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  1. Please give any suggestions you might think of that can add to this scientific study of Energy Cultivation and Chi. Negative ion generator experiment: Below is a schematic for a negative ion generator. A negative ion generator is an electronic device that converts a low voltage battery into a high voltage low current signal. The input power plug will be connected to four 9V batteries in series. The high voltage output creates a purple plasma from ionizing the air. The ground for the output will be connected to earth ground through a metal tack connected to the bottom of a shoe. The output will be connected to a dense nonmetallic object, under a hat at the top of the head. Warning, do not connect the output directly to the skin. A metallic pad connected to the output and directly in contact with the skin will cause electric burns on the skin, scabs and scars. Hypotheses: External projection of Chi is similar to electrostatic on the skin of the body, in that it can attract and repel small pieces of paper, and other small objects like sand. The first time I showed the Energy Cultivators my device moving small pieces of paper, they were able to measure the energy using a three finger pulse diagnosis on my wrist while the device was on. They could tell the energy was only on the skin, and it did not have “life” as their Chi does. That leads me to believe Chi is similar to electrostatic energy, but electrostatic energy changes when it enters the body and travels through the organs, meridian, and channels of the body (Like how water changes to urine after passing through the body). Energy Cultivators can store energy in their body and project it out of their body by increasing their blood pressure, muscle contraction, and tendon contraction. By bringing a stronger negative ion generator to the Energy Cultivators and having another person use the three finger pulse on my wrist while the device is on we will be able to compare electrostatics to Chi. Purpose: By comparing the observable effects of Chi with the known effects of electrostatics, we can compare and contrast how they are similar and how they are different. Ion polarity experiment: A battery powered negative ion generator could be used to measure the polarity of Chi. The Energy Cultivator would project Chi out of their hand onto a metal rod. The metal rod is connected to a metal plate. The positive and negative end of the negative ion generator is connected to a movable metal pad near the large plate. The test equipment will be tested with known charged materials like glass and silk. Hypotheses: If Chi is positively charged it will repel the positive plate and attract the negative plate. If Chi is negatively charged it will repel the negative plate and attract the positive plate. If Chi is neutrally charged it will attract both plates. If Chi repels both plates it is a new force. If Chi attracts the first plate and repels the second plate then, after a time, attracts the second plate and repels the first plate then Chi alternates between positive and negative charges. Purpose: The polarity of Chi would give great insight of the properties of Chi. Based on the result of this experiment equipment could be made to simulate the charge of Chi in order to reproduce the effects of Chi. Controlled plant experiment: Number 1 is a negative ion generator ground in the pot, and hanging above the sprouting plant. Number 2 is the control, with the negative ion generator grounded in the pot, and the output hanging over the plant, but with the negative ion device not turned on. Number 3 has the negative ion generators ground plugged into the earth ground, and the output in the dirt of the potted plant. Number 4 has the negative ion generators ground plugged into the earth ground, and the output touching the plant. Hypotheses: A plant will grow faster/larger if exposed to negative ions. This experiment will show how negative ions promote growth of living things. A more accurate experiment could be performed by replacing the plants with a human meditators. Purpose: Energy cultivation in humans is done by meditating outside with dirt below and sky above. Thunderclouds produce an electrostatic charge that living things respond to. Thunderclouds are usually accompanied by rain, so plants prepare to absorb moisture and nutrients during rainy seasons and high charges in the atmosphere. Energy Cultivation in humans absorb energy from nature. With this experiment we can show how living things take in energy from their environment. If 1, 3, or 4 respond better than 2 then, there might be a way to use negative ion generators to decrease the time it takes to store energy in the human body using traditional meditation techniques. Electric acupuncture experiment: Use an electrical device to push energy under the skin and into the meridians associated with energy cultivation. Daily electrical acupuncture would be used to speed up the process of energy cultivation. Yearly to bi-yearly examinations from a professional energy cultivator would be used to prevent injury and confirm progress has been accelerated. Hypotheses: Energy cultivators can share energy by projecting Chi externally from their bodies and injecting it into the meridians of another person through acupuncture points. By using an electrical device and acupuncture needles daily, the user could take less time to store energy in the body than tradition methods. Purpose: If energy cultivation can be sped up with electrical acupuncture that would explain