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  1. خلاص

    As Above So Below خلاص
  2. I would like to hear people opinion about sleeping and waking time ... as opposed to a discussion about how much to sleep (but if someone wants to add about how much sleeping time they think is best and why - that is a plus as long as the main talk is about when to sleep and awake) do you need to get up at morning and sleep at night ? how bad it is to sleep during the day and be awake at night ? read not long ago about Brahmamuhurtha - what are your thoughts about that ? is it effective if im awake at night and go to sleep after that time ? is there something about this in daoism as well (maybe even a word for that time) ?
  3. Hello all, I am going to skip past all the times I have seen the future without someone to corroborate the facts. So, I will be talking of the times I have seen future events, told/warned the parties involved in these events, and then it has happened according to the way I saw it happen. A confirmed, but rather uncontrolled, vision. The reason for these visions is always unclear. They are rarely something major or important. I can not command them or control them. I am simply a witness. What is clear, is that certain things are set to happen, regardless of warnings or ways of trying to stop them, or change them. The future then, is already decided and we are simply carrying out the play like actors on a stage, puppets if you will, of things we have no control over. This is very important to understand. Because if it is true that the future is decided, we actually have no free will, we actually make no real choices, since those have already been decided and determined. I don't believe, if you understand what I mean. I know it to be a fact. So this is part of how the world "is" for me. I am not speculating or guessing. For things to happen, the way they happen, at the time they happen, all other things have to fall into place. I don't see the butterfly effect, or any way to really change it. Looking at it doesn't change it. Telling people doesn't change it. Trying to intervene is always not successful. In the sense of making it to heaven or hell, already decided before you were born. Seems rather unfair, doesn't it? In the sense of your "karma" and how you are punished, according to your "decisions" or "personal choices", already decided for you. Again, very unfair... We are puppets in this world view, with no way out, no way to make our own life, or our own decisions. Otherwise, how can visions of the future come true? How can prophecy be real? A simple example for you: I woke one morning straight out of a prophecy dream, which is different kind of dream because I am simply a witness to events, and I know they are coming, and not past, without knowing how or why I know this. On this morning, it involved one of the trucks at work. I arrived, made some coffee. The driver showed up, in a hurry, running late. I offered him a cup of coffee and asked if he wanted a bite to eat before heading out, to see if I could change the events. He said no, grabbed his coffee mug, and headed out. I said, you are not going to get very far today. He gave me an annoyed look, having seen my abilities first hand in the past. I heard the truck start and leave. I started making some eggs, enough for two. Within a few minutes, what I had seen was happening, there comes the truck, lurching and smoking, puff! bang! He came into the place, put his coffee down, and sat down. I have him a plate of eggs and smiled. He said, "I hate it when you are right...", and we both laughed. I had seen and heard the truck breaking down that morning. It is not an important thing, very trivial and very personal to us and the job of the day. So why that? The only outcome is that I am reminded that nothing is chance, everything is already decided. It has all already happened. Who is driving this? Who is creating the future? Are we pulling our own strings and then living it after we set it up? Is it some other force? Are we confused as to the flow of real time? Stay fluid
  4. the dao of time

    been 'spending some time' considering time time can be measured... seemingly in many manners by the moon: 28 day 13 month in a yearly cycle, very accurate; solar: varying days to the 12 month with leap years blah blah, sidereal, seasonal, galactic. they are all ways to mark the fluid progression of events relative to our position and perception, but really are there ever any separate moments? there is of course, nearly everywhere the dominant modern time reminders that run nearly all aspects of our life: mechanical, digital, atomic, precise within parameters of definition by machine, as set by humans yet still fluid and relative. Einstein made sure we got that much. but what is it? what is time? what does 9am on monday mean? to a hawk? to an infant? to a business owner? I have experienced extreme subjective time... time slowing waaaaay down, on several occasions. I've also experienced what seemed like no time. outside of time, it was alternately horrifying and blissful when it occurred for me. past and future are little more than mental projections to me, not real at all, but reflections and projections of mind. the present seems real enough, but what is it really... how long is the present? how long is a moment? 1/256th of a second? 1/64th of a second? 1 second? the time it takes to complete a simple action? how many present moments are there in a kiss? one? twenty? right now, it's the middle of the night relative to my position on the planet and how we as a culture define day and night. the present mechanical time is 1:11 antemeridian. there is a present second a present minute within the present hour of the present day in the present week of this present month and year with the present decade of this current century within the present millennium epoch era bang indeed given a potent vocabulary word and from a certain perspective, i can say with conviction that we are in the midst of the present eternal moment time can be many things it seems but there is only one present
