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  2. Safety and Efficiency of the Daoist Path

    Probably not. It doesn’t matter either way though. Wether imaginary or real - you’re depleting your kidneys... which eventually closes the door on any further internal cultivation.
  3. Safety and Efficiency of the Daoist Path

    You'll need to ask him
  4. I’m not talking just about this set specifically... But looks can be very deceptive... the simplest looking movement can be extremely difficult, uncomfortable and powerful when done using the correct principles. I find that the simplest looking ones are actually often the most powerful. It’s just that the inner mechanics are not usually taught openly...
  5. Blockage Removal vs Qi Flow

    Hmm.. Well I think I used to take this kind of approach, I did a lot of bioenergetics, screaming shouting, exhausting, plus lots of work in the gym and kickboxing until half dead. Also interesting I did get a "broom" like a wooden batton which spreads out, and used to beat my body before qigong shaolin style .... pretty good fun !!!! I have done a lot of extreme ***. Running yeah I do quite like it but also I really boring, plus the only place here is the seafront which is cambered towards the see the whole way along, so your bones are misaligned in one direction, and misaligned the other way when on the way back !!! Not good for my knees. Plus I am more of a child at heart I like expressing my body flowing twisting jumping. But anyway, however much fun all that was and however much time I wasted, it didn't help me, sad to say. Now I am older and don't have to time to do things that don't answer my ownheart. I think I have misunderstood myself really. Qigong does work, it fills you with chi .... but my blockages need dealing through hugging my inner baby, not really much alternative ... it's not energetic. I have done many intensive periods and have felt more "free", open and expressive and so on ... and the qi is coursing clearly throughout my body right now, I feel it guzzling up and down my limbs .... but that's nto the same the thing as healing the wounded child which is I guess what I have needed most. That's just honest. If I wasted most of my life, still I have the opportunity to do what needs to be done today. Plus after many years I even awakened my consciousness !!! Wow amazing, sort of. Except maybe it wasn't what I wanted. Many of those sages were really scared to have sex and get in relationships, they just sat on the mountain and watch themselves die, often they didn't even heal their bodies because they were "beyond", or something. Which is okay, but it's also not okay. Ultimately after all these years I just wanted to have a normal human life. Jeez, I have done just about everything else !!! I am trying to pretend I am not boring, but I am boring, I am really really boring, I just want to be normal.
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  7. Who is Loneman Pai?

    I'm not a messenger boy dude If you want to ask him something you need to ask him. Yes, relationships are important. They can be some of the best or worst parts of a person's life.
  8. Who is Loneman Pai?

    That's fair. and the part about family, friends, and support is probably the most important part. I struggle with this currently, but for good reasons. Hey it just shows, the bad guys have families and friends too right? The movies don't show this side. Jk jk Okay, i know i'm asking for a lot and it might cost you an ear. But would you mind asking SOG what he knows about that bone thingy in the back of the ear? He talks about it in those timeline videos. No particular reason i'm asking , except it would answer one of the biggest mysteries of life.
  9. Oh and let me know if you see subtle ways to improve these 4 movements, without changing the form, based on your experience, VonKrankenhaus. Although I understand you said that your perspective on 8 meridians required transmissions from a Master. Even though..... let me know if you see anything. For example, do you think it is possible to improve upon move 1 to open the MCO ? I asked Starjumper personally, and although he has access to the 10,000 techniques of his lineage, he said he didn't think there was anything better than that move to open these channels through physical movement. Although he would do that one backwards first, and then normal, to calm to down the Qi. But you might have a different opinion. I also haven't found better, that's why I keep coming back to it, but if you wanted to show and tell for the physical MCO that would be great too. Or find improvements for movement 2 which you find weak.
  10. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Well right off I'll say anything i want to. Lmp and sotg aren't like that. He asks us to keep things only in the school now, the egregore helps this, but if i had a really good reason to discuss specifics about what we do i have zero doubt sotg would be ok with it. I have no idea what that really good reason would be, though. The thing that keeps us silent is respect, not rules. Respect for sotg, the school, the family that has grown and not least or last for myself. That ramble is to answer your question. I can do some cool weird shit but the coolest and most useful thing I've gained is the school itself. I have a great and loving relationship with my family and friends and so am used to healthyand supportive relationships, but having a tight knit group of others that have similar goals, drive and ideas is amazing. Yes we're cultivators but we're occultists also. Most people you'll find involved in either will be at least a little bit isolated and odd lol. Both? That's potential psyche ward status.
  11. ok deciding to talk about this because i don't want to have it in the back of my mind wondering anymore. Last week, my upstairs neighbor was being grumpy bitter man, and was stomping. i get mad and decided to raise my hand and throw energy at the roof where he was. He goes to the bathroom to turn on the shower, comes back and i hear a big fall noise in the same area where i shot up energy. one would think it's just coincidence. Btw, in my defense, before he came back i was like sh** what am i doing and drew as much of it back as i could. Real? should i not even mind it? if it's real that is something to worry about? This literally looks like a scene from star wars where i start going to the dark side.
  12. Blockage Removal vs Qi Flow