the energy the body is taking in from the environment, and there would be more test subjects for experiments. Sweet water chemical test: Energy cultivators are able to turn normal water sweet by projecting Chi outside their body, as seen in this video: This is a summary of another group that tested the sweet water from master Jiang Feng: “Jiang used his qi to transform ordinary bottled water that we purchased; the seal on the bottles had not been broken or tampered with in any way. These are the results that Professor Heimo Breiteneder a geneticist of the Vienna academy observed after analyzing the qi water and the crystals within, “In comparison to untreated water, the one energized by the master contains a major peak of a small compound (379 Dalton) and two minor peaks of equally small molecular weights (365 and 380 Dalton). The masses were determined by mass spectrometry but the molecules could not be identified by comparison with data stored in that machine, where millions and millions of molecule’s structure are kept! All existing sugars were compared and it is NOT any of them, neither a compound, so we can conclude it is not a sugar molecule. Glucose has 180 Dalton, saccharose has 342 Dalton so forth and so on...We will try to go to Munich where one of the biggest and most accurate of these mass spectrometers is located. Another possibility would be to try to get into a facility with nuclear magnetic resonance and try to convince somebody to work on the sample. In any case, this is quite interesting, using qi to create a certain unknown sweet tasting molecule.”” Below are two charts from a sweet water sample I got from Master Jiang Feng in March 2014. The results show there were no chemicals recognizable on the chemical database. It was as if testing plane water. Later I was told that the Chi added to the water to make it sweet only lasts about a day, then the Chi escapes and the water tastes like normal water. Hypotheses: Chi can be projected outside the body causing the nearby air and water to become sweet for a time. When the Chi is being projected form the body the Chi is on the molecular scale that is why it cannot been seen and why it can pass through the molecules of the plastic bottle. Purpose: If we find a chemical in the water that turns it sweet, and can compare that chemical to something in the environment, we can conclude that the energy cultivation technique takes that element from the environment and is used in energy cultivation. Not only would we better understand Energy Cultivation, but with knowledge of a cause for the effect, we can experiment with adding that chemical to water and see if it causes the same sweet result. If the chemical alone does not make the water sweet maybe heat, or electrolysis is another component to the sweet water infusion. If we understand the process perfectly we will be able to create a machine to duplicate the sweet water process and that would be a new technology that could be sold to companies to replace sugar, and other artificial sweeteners. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators (TENS) experiment: A TENS unit simulates muscle spasms seen in energy projection to patients. TENS unit is the use of electric current produced by a device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes. The first picture shows a TENS unit. The second picture shows ‘PossesedHands’ nerve stimulation device similar to a TENS unit. The third picture shows an Energy Cultivator on the left projecting Chi into the person on the right and causing their muscles to contract. Hypotheses: A TENS unit causes similar muscle contractions as the electric like energy projected from Energy Cultivators. A TENS unit could be brought to the Energy Cultivators and demonstrated on them for them to feel and judge if it is similar or different to the energy they use. Purpose: By replicating the observed effects of Chi we get closer to better understanding Chi and creating better machines that more closely replicate the effects of Chi. Several multimeters experiment: Use several multimeters connected with one input, a metal rod for the Energy Cultivator to grab, and ground measuring AC voltage, DC voltage, and current could be used to get a physical measurement of the energy projected. Analog versions of the multimeters should be used too, since digital meters might be damaged by the Chi flowing through it while analog meters are more robust. A multimeter was tested on John Chang from the Lawrence Blare documentary and they said they could not get any readings because Chi is not electricity. With the advances in technology and with proper test equipment I believe Chi can be measured. Laser, Mirror, Balloon experiment: Chi has the properties of heat and it can be concentrated to a point to be like a laser. A thermal camera could be used to see the projection of Chi outside the body that the human eye cannot see. An experiment could be built to see if the laser like properties of Chi acts like a light wave or a particle. If Chi acts as a light it will bounce off the mirror and pop the blue balloon, but if Chi acts as a particle it will damage the mirror/pop the red balloon. Hypotheses: I think Chi projected at a mirror will pass through the particles of the mirror and pop the red balloon. Since Chi is exiting the body from the finger it is not likely to be a property of light, although that is the current theory of this observation. Purpose: Observing this Chi phenomena could lead to new energy based medical equipment.
  2. Questions for Wang Li Ping?

