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  1. Turning vegetarian - need advice

    Vegetarian misses no nutrients plants have plenty of protein. Plants fruits nuts grains milk eggs honey all kinds of wonderful stuff. But you know what, its alot more complicated than I first thought. First of all fish are much lower conciousness entities than other animals and also are healthier to eat. Something else to consider, plants feel a certain kind of pain. Another thing to consider, eating only things where nothing has to die to eat it, thats the true humane way, a diet of most kinds of vegetables without killing the plants, fruits, obviously, beans, nuts, milk, and possibly eggs. But then I realized these animals are only alive because we farmed and grew them, if we didnt want to eat them they wouldnt have been alive, therefore its sort of our right to be able to kill them and sure dying might hurt for a minute but they got a whole life, and maybe some places the animals are treated pretty bad, but they still got to live. They wouldnt be alive without the farm and famers. So think about that. Its like giving someone a 1000 bucks and saying OK in 10 years you have to give me back 500. Its a pretty fair deal. So I realized eating plant and meat is moral. In a way, its less moral to eat food that you didnt explicitly give life too, aka the wlid, but that food is so much healthier cus its fresh and local ... food for thought.
  2. The Boy With Divine Powers

    Sorry had to post more! This is going on even as we speak 2013! Though maybe a more accurate word would simply be disciplines or practices. Im sure it was very difficult though to meditate 6 years straight without a moments deviation...
  3. The Boy With Divine Powers A boy has begun mediation since 2005 for many years straight without food or water, his goal... nothing less than saving the world. He was documented without food or water for 4 24 hour periods straight. Most would die after 3 24 hour periods from lack of water. AND his message upon completion of his Tapas!!!^^^ Most holy of messages! Watch out guys!
  4. Haiku Chain

    Who are annoying? anyone? no one? time will tell. dream of a dark well
  5. Haiku Chain

    best pay attention for the trees blow with no wind afraid ive sinned
  6. The meditation freak out

    Weed makes you prone to schizophrenia. Switch to Spring Forest Qigong or Kunlun would be my advice. Stay away from Kundalini stuff. Could be neg attachment. Check out Robert Bruces pyschic self defense.
  7. Want To Get Into Yoga/Learn Yoga! Please, help.

    Nithyanandas Yoga or Sadhgurus Yoga then. If you want to do Qigong then Kunlun or Spring Forest Qigong. - - - - - - - - - - -
  8. Whether you reincarnate or ascend depends on the vibration of your soul energy. If you have to little you will be stuck incarnating, if you gain enough through meditation, then you will ascend. There are no major differnces in any of the races on how easy this is, that would be terribly unfair. Races have minor differnces.
  9. The Key

    The Key by Whitley Streiber, if its true, is possbily the most important book of the millennia. Anyone here read it? And to those who havn't, DO.
  10. In reality we are actually a result of everything that has happened to us before and during life. Not only that, but the level of health, energy, and happines that we had throughout our life determined the scopes of conciouness we were exposed to and formed our personality. There are forces, many forces, which actually create thoughts that are not our own! They try to impose their identity upon your identity and you eventually identify with that identity! What parts of yourself have you accepted that aren't actually YOU? And how can you blame anyone for anything, how can you not forgive anyone, knowing they are the result of everything outside of them? Stunted by lack of energy and happiness, impressioned by the outer lessons, sneakily hypnotized by forces of uncertain origin imposing thoughts onto their intention and identity...
  11. 21 day retention challenge for guys and girls

    I have a friend just like you. I know your type. You are a warrior. Learn to control your emotions, harness your immense creative, emotional, pyschic, and physical abilites, or you will be consumed by emotional problems, addicition, and pyschosis. Your life will slip through your fingers like sand. The jaws of the unkown with grasp you like a bear trap. Use it or lose it lol. Then again I could be wrong about what kind of person you are.
  12. They are really really good.
  13. What is the secret of being ultra smart ?

    Lol... Well I'll start from the bottom up. 1. Believe you are intelligent and pay honest attention to things. Think more and more. Research more. Open mind more. Stop being lazy. Prioritize. Do all those good things you should be doing. Diet, sun, walking barefoot, exercise (walk, run, play, hike, sports, high rep resistance training low rep high weight resistance training), drinking water. Best diet is large amounts of raw vegetarian hybrid with TCM/ayurveda theories. Certain herbs help boost the brain. Ashwaganda, Gingko Biloba, Ginseng, Acetyl-L-carnitine, etc. Also the Haritaki herb very good. Seriously thats the best herb I could recommend. Its a semi-common Indian herb in a common formula called Triphala, which has three herbs in it. Best to order it in bulk pure as possible. (honestly some herbs like Turmeric you can just eat on your food) 2. Learn to photoread and read all kinds of stuff including dictionaries. (Photoreading is very real and can be learned by anyone) 3. Do lots and lots of energy work. SFQ Microcosmic Orbit or Kunlun or Sadhguru's course or Nithyananda's stuff. Each one has a differnt way of activating the potential energy in the human and the brain. This is as close as you will get to "Limitless", actually it will be better. Nithyanandas course is a super simple/effective way of opening up Kundalini which will do all kinds of stuff for your "geniusness" this is a more dangerous explosive path but Nithya's techniques are safer than most Kundalini. Increases of your ATP (cell energy) will allow all chemicals in all systems to increase their balance and efficency, acetlycholine will skyrocket, etc. Kundalini will go in to activate genes and the genius in your brain. Sadhguru works similarly he emphasizes when you disconnect from the body and mind your ability to do anything increase 10x so you disconnect and he has lots of personal experience and tips and claims to make anyone be able to eat only very little and sleep only a couple hours a night with a few simple tips and a few weeks. Kunlun may be the fastest way and the safest way and the easiest way to unlock the inner potential, it utilizes the downward water path, allowing your body to do as it pleases, which is much easier than forcing it, it utilizes Red Phoenix which is specific techinque to open up the dormant brain potential. Finally there is the Microcosmic Orbit by far the most powerful Daoist meditation and one of the best mediations in the world, (the others are also some of the best in the world: Unclutching/void meditation, 7-steps of En-Kriya/Kundalini/3rd eye, Kunlun, Shambavi Sadhna) one of the best forms of this this Orbit, (the best that I've found) is the one taught by Chunyi Lin, his SFQ MCO involving the two primordial yin/yang sounds, calling on the universal energy/love, and the points. Also use self-hypnosis as explained by Seth and many others. Its one of the most ultimate practices truly. Just repeat a certain phrase for no more than 5 minutes, or concentrate on that idea for no more than 5 minutes. It will manifest because you will have become "self-hypnotized" simply a build up of message. Whats important is the quality of awareness/attention/energy/concentration you have when you do the "self-hypnosis" or "prayer". Its basically manifestation, hypnosis, prayer, and acessing the akashic records all at the same time!