  5. Each of us wants to live in the world as long as possible in a healthy body. It's clear. But not everyone thinks about the fact that our three-dimensional vision of space narrows his consciousness in the narrow confines of the cycle time. Time in which we are counting, lived each year of life is our main "enemy", which sums up the inexorable course of life. What it is and how to contact our consciousness and time? Why do people with the same date of the birth in the passport on the appearance look different? One is younger than his years, another is older. There do not exist passport each of us has a biological clock. It turns out that the time for each of us - it is a personal factor. And aging depends on it. The time – is personality each of us. Our inner world, feelings, emotions, everything that we experience in life it is the main component that can support our organism. A consciousness? How it affects the length of our lives? Directly to the growth of consciousness we open the boundaries of time, motion, and it duration. As our personal perception of life begins to expand the boundaries of space, we merge with the flow in the realization of a strong emotion, absorb more information from the environment and begin to expand more chances in life which for us is a carrier between his inner world and external world. We become part of something of a more united and eternal. The border of time erased and goes out of fear. With the growing consciousness of cooling towers time. It means, what is time? This segment of graded consciousness. The time is personally, it towers with increasing consciousness. And our survival depends directly on the level of awareness and perception of themselves in the reality. And to artificially prolong life is impossible if you do not see them as a unified energy space wave flux.
  6. Today, the calendar on is November 12, Monday. It's almost a year since I started to work on the third novel about the concept of time, time cycles in the space environment. Today, the street lay the drifts of snow that clung wire, hid with a thick layer of the roof and tree trunks. The feeling of purity and whiteness make my world a little hill and fragile, and even, cocoa is the coldness and alienation. But this bright sunlight creates a mood of celebration and warmth. How strange: the white snow and the yellow sun - cold and heat. These two opposing association summoned to mind something an average, a warm, gentle, bright. A year ago, in October, when I began working on a third novel, the whole month, almost without stopping, pouring rain and it was overcast and a frown. And in the end I realized that handled text scientific information base on the time and space to the ground. Normal people who faced with these concepts in the first simply cannot absorb the entire database. And inside me I was the conflict itself - like the information I have, but all I have gone and brought inside to write it in the text. And so I left it for a year. During this time he painted and actively preparing for exhibitions. So time went by. Two weeks ago my good friend invited me to make a documentary on the subject of two previous novels, poems, paintings, and the information which I have a mental activity. In meditations to me that's for sure and clearly explain to people about the importance and role of the main ideas in our life, I had to write several thematic lectures. So I had never worked. After writing the first lecture, I decided to read it on the tape recorder and listen to the recording. The lecture itself was written on four sheets of A4 notebooks total. Pronouncing it on tape, I almost had to go to the recorded, as were my thoughts, but not to stray from the topic, I monitored periodically through the eyes of a piece of paper, and so considered her "one fell swoop" into the recorder. At the time, it seemed to me, it lasted no more than five minutes. And I sat down to listen to the recording. Do you think how much my lecture on the recorder? Exactly half an hour. Can you imagine? It was a shock for me. I always say quickly and emotionally, I read the same way. But what I heard on the recorder - it was some kind of meaningful pause, skip, and delay of spoken words as dictation. Why is that? The first question that is asked me. Then I decided to check it out on a different text. I chose the text from my last unfinished manuscript, which describes the dating scene when my heroine sitting in a cafe, remembering her first love. During the reading of this passage on tape, I was guided by my inner time - fifteen minutes, it seemed to me. In fact, a passage was read but the voice recorder five minutes. Strange, I always feel, when someone asked me what time I uttered aloud the exact figure is not looking at the clock. There were discrepancies in the resort for five minutes. If you doubt my phrase was: "somewhere in the region of 15-20 minutes of the first." And now such a discrepancy in the sensation of time for me was a big surprise. Previously, as you always thought that live together with everyone who lives with me in my country in the world except for the translation of the clock in the spring and autumn period, as well as pole lengths of time by region, in the same time. That is, the length of the segment of life for each of us, the amount expressed in seconds, minutes, and hours - are the same. But I think that this is not true. And to the contrary: everyone on the planet in their personal lives according to his level of consciousness of sense of time. The distance is long. There is only the stop, Where can I get, Before reaching goals But we want to know, Absorbing the essence of tricks: The immortality of the soul - Creator's desire for us To become ourselves. We are looking for a means of eternal youth of the body in artificial joints, toe is the "pill of youth", not realizing that she is quietly waiting in the wings when you're about it remember in your thoughts, in your mind, which is yet to rise to it realize.
