good to start with? Are they good choices? Anything else? Any good websites? I have tried to read some topics on the forum but it is mostly over my head. I have not seen anything for novices. Is there anything for complete beginners here on the forum? Thank you for your help.
  12. Thank you Everyone for your comments! I have actually found TaoBums when googling jing. Fertility aside jing is good no matter what you want it for so although I mentioned fertility but your advice does not have to be about fertility precisely. I have been seeing TCM doctor for over 2 months now. He says that I am improving although slowly. I hope he does not say so to just keep getting money (LOL). I am going to get my hormones tested. I would imagine that if the results improve then TCM works and if not improvement then the guy is just me. I am really curious to see the results. The TCM doc said that I should give it 2 to 3 months to see if TCM is working on me. We will see. He does seem to have a busy practice. ChiDragon had mentioned Qigong. It is something that I am looking into. I will do another post on it though. Thank you.
  13. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me and tell me how do I go about increasing jing. I am trying to get pregnant but I am already “old” according to doctors. 3 years ago I had a tremendous stress with my family that messed me up completely and I have not been able to recover. It looks like I might be in menopause. I have been looking around to see what I can do to make myself “young” again and I came across jing. Your input is greatly appreciated. Just to let you know that I am a TOTAL NOVICE so be gentle with me. Thank you in advance.
  14. Hi

    Hi, I have started googling Qigong recently and I become very excited about the possibilities and how it can improve my life. I am looking forward to the discussions here although I must say I did look around and most of the discussions are over my head. I am from Toronto, Ontario. Anyone from around here? Thank you.