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  1. LoneMan Pai

    I see it is no longer free.
  2. That's the biggest problem I have writing this book at the moment..what if the advice I give or the "facts" I give are wrong...even if well intended... I put off writing it for years because...who am I to say X is X...
  3. The Advantage of Evil

    The best description of evil and why it exists I found was this back in 2008 It's a long read but worth it if you have the time and an open mind.
  4. Funnily enough if you stop searching there is endless peace. It's just the urge to seek, to find the reason for it all, is prominent. I have found for me anyway it goes in cycles. 3-4 months of seeking, meditating, questioning, exploring other paths, reading the Quran for example, or ACIM, and seeing how bits of each fit in to my experience. Then suddenly I have some "event" happen which seems to rush through me like a wave and then for a few weeks I have no interest in spirituality at all. I live like a "normal" person, in the dream, until for some reason I snap out of it. This cycle has occured about 12 times now for about 4 years. The frustration now is no longer not being enlightened but rather not being able to effectively help others either awaken or progress spiritually. Hence my thread about just that, yesturday. For a long while I didn't help people. I thought I was interfering with their Dharma by helping them. That maybe they need to suffer to awaken, that by trying to help people I am getting in the way of natural awakening. It also seems that people awaken just by being in my presence. And a few people have told me I have a lightbody and it is pure white, honestly though I only go on what I experience and as I cannot see energy, I don't put much thought/trust into that. I also read some books by Dolores Cannon that describe "2nd wavers" - people who have come to earth and just walking through a supermarket elevates other peoples consciousness. It resonated with me hugely, but then some of her later teachings started feeling like gobbledee gook.
  5. Did anyone just experience something wierd?

    I genuinely felt like a part of me died last night. I had a full on panic attack so I meditated and retreated into the void whilst my body continued to act out the panic attack..for 3 hours, about 10 mins after this post. Also my third eye area was vibrating really fast during the meditation. The area in between my LDT and MDT feels very "off" today. And constantly burping? Something wierd happened to the body that I cannot describe. I don't know if it is because I did qigong for the first time in a few months, a few hours beforehand, or if something else happened externally (hence this thread).
  6. About 10 mins previous to this post? Something major? Thanks
  7. No More Mister Nice Guy, NMMNG

    It's true that nice guys are not nice. Nice guys aka beta males... the orbiters of hot women, who orbit her, compliment her, be lovely to her, with the dream or expectation of sex from her in return... does that sound like a nice person to you? Karma deals with it though. She uses them for attention or money, they suffer... The problem is they never learn. This is why Earth sucks right now, people are making the same mistakes over and over and never learning from them.
  8. The Advantage of Evil

    I have had plenty of chance to get rich in morally complicated situations. Personally I have a strong ethical code and I am not willing to break it for anything. I don't judge those who haven't as I believe in free will, and I have pretty much seen karma take care of them too. I know a way of making major amounts of money with a seed capital of around $10k, but I choose not to because it means kinda selling people stuff they don't need, or selling something that promises to help them but doesn't for example. Not Evil per say but... not exactly moral either. And even if I had $10M, what do I do with it? Buy cars, buy sex, buy houses, still be unhappy, then 80 years die and end up back to square one due to karmic reincarnation cycle? I guess to me it seems stupid to compromise morals and generate negative karma for something in the fake reality, in the movie, when I know what I am outside of the movie is perfect already.
  9. Let's talk about hippies

    What is the question?
  10. Helping ignorant spiritual people

    Well I thought it was a suitable place. And I am writing books because I have read a lot and they repeat the same stuff but don't give any advice like the advice I offered in the example. They tell people what they want to read, the comfortable truths, and make lots of $$$ from the books... I don't care about $$$ I just want to elevate consciousness. And doing so requires inner work. Maybe my attitude is wrong though, I am not ignorant enough to think I know it all. Maybe these books don't tell people hard truths because they aren't true? Maybe you should hate rapists and have no compassion for them? Maybe evil doesn't have to exist for people to know its opposite? I guess it makes me doubt myself.
  11. Universal Basic Income is not Socialism