  7. Hey, Just to post a reminder, the post has been changed to not only ask what best practices to do if low on time, but- 1. What practice/s would you advise to do as a priority if you're low on time? Practices that last 5 minutes, or 30 minutes, or 20 minutes, or 45 minutes. Somewhere around the 25 minutes mark as an average. 2. What practice/s would you advise to do day-to-day? (for example, conscious breathing, holding good posture, horse stance, soham/hamsa/hamso/hongsau [Yogic mantra to do all the time that correlate with in and out breath], self inquiry, mindfulness, etc). 3. What activities/elements/habits in life would you advise that a person avoids, for spiritual/psychological health? (for example, too much TV, sitting in front of the computer, eating in front of the TV, bad diet, unconscious communication [opposed to non-violent communication], dependent relationships. etc). 4. What activities/elements/habits in life would you advise that a person pursues/does, for spiritual/psychological health? (for example, some cardio exercise, organic/vegetarian/sattvic diet, gardening, walking in nature, dancing, etc). 5. What simple tips in general for spiritual/psychological health, in you opinion (for anything that doesn't fall under the above)? -also. A sort of spiritual/psychological dos and don'ts list, from people's personal experience. I thought that a general tips/hints in general thread would be more streamlined and beneficial than starting 4 threads around this stuff. For the habits, I know there are precepts out there, and yama and niyama, etc, BUT, the world is a lot different now, there are different distractions, so, I was looking to research into what was/were thought to be good precepts/habits to live by or avoid for spiritual/psychological health. For number 1: (It's obvious that, generally, the more time spent in practice (or doing some conscious/healthy activity at least, like walking, gardening, cooking, etc [opposed to spending too much time on social networking sites]) the better. Just like anything else. But, sometimes starting low and building up helps. I'm asking for people who're low on motivation and need something to help get started with/on; for those who are genuinely strapped for time (career, kids); for those who think they're strapped for time, but actually waste time in other areas; for those who are seriously ill and only able to do so much of anything a day, and so on and so fourth. Also, I know, and, it's worth noting that, there are many principles of all kinds of practice that you can employ throughout your entire waking life, and even sleeping life too (self inquiry, mindfulness (similar), posture, breathing, muscle contractions/relaxations, etc). What I'm asking is, what active/involving practice, or practices is/are best to do everyday, in your opinion, if you've got a short time.) Possibly/preferably in a succinct format like (and I'll start with, off the top of my head): 1. I think possibly something like 5mins of conscious deep breathing and 20mins of some decent kind of meditation (mindfulness of breath, mantra, mindfulness, etc). 2. Conscious deep breathing, mindfulness of your breath when/where you can, good posture. 3. Too much time in front of any screen, especially if it's viewing non spiritual/beneficial content, or doing something that is not constructive/positive. 4. 15 minutes cardio a day can be very beneficial, and 5 mins can wake you up much better than coffee. Conscious eating is good, and I find starts the day off well. Dancing to music that you love brings together exercise, music (possibly devotional), vibration, and all sorts of good things. 5. Journaling and keeping note of things in general that you have found correlate with spiritual/psychological improvement or deterioration. Anyway, I would be interested to hear your thoughts.
  8. What is the longest you've ever meditated straight in a single session?
  9. Thought I would share this YouTube vid given by U.G. Krishnamurti. He says a lot of interesting things about thought, thinking, space-time, science, Descarte's I Think Therefore I Am and most of all - what he calls The Mystique of Enlightenment - which is the title of the Youtube vid. Ever since I discovered him several years ago I'd been interested in some of the things he said. I love his critique of Descarte and of people wedded to thinking in general (or as J.K. Rowling calls them - muggles). Imo this YouTube vid could just as well be (and far more accurately) titled The Mystique of Thinking and Opinions - since that's the discourse he keeps coming back to over and over and over in the interview. Wanted to mention U.G. discusses the scientific search for the Higgs-Boson particle and science in general.
  10. What is time? Does time exist?

    In my opinion time is an illusion. Time is used as a tool which enables people to check point A to point B. When you keep checking the time it always seems to go so slowly. When you dont check the time it seems to go so quickly. Live in the present moment, the now... Any constructive thoughts on the above?
  11. The most important things.

    . "... The most important time is now. The present is the only time over which we have power. The most important person is whoever you are with. The most important thing is to do good to the person you are with. ..." "The Three Questions" by Russian author Leo Tolstoy .