    What exactly did you witness, and what of the training are you allowed to share?
  3. Questions for Wang Li Ping?

    I read Wang Li Ping's book, and he does have a lot of training methods, so those are good questions to ask.
  4. Questions for Wang Li Ping?

    Thanks, it is only from my diligent training in Shaolin Yijinjing Gengmenpai that I was made aware of this retreat, so I see it as a good sign that I am on the right path.
  5. Questions for Wang Li Ping?

    Good questions, thanks.
  6. Questions for Wang Li Ping?

    I am going on a meditation retreat with Wang Li Ping on April 8 through April 18, 2016. Here is a Wikipedia article about him: What questions would you ask a skilled meditater? What questions do you have for Wang Li Ping?
  7. What would you ask a master?

    1) The sweetness and smooth consistency of the water did fade after a few days. I tasted the water I brought back from China a few days after the Qi infusion, and it did not taste as sweet. I latre found out that water is actually a very poor "substrate" for this kind of qi infusion, with the herbs they use being a far better one. The chemist initially thought there was a gas infused in the water, and that was what was causing the bubbles, and that after a few days the gas can escape and not leave any traces for the tests. 2) Because the energy does escape I do not think Jiang is adding chemicals, or permanently changing the chemical structure of the water with his energy. My current hypothesis is that Dr. Feng Jiang can produce an energy field effect that can ionize the molecules of water. I am experimenting with machines in order to replicate the effect. I would like to have a Qi user turn water sweet, and test the water immediately after, but since that is currently not possible, I will continue to test the water I have to prove that there were not any sweetener chemicals added.
  8. What would you ask a master?

    This is the results from Dr. Feng Jiang's sweet water. The water was tested with two different procedures. The results show that there were no chemicals added to the water, and the the samples tested as plain water. What ever Jiang is able to do to the water does not change the chemical properties, but makes the water sweet and more refined. To me, this proves that he did not add anything to the water, but is able to create a field effect with his body that can change the properties of water.
  9. What would you ask a master?

    Yes, I am sure he is real. I flew all the way to China to see if he was real. I have built negative ion generators, and know everything about them. Jiang striped down to his underwear to demonstrate he did not have any device on him. Dr. Feng Jiang knows there are a magicians, and charlatans, that is why he goes out of his way to demonstrate that he is able to produce this effect with just his body. One dead give away from someone using a device is how they limit their movement. With a device the user needs to remain standing, and are only insulated by the rubber of the shoes. If someone with a device on sits down or touches the desk with the other hand, the charge will not build up and there will be no effect. With a real Qi user they can touch the patient with one hand, and shock them with the other hand, since the Qi energy is internal. I got to see more videos that are not made publicly available, while I was there. I saw psychokinesis, electrogenesis, and telekinesis, Dr. Feng Jiang and his doctors can do everything other genuine Qi gong users can do. I did not know about his name change. I will have ti ask him next time I see him, or his students.
  10. What would you ask a master?

