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Found 4 results

  1. Energy Work Poll

    Given all the discussion on shielding and energies, a member suggested this might be a fun poll to do. Cheers.
  2. I'd like to get a community vote on whether or not you think More_Pie_Guy/Thunder_Gooch should have been banned. NOTE TO MODS: I am not challenging your judgment I'm simply interested know if the community overall is glad or sad that MPG was banned.
  3. This is my first poll. I'm interested to know why people visit and stay here for so long. BTW, you can vote on more than one choice. Love to TTB :wub:
  4. Practitioners Young to Old

    I was at my martial arts class last week and one of the guys said. "Are we losers here on a Friday night with nothing else to do?" I responded, "I am training and training is what i do for fun. I am glad to be here." He said that he wishes he had that attitude when he was younger like me and how he wasted much of his youth doing stuff that in the long run wasn't really fulfilling (Women, partying….etc). Many other people there began to agree with him. I have gotten this response from many people because whenever i go somewhere like a workshop or talk to other esotericists i am usually the youngest one amongst them and they all tell me how they wish they started younger. So i decided to create this poll to see what the general statistics and opinions of the community at large are.