    Thanks guys. I change my programme every few weeks, last time I started doing 1.5hrs of ZZ a day, mostly in alternatively left right postures. It's had a big effect on me. The I began dissolving and bone breathing again which has been difficult but brought me back to some unresolved stuff again, hence this thread. Then I started Inner Bonding a couple of days ago, doing it in a new way .... in meditation holding 3 identites at the same time, the inner child, the adult, and pure consciousness simultaneously. That seemed to bring about some type of resolution, so this continues. I will keep this pattern of work up for the next period, about 5 or 6 hours a day if you include sitting meditation. And something else for those interested. I have been using this guided meditation that comes from the Gurdjieff tradition the last few days. It solidifies the Real identity of the Solar Plexus. I think many people might really benefit for it, because the loss of identity is the real problem that everyone is trying to solve, but they don't know how to do it properly ... for instance being full of qi is not the same and not as Real as having a single true point of identity. After doing this exercise for a few days, I was wondering if I still had any problems because "I was back", at least a big part was. I'll attach it for those who like to try.
  13. Anyone ever tried this stuff?

    I've never tried Himalayan honey but a friend of mine is into farming and he's got apiary and I've always purchase a jar or two of honey from him each month. I cut out sugar from my diet and substituted it for honey simply because it lowers blood pressure, improves cholesterol and rich in antioxidants
  14. is it bad to practice specific qigong movement without doing an entire sequence of movements? So for example, (pardon me, i don't know any names yet). But in flying pheonix it's called arm rolling. If i just wanted to do this for like 20 minutes. would that be bad? Assuming it is very hard not to do certain things if you have the ability to. such as levitating your hand on an armrest by throwing out energy for example. Does one waste a lot of energy doing this? What is protocol for before and after? Sometimes i see videos of them using one hand to transfer the energy from the opposite hand to the chest to the lower dantien. When we meditate or do qigong movements, is it all building energy inside the lower dantien or are there specific types of things one must do to store that energy? Currently i'm doing simple meditation and flying pheonix by Terry Dunn.
  15. Thanks for your feedback VonKrankenhaus and also all the other wonderful people who contributed in this thread. Especially star-jumper who is giving me more info about the shaking move via PM. I watched at 55 seconds in your video, this does look really advanced, and fast too. Thanks for explaining the principles, wow that is a quick succession of moves in the that video. We also have the same understanding of the role of the Thrusting vessel. My 4 moves is like a really bare bones version in comparison of what you showed in the video. I also experience some psychic effects from this set, which probably has to do with the repeated thumping of heels which sends a vibration straight to the brain, and also the opening of the thrusting channel. I see auras with my eyes open at around two thirds through. I've never experienced this with any other set. It is mild and gentle, good for old people, yup. But I viewed the thumping as a potent technique, not "wimpy" to stimulate the brain and thrusting. In fact the Masters caution about doing this one too much. The top of the spine gets burning hot. I don't think burping would achieve the same spinal effect, but I can see burping or opening the mouth wide driving Qi upwards for sure. Thanks for your feedback, and got to run, got a guitar session coming up in 10 min.
  16. Anyone familiar with this rare 8 Meridian form ?