    I agree with you that the infrasonic component is not the only part of Qi. I have been studying how negative ions are similar to Qi. My negative ion generator can produce similar effects that Jiang can do with his Qi. Here is a video of me using my negative ion generator: Negative ions can move paper, attract objects, and light LEDs. Here is a basic video on how to make a negative ion generator: My theory is that Qigong users are storing negative ions in their bodies from the negative ions in nature. After Jiang's sweet water results come back from the chemistry lab, I will have a better idea of what changes are happening to the water. If I can re-create the energy field around the water, with a machine, we would no longer be dependent on sugars, or artificial sweeteners. There are many other branches of science that can be drastically changed with Qi research. I am juat a scientist, specializing in electronics engineering, studying Qi on my spare time. Charles Crawford III
  11. What would you ask a master?

    Yan Xin is mentioned a lot in the book Scientific Exploration of Qigong. I brought that book with me to China, and Dr. Feng Jiang saw Yan Xin's picture in the book and said that they met. Thanks for the link, I will read that article. Yan Xin has done many experiments to study the effects of Qi. The book does lack an explanation for how he gathers the energy, and does not have a hypotheses for what causes Qi emissions. I am sure that once this gets into the hands of some serious scientists in the west, we will start seeing results. I am familiar with James Randi's Million dollar challenge. My only concern is that Randy will not live long enough to see a westerner emit Qi. My device would not qualify. I am not trying to do anything supernatural, I am trying to replicate an energy field that turns water sweet.
  12. What would you ask a master?

    He said I had a weak stomach, kidneys, and spleen, but could be corrected with some herbal tea. The main thing they look for is large imbalances, and blockages. I am not aware of any illnesses that I was treated for, but he might have changed something during the diagnoses and just did not worry me about it. I feel like I am in perfect health, and did not see Dr. Feng Jiang for medical attention. I wanted to study Qi, and witness it for myself.
  13. What would you ask a master?

    You have been watching too much Hunter X Hunter... I think this anime did a good job of researching real Qi users, but in real life it is quite different than this.
  14. What would you ask a master?

    I have herd of being able to change water with thought so that when it freezes there are noticeable effects on the ice crystals, but changing the taste of water is a different story. I think it has less to do with thought, and more to do with the energy projected. If we could measure the energies created during his Qi emission we could create a machine to duplicate them, and have a way of sweetening water without artificial chemical sweeteners, and sugar. I did not even mention Yin. Where did you get this idea?
  15. What would you ask a master?