    The problem with UBI is that the people who want it will whine if it ever happens that "the rich" shouldn't get it, and so you will end up with the people who work and earn lots of money, getting nothing whilst paying taxes that go to the socialists who do nothing. Here in the UK the "poor" are actually not the bottom class because they tend to have a lot of children. So they get a house, a car, and roughly £30k a year all paid for by the state all paid for by taxpayers. Whereas the class above, the 9-5ers, who earn £14k a year...and pay tax, are poorer than them yet work 40+ hours a week. But no one cares about them. They only care about the "poor". Who are not poor due to being tax exempt and given money! And because they have no job they sit on FB all day whining about the need for UBI...whilst whining that people who work should pay more tax under the guise of "blame the rich". Then they have more children and recieve more benefits and so it goes on. And some get paid more in benefits then they could ever make pre-tax working:
  12. What is spirituality

    Spirituality is the process in between living as I AM (the ego state) and that which you truly are. A spiritual person is someone who is awake to who they are. However they can be misguided, and they can also be awake but their ego takes ownership of it. They can get tattoos of the buddha and go around telling people they are spiritual and get nowhere. But that is also their choice and not right or wrong, as it is also egoic to judge them for it. This is my opinion and I could be incorrect also.
  13. The closest idea I have of enlightenment now is that "you" or the I AM dissolves completely and you live life as God in a body. Yet there are problems with this too, are you an observer as a soul in a meatsuit with God using your body? How could that work? It doesn't make sense to me. Because we are all part of God anyway so why would God want to be our bodies. I feel like the search for enlightenment is quite silly now once fully awakened. I wonder if enlightenment is simply fully awakened. Like the only difference between the Buddha and me was that the Buddha knew who / what he was to the point where it was automatic for him? Once you realise you are an ego on top of Self, and Self is everything, and after doing the inner work the control the ego has wains to the point where your automatic reactions to say, someone insulting you, no longer exist...what is there after that? I used to be in a group but I had to leave because they all convinced themselves they are at the energetic level of "nirguna brahman" and are just waiting for that (God) to take over their lives. It didn't and still doesn't feel right for me.
  14. Helping ignorant spiritual people

    They weren't friends, just strangers on the internet I thought I could relate to and help, they have gifts but lack the responsibility. I don't actually have friends "IRL" because the actions of unawakened people disgust me and whilst I have compassion for them as souls, I don't necessarily want to be around them due to the negativity. So I look for people who are spiritual and IME they can be even worse as their ego takes ownership and they become the "i'm better than you cos I meditate" kind of people. Easier to just be on my own, which gets lonely sometimes but all it takes is a walk through a city to realise how fortunate I am. Thanks all for the great advice. I need to learn to stop caring what people think of my advice. Will crack on with the book. I need to make a thread about that closer to the time too; I don't feel like one should recieve money for such info, however humans seem to think if it is free it is worthless... but I will cross that bridge at the right time!
  15. Helping ignorant spiritual people

    OK for example I made the point that it is important to develop compassion for all beings, to a group of people who claim to have developed compassion for all beings. They were talking about having for compassion for people but no compassion for certain others. I stated that it is important that you leave no one out, be that a rapist or a murderer or a saint - all of them are human, therefore all of them deserve compassion no matter what they have done. Especially that most people who commit such acts are not awake; they do not know what they are, they have forgotten... therefore it is important to have empathy for them. Instead of accepting or questioning this statement I instead recieved hatred, was told to stay away, someone kept messaging me with rape statistics that "prove" all rapists are men and therefore she has no compassion for men... It seems people have set beliefs even if they are what they call "awake" and they don't want to change their beliefs; they don't want to do the hard inner work required to drop their belief systems and conquer the ego (note I do not say destroy the ego which seems to be a common goal also) and rather than take advice or question their beliefs they would rather attack the person trying to guide them instead. Yet they are asking for help in doing just that! In the end I had to delete my reddit account entirely because this person was commenting on all my posts in all the subreddits that I encourage rapists. I guess I am frustrated that every time I try to guide people who claim to want help, I get this. I can take ridicule because I live the way I preach - outside of ego, to the best of my ability anyway, but being stalked and harrased??? It's like I have two choices. Get a hobby and watch the world destroy itself. Or whether the storm and try to help those who ask for help, and put up with the abuse.