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  1. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Ahh censorship. Now I get why the Biden supporters here are so idiotic, because they have the backing of the admin. Feel free to delete my account. I don't wish to be associated with hypocritical scum.
  2. It is known

    You seem to misunderstand. I don't think that Rothschild was a larper. I think he was the real deal. And no I won't "delete my post" because you don't share my opinion LOL
  3. The origin of hatha yog

    Other search engines are known to at least, lie less. Like Yandex or Duck Duck Go (but that is getting worse lately). But it is correct, history is getting re-written. Acquire 3 history textbooks spaced 15-20 years apart and you can see the stark difference in "factual history" especially from oldest to newest. This is actually why "first edition" books are so valuable. They haven't been re-written.
  4. The origin of hatha yog

    Because Google never lies "Oh you photoshopped that!" Try it yourself Relying on Google for your information, thanks for the laugh this morning.
  5. It is known

    Back then it was chains. Now it's smartphones. The difference is the latter is permitted, no, not permitted...desired slavery. There was a post on the "loony forums" a few years back where a "Rothschild" did an AMA. Throughout the years different groups have tried to figure out if it was a LARP or the real deal and most come to the conclusion he was the real deal. In the thread he states they have found a way to enslave humanity and that humanity will beg for it. Seems pretty accurate to me.
  6. twenty twenty vision

    I feel like 2020 is clear vision. The year is 2020. Up to here, especially last few decades, we have lived in a constructed reality of peace, especially in the West. Organized chaos, rules and whatnot to make everyone comfortable and safe. The reality is the world isn't comfortable and safe. I don't think it should be honestly, for personal growth. And 2020 has shown us this. We live in chaos. See this picture below. Everyone I show it to says wow it's so serene and peaceful. But imagine being there and zooming in. In every tree, in every blade of grass, in every field, in the lake, animals are constantly living in fear of predators, they are eating each other constantly, on the look out for danger. From a distance it looks peaceful and serene but the reality is very different. My parents had a shock recently watching the "oh so cute" woodpeckers they put nuts out for; eating other birds' chicks alive on a documentary. Now they no longer feed the woodpeckers HA HA!! I ask them what the difference is? They say they don't want to promote woodpeckers eating chicks so they don't feed them anymore. I thought this was interesting ignorance. Most of the world society are like robots they aren't interested in meditation or anything under that iceberg. But now thanks to 2020 most of the world is getting a strong glimpse of what life is really like. Unfortunately there are people taking advantage of it to instill more "comfort and safety" in the form of surveillance and security. Not security for us though. A good movie which is quite chilling to watch under these times is V for Vendetta 2005.
  7. LoneMan Pai

    I see it is no longer free.
  8. That's the biggest problem I have writing this book at the moment..what if the advice I give or the "facts" I give are wrong...even if well intended... I put off writing it for years because...who am I to say X is X...
  9. The Advantage of Evil

    The best description of evil and why it exists I found was this back in 2008 It's a long read but worth it if you have the time and an open mind.
  10. Funnily enough if you stop searching there is endless peace. It's just the urge to seek, to find the reason for it all, is prominent. I have found for me anyway it goes in cycles. 3-4 months of seeking, meditating, questioning, exploring other paths, reading the Quran for example, or ACIM, and seeing how bits of each fit in to my experience. Then suddenly I have some "event" happen which seems to rush through me like a wave and then for a few weeks I have no interest in spirituality at all. I live like a "normal" person, in the dream, until for some reason I snap out of it. This cycle has occured about 12 times now for about 4 years. The frustration now is no longer not being enlightened but rather not being able to effectively help others either awaken or progress spiritually. Hence my thread about just that, yesturday. For a long while I didn't help people. I thought I was interfering with their Dharma by helping them. That maybe they need to suffer to awaken, that by trying to help people I am getting in the way of natural awakening. It also seems that people awaken just by being in my presence. And a few people have told me I have a lightbody and it is pure white, honestly though I only go on what I experience and as I cannot see energy, I don't put much thought/trust into that. I also read some books by Dolores Cannon that describe "2nd wavers" - people who have come to earth and just walking through a supermarket elevates other peoples consciousness. It resonated with me hugely, but then some of her later teachings started feeling like gobbledee gook.
  11. Did anyone just experience something wierd?

    I genuinely felt like a part of me died last night. I had a full on panic attack so I meditated and retreated into the void whilst my body continued to act out the panic attack..for 3 hours, about 10 mins after this post. Also my third eye area was vibrating really fast during the meditation. The area in between my LDT and MDT feels very "off" today. And constantly burping? Something wierd happened to the body that I cannot describe. I don't know if it is because I did qigong for the first time in a few months, a few hours beforehand, or if something else happened externally (hence this thread).
  12. About 10 mins previous to this post? Something major? Thanks
  13. No More Mister Nice Guy, NMMNG

    It's true that nice guys are not nice. Nice guys aka beta males... the orbiters of hot women, who orbit her, compliment her, be lovely to her, with the dream or expectation of sex from her in return... does that sound like a nice person to you? Karma deals with it though. She uses them for attention or money, they suffer... The problem is they never learn. This is why Earth sucks right now, people are making the same mistakes over and over and never learning from them.
  14. The Advantage of Evil

    I have had plenty of chance to get rich in morally complicated situations. Personally I have a strong ethical code and I am not willing to break it for anything. I don't judge those who haven't as I believe in free will, and I have pretty much seen karma take care of them too. I know a way of making major amounts of money with a seed capital of around $10k, but I choose not to because it means kinda selling people stuff they don't need, or selling something that promises to help them but doesn't for example. Not Evil per say but... not exactly moral either. And even if I had $10M, what do I do with it? Buy cars, buy sex, buy houses, still be unhappy, then 80 years die and end up back to square one due to karmic reincarnation cycle? I guess to me it seems stupid to compromise morals and generate negative karma for something in the fake reality, in the movie, when I know what I am outside of the movie is perfect already.
  15. Let's talk about hippies

    What is the question?