    Where do I start... Well, my visa was delayed and I missed arriving at the hospital with Popa's group, but Grady agreed to introduce me to Dr. Feng Jiang. Grady called me at my hotel telling me Jiang was back, and I walked a few blocks to the hospital. I arrived wearing my lab coat, and holding a bottle of wine as a gift. Dr. Feng Jiang was outside pruning his PenJing, with Grady and others watching. Grady smiled, and said something in Chinese to Jiang as I walked clumsily towards them. Jiang went to shake my hand, which caught me off guard, because based off Popa's book I thought he preferred a traditional bowing welcome. I fumbled with the bottle of wine, but managed to shake his hand then hand the bottle to him. I introduced myself, Grady translated, and we were brought into Jiang's office. I asked if I could show off my device, and everyone watched as I dumped paper holes on Jiang's desk. I told Grady to start recording, and he took out his phone then gave me the ok to start. I kicked on my switch and made the paper bounce about an inch. Jiang gestured for one of the other doctors to shut off the fan that was blowing on us, and everyone moved in to get a better look, while another doctor was taking pictures of us. I was expecting a better result, but noticed Jiang's desk was separated a few inches by glass feet, and my device is less effective on insulated surfaces. I showed them my device on my lower leg, and everyone gathered around to get a better look at it. It honestly seemed like they had never seen anything like it before. Jiang asked if I was a magician, and that he met a student of David Blaine’s that could do similar things with tricks. I told him that I was a scientist studying the effects of Qi, and that negative ions produce the same effect on paper. Jiang said he was still tired from his retreat but would try to move my paper, and joked that this should not be seen as a competition. After a few attempts he made the paper bounce about 5 inches off the table. Like this: He then striped down to his underwear and I could see he did not have any device on his body. After that, Jiang told Grady that this video was not for public consumption, showing his modesty and understanding for curious minds. I asked why the table had glass under it, since it seemed strange; they said that when it rains there is a lot of condensation that accumulates on the floor that they have to mop up, and the glass was to protect the wooden feet. Jiang asked if my paper came with me from Florida. I said yes, and then he wrapped it in a sheet of paper, wrote something on it, and put it in his desk, while joking that now I have given him two gifts. Next, Jiang demonstrated the sweet water effect. They brought me a sealed water bottle from the back of the room, and I was told to taste it to see that it was normal water. I asked if he could do it with the bottle still sealed. Grady said it needed to be open and have some of the water emptied out, and that he use to have to keep the lid open but now he could do it after resealing the lid. We looked for a cup and found a coffee mug with some tea still in it. Jiang dumped the tea out; I dumped some of the bottled water in the cup and tasted it. I told them it tasted like the bitter tea that was in the cup before, but we decided to continue with the sweet water test. Jiang closed the lid and shook the water. He told me to observe how the bubbles at the top of the water are large and quickly pop. With assistance of another doctor, Jiang pumped Qi into the bottle for about 5 minutes, like this: He showed how there are tinier bubbles that do not dissipate as quickly after shaking the bottle. I tasted the water, and now there was a considerable sweeter taste to it. The water also felt finer, and made my lips feel smooth. I asked Jiang if he ever thought I could create a device that could turn water sweet, and he said no, and shook his head. I asked if I could inspect the table, they agreed but there were some locked drawers that were off limits. Later, I was touring the hospital and asked to see the desk, to see if I could catch them off guard. I noticed the door to the office was locked, but Grady called someone over to open it. The employee did not want to open the door without Jiang’s permission because of all the valuable stones, art, books, etc., but Grady said he would take full responsibility, and the employee let us in. Grady filmed my looking all around the table for hidden devices, and grounding wires. As I was knocking on the wood, and inspecting every angle of the desk, Grady and the other Chinese employee were laughing and saying “So this is what scientists do.” Since the locked drawers were separate from the main table I am quite confident there is no trickery involved with the table. Jiang asked me to sit down, rest my hand facing up on the tiny desk cushion, and appeared to take my pulse. I did not feel anything, so I asked Grady if he was taking my pulse, and Grady said "there is quite a bit more to it than that". Jiang told me I had a deficient stomach, kidneys, and spleen, but that there were no blockages. He could tell all that just by moving his fingers on the artery of my wrist. Since I realized he was measuring the energies of my body, I asked if he could try it again with my device turned on. He did, and said there was a constant energy on my skin, but the internal organs were not affected. I asked if there was any research done on Dr. Feng Jiang, but without even asking Jiang, Grady told me there was none. Jiang told me that there were many more senior scientists studying Qi with no success, and that I was welcome to try. The sweet water was said to be tested before, and came back inconclusive. I asked if I could have the remaining water tested, and they agreed. I had Jiang sign and date the bottle: 3/13/14. I have since been able to find someone that would test it for free, but I am still waiting on the results. This demonstration ended with Jiang asking me to join them for dinner, and I agreed, if they had vegetarian options. No one else was vegetarian, so I think they made some special dishes just for me, and I am grateful for that. It was like a family dinner, including the caring nagging about how I am too skinny to be on a vegetarian diet. After dinner I was lucky enough to get to feel the 'electric' like Qi. He told me next time to not bring wine, but to bring another device to show off. I told him I appreciated the personal demo, and that it was easy to change the batteries on my device, but that I understood his demonstrations used up some of his vital energy that is not as easy to replace. I hope to create a device that produces an energy field, similar to his Qi, that can turn water sweet, but I will settle for building a stronger negative ion generator. That just about sums up my experience with Dr. Feng Jiang. I was in China for a week, and this only explains one day of it. I plan to write more, but for the sake of not writing a book, I will spare you some of the detailes. I recommend you go see him yourself in China if you want to see a real Qi user.