    To me, these are exercise for old people. You want to work Thrusting vessel - why? To support movement up the Governing vessel to brain. Flap arms and heels up and down is very wimpy way to get this going. Burping would be more profound effect. In the video I showed first before, look at 55 seconds. This position squeeze Thrusting vessel into the Governing vessel. With back 90 degree horizontal (he is not all the way, but correct way is 90 degree), this changes the polarity to the head, making Qi fast. Arms out makes tension, cutting flow off from arms and focus into the Governing vessel going up to head. If you isolate this action from the form, and form is just a catalog made into a "set", then realize there are other actions that go with it when separated out, taught personally by a teacher. These fold up the system at first to end in the position at 55 seconds, and holding this position. I have seen tense people fly up or shoot forward off their feet doing this. You massage Difficult Gate, sides of head, and down the front Conception vessel and they are okay. Form I showed has many Qigong, all doing stuff you describe, but much more focus and potent, but these are transmission from teachers and you need to know to be able to pick out. I see the Qigong you show in the video, and I see that kind a lot now. It is very generalized. Like official standardized stuff is. I am just showing a different perspective - type of actions many do not see today in the same context. After that action I show, we do one activate the middle of the brain, using Qi brought up. You become "psychic". I know one guy who do this and actually became a professional psychic for years after this. Standing with that guy in back yard - all your life and never go far, but good for health and circulation for sure. Very good for that, and for people who sit in office all day. -VonKrankenhaus
  17. Blockage Removal vs Qi Flow

    I'm sorry this happened to you buddy. Your dedication and perseverance really shines through your posts, so keep on doing what you are doing, and I'm sure you'll overcome these final blockages. Maybe look into developing your meditation and spirituality, which will make Qigong affect deeper energetic layers. Because moving Qigong really just moves blockages around, it's true. It will change the intensity of the blockage of course, but the blockage will just move at a different speed and in a different direction. It will still be there, or at least transform into something else later, especially if your emotions aren't balanced. When you enter the absolute void, no blockages can exist there by definition, in a vacuum. The blockages just evaporate. But stillness like this is not easy to access. You might already get very close with your ZZ and inner dissolving, just keep going deeper and deeper in the stillness. There is no sense of boredom in that void, at least when you get past boredom, you should be there. You can also try to call on a higher energy before doing your Qigong too - for example connect to the Sun, to Light, or a Master you like and make a prayer for the energy to affect the part you are wanting to heal. I also have a mild right/left energetic imbalance, my Masters told me, and they also told me that just speaking about it somehow erased that blockage. Because every cry is a prayer, every wish is a prayer, and something is always listening to you. It can be easy as saying to a higher energy that you want to balance your right and left sides of the body and hold your hands in the prayer position in front of the heart. And then releasing everything to that Light. Sometimes bigger blockages need Divine intervention, being a performer in charge of everything is not enough in these cases. I know it sounds like new age stuff, but it's really just the power of intent and opening up to a bigger energetic field. Qi follows intent, especially if you state your intent in front of the eyes of God. For example in marriage, people don't see how it affects two people energetically to make vows in front of God. You become energetically linked. Hope it helps, and take good care.
  18. Making videos

    To be honest, nothing should be on DVD. So your problem is solved there. A good looking business model looks to be Damo Mitchell's. All videos are online, and he specifically put his Foundations of Qigong on Vimeo, where you can purchase it. As far as videos 2 mains ways to do it: - Put it on publishing platforms one being Vimeo - create a membership site where people have to pay to get access. Only issue here is people can just dl and spread it everywhere, and poeple can get it for free. But you can do that for DVDs anyways. i wouldn't worry.
  19. Blockage Removal vs Qi Flow

