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  1. Hello, I am redstratus :)

    @J Warg yes it's a lifestyle! Spring Forest Qigong is incredible. The benefits have been subtle and gradually got into my face more and more. I could feel the qi between my hands and traveling around the small universe. It's more than worth the price of admission, but of course you have to actually practice regularly! Haha... I read the book as soon as it came in the mail, but the DVD just kind of sat there, and didn't do much automatically. Few months later I saw Master Lin's video on 100 days of SFQG challenge and took it on. Finished about a week ago. My emotional health improved substantially, blockages are real and can be easily and gradually resolved. If you sign up for the newsletter you can get invited to the free monthly phone healing... the energy transmissions are palpable. @voidisyinyang has had quite a bit to say on Spring Forest Qigong. Would highly recommend reading his posts. I've been doing a lot of pranayama again through self-study. No real teacher or course like SFQG, so it's guesswork for me. But pranayama feels like a totally different energy system somehow, where I pack energy and turn myself into a coiled spring. Haven't figured out how the channels are related. But kapalbhati is just magickal for weight loss and a long lasting serotonin buzz.
  2. Hello, I am redstratus :)

    Thanks Fa Xin! I look forward to getting to know you.
  3. Hello, I am redstratus :)

    Have been lurking for a while. Decided to sign up because I may have something to say or ask. Love the community -- I don't see too many forums like this still active on the net with a thriving user base. If anybody wants to chat about Spring Forest Qigong, pranayama, or astral projection, I'd love to talk. I generally don't post online, or on social media... mainly just read, but I'm friendly. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to join the conversation.