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  1. Teaching authentic neigong

    I just read this thread. Missed the zoom lesson
  2. Energy Work Poll

    Taomeow. I never thought someone here would have this thought too. World upons world.
  3. the dao of time

    Jokes aside in current time it's pretty normal to live more than 60 years especially those who are living in first world country or developed nation. So gently speaking you're a special person but
  4. the dao of time

    Well that's the right word. Peasants understanding. That's what's I'm talking about before. Now this is very interesting though I don't have any basic. And lack of material, instruction and Chinese language proficiency. If you make a thread about this with some relatively easy to understand example for the uninitiated maybe some will find it interesting. Especially with example on how it can be applied personally. Of course there maybe limit to that. Bazi chart is always interesting too
  5. the dao of time

    Actually it was two separate statement. I just don't want to write long. Life and death is the context of time for most, As a human being. The most effective and practical as a layperson. As a mortal. As most poster in this thread are human I think it's a good context for most. 60 years normal cycle is just something that two Chinese person told me about. A better word would be block. 60 years block. Let us not make this mystical or arcane or scientific than it should be. think like someone who don't cultivate or don't believe in reincarnation or immortality. Someone who is not smart. Someone is born, work, get married have children and lives for 60 years and died. No deeper meaning to it. So mh is already on his one block. Some not even 1 over 60 of his block. Some get 1.3 some get 2 block. Etc. And it's not only Chinese, there are other cultures that subscribe to this 60 years age, or life block. Doesn't mean they drop dead after 60 lunar years thought.
  6. the dao of time

    Life and death. 60 year normal cycle.
  7. Is TTB a safe place to post?

    i won't call TTB dangerous but, honestly, this board suffer heavily from lack of technicality. Some people post their experience, some technical opinion/info they get lambasted , lots of dancing around by the lambaster, calling people not smart while telling everyone that they are mensa certified, honestly? All the while some people protecting the lambaster complimenting them, saying that they are good because they say what's on their mind. It's quite entertaining but if you repeat them ad infinitum this behavior could be a bit boring. Some people might like it though. I was astonished that trunks post a few threads back about deep centre are safe from all of these dancing and prancing around behaviour. That there are still post like that in TTB? And it is safe from ridicule and not derailed? Mind boggling. Maybe too technical for the lambasting team? dawei, I think you're doing what you can and it is an exhausting job. TTB will become what TTB will become.
  8. restoring eye sight

  9. Yeah. That's the big problem. Becoming an objective observer. Because we have the power to create our own perception. And sometime we are seeing different layers at the same time. That's why remote viewing have greater success in verification. We have someone making sure that we don't get distracted from the objectives. But remote viewing is not as fun and immersive as 3D HD fill of vibrant color ap or obe. Sometime you don't even see an button by. Just get a sense of information only.
  10. Such approach you don't really go to the physical physical. You get to some sort of blueprint of the physical. There are bound to be different between physical physical and the blueprint of the physical. This caused discrepancies. Second is your state of mind, emotion, thoughts creates instantly or near instantly. That induce error too.
  11. restoring eye sight

    Alex Fraunfeld, Power Vision System. Need to have time to do those exercise though. nearsightedness and farsightedness is more of a function of adaptation, rather than health problem.
  12. Mo Pai Discussion and Vote

    Better have real martial arts forum than a forum with no real practitioner of this specific arts.
  13. Some part talent but the big part is psychological. Most don't understand themselves eventhough they have great skills in many arts.
  14. Going Through Stuff

    Very funked!