    Edit: feel dumb for neglecting the obvious. I am very sorry to hear what you went through. I also had my share of tribulations as a child, which now i realize probably affected me a lot unknowingly until now. Just know you're not alone and it's all fixable, which is why i jumped on explaining all of this. It answered questions i had forgotten i had over a decade ago. Seems like we are very similar in many physical aspects. i may be able to help, though i'm sure some others will chime in. i've gone through an intense journey of body correction the past 2 years, so you might have to trust me on this one. Assuming ZZ is maybe a bit too intense, therefore not creating enough soft feeling sensation. I still don't know all the specifcs about it, but if i were you i would probably pause it. Maybe replace it with something slower like Flying Pheonix. Of course, use your own judgment though. questions: - what specific injuries do you have if any? Apart from the blockages and stiffness on that side. - do you sit a lot? - do you currently run or exercise? if so, how much do you run? - age? give or take - do you smoke marijuana? would you? What you can do now (all you need to know for now): - Start running and max out, but not to kill yourself. But past when your mind says i can't go further. When you're at the point of body exhaustion, that is when you should begin to think with your muscles. What i mean by that is that you will begin feeling more sensitivity to all your muscles, because you are forced to utilize them. The body gets the point of complete exhaustion where it forces the dormant or stiff muscle groups to have to begin activating. (these may not activate well when running and not tired yet). This effect only happens past the point of exhaustion, or runner's high. Also where epiphanies are made . Track your runs too, so you can keep pushing the point of exhaustion every time. Your goal should be to get to this point and keep going every time. Tips on what to do while running in exhausted state. Start comparing your bad side to your good side. You don't have to think of everything as a whole just yet. Think of small ares, such as your quad, hamstring. Don't 'over think', just feel. And try to get it in balance with the other leg. But most importantly go for the areas you know need the most urgent attention or will make the biggest difference. And as always breathe into the muscle so you can relax it and activate it, since currently it is stiff and dormant. - Order some disc sliders: - If it doesn't make a huge dent, get a 7lb mace. I get mine's from Onnit. I developed an interesting concept with the mace. Idk if it's out there on the internet, but i dont research, because i like keeping what works and not infiltrating with it too much. I call it the support system. Long story short, it's about one side carrying the heavy load and leading, while the weak side that needs to be rehabilitated simply follows along with the right movement, action, and activation, because it doesn't need to carry that much weight at all. And another effect in a similar way in vice versa. This allows the underdeveloped (messed up) side to do movements withought have to put much effort, therefore recreating biomechanic movement. - This is quite possibly why i developed healing hands or energy moving hands. The above are shortcuts for things i've already discovered. But near the beginning of where it all began, i began obsessing over this technique of pressure and release using hands. For example, with my fingers i would press on let's say my upper chest, and i would simply breathe in and out while focusing on that area. And i would just begin doing this through my whole body, most of the time my left side. I would probably begin doing this on your face and in your mouth. Literally put your fingers in your mouth and massage the insides of your cheeks, your gums, lips. That will release so much tension you have throughout your body. The running is the main one though. your body needs to get to the point of exhaustion where it doesn't recognize itself and only wants to survive. That's when you can begin creating change. The other option is to go to physical therapy places, sports medicine ones seem good. Though i will say it was refusal and lost hope in "professionals" that allowed me to develop abilities. But it takes a motha*** of an effort to recover.
  20. Are you a Shaman

    Cool , The plane experience reminds me of a story, it became the subject of a short film, cant remember its name . But goes something like ; A new administrator arrives in a remote outback area , virtually all desert. He has old school racist attitudes. His contact has sent a message that she cannot meet him at the airport but will send 'Billy'. The small plane lands on a desert strip with a small shed / airport. The man gets off the plane and is complaining and nearly faints at the heat. An old Aboriginal meets him at the plane and introduces himself as Billy. During the long walk to the shed he is complaining about everything and his attitudes are apparent . But then he gets a dizzy spell and nearly collapses. Billy helps him up and helps him walk ; 'Dont worry , not far, we will be in the shade soon .... ' But the walk gets longer and longer and the man notices there is no airport or shed any more. he turns and there is no plane or airstrip. The story and his journey go on, thru the desert, the man lost, various things happen with Billy, the man seems caught in some type of nightmare. At times Billy seems his helper and others his tormentor . Eventually the man comes to some level of realisation, but although now in awe of Billy's power, he fears him. But by now he has been lost and wandering for days. he doesnt know if Billy is helping him or slowly torturing him. Then a man appears from now where. It is the pilot, he helps the man along and he realises Billy is on the other side helping him. The shed is ahead, he turns , the plane and airstrip are behind him . The pilot says ; Are you okay, you nearly collapsed there for a moment .: "Dizzy spell, not used to the heat.' Billy tells him. He looks at the man and winks at him .
  21. Ultimate Inner Alchemy

    Occam's razor - (Latin: novacula Occami); further known as the law of parsimony (Latin: lex parsimoniae)) is the problem-solving principle that essentially states that "simpler solutions are more likely to be correct than complex ones." When presented with competing hypotheses to solve a problem, one should select the solution with the fewest assumptions. The paper fire thing is a well-known street trick that is done using Yellow Phosphorus and Carbon Disulfide. Nothing need be invented for this explanation of the video to be true. There is nothing in the video to show that this is NOT how it was done. But this is a common SE Asia (and elsewhere) street trick, and many many people have seen it live. It's about as common as those "levitating" people with the bent-pipe rigs they sit on under their robes. The LED is just a low-watt LED. They sell "Human Powered LED" bulbs in toy stores, and have for decades. All of the stuff in the video has been debunked a zillion times. Real Qigong and Gongfu people see that junk right away. People impressed by this video - never done traditional training in anything, so have been reading fairytales and can't tell any difference from fact - and don't even want to it seems. It's embarrassing to witness supposed adults falling for that shit. -VonKrankenhaus
  22. Also, what's interesting about this set is that each movement further opens the MCO, while opening the other extras. For example: Movement 2: The thump sends a vibration up the spine and opens the back. The raising and dropping of the arms makes Qi go up and down, both in the central channel, and also the ren and du. So it's like you keep knocking on the door of the Du Meridian. Thump, and then the Qi comes up and knocks at the door again... Thump and then knock... Practically you are breaking through C7, the back of the skull, and the shoulder's nest. Movement 3: When you draw a 360 degree circle with you arm and watch the middle finger the whole time, your Qi is mirroring the movement and doing circles. At mid-point you'll notice you are looking at the sky, Qi is at bahui, and when you're looking down at the feet, you connect the small universe to the leg channels. Also you'll notice that the person is pressing the Du meridian control point for the hand that is against the hip. Movement 4: You are connecting Ming-men to Dantian with the palms while the side to side movement of the legs is stimulating the perineum. These three points are in what some people call the 'small-small-universe' flow. Anyways, this is what I feel energetically when I do this, at least to me. But if you want to experience the energetics fully, you need these mental cues (which I've mentioned in bits and pieces before) Movement 1: When you come down, press down on the Dantian with the hands, so you feel pressure and the hands become numb. Movement 2: When you flap wings down (and also up) feel resistance from the air/qi in the environment, it feels like you are always pushing against something. Imagine your central channel to be like a trunk of a tree, very stable, and the arms are like small branches. The symmetry combined with the motion the arms makes you highly aware of the central pole. Movement 3: Place all the weight on the leg that is bent. The other should be weightless and delicately touching the earth on its heel, and extended. Then trace a large circle and watch the middle finger the entire time, until the middle finger touches the big toe of the other leg. Movement 4: When you turn right, turn from the waist, and shift your weight to the left leg as the hands circulate from Dantian to Mingmen. Then do reverse. When you turn left, shift body weight on right leg. If you want to practice this, I recommend you learn from the Master directly. I can only do show and tell here. I do this so you can try and get a feel for how the system works the 8 meridians, since this was the aim of this thread. Otherwise I don't think this is a dangerous set at all, but proceed with caution as with everything else.
  23. Blockage Removal vs Qi Flow

    When I was about 1 year old I was abandoned by my parents and I got very sick and was in hospital and since then my right side has been numb, in the head I lost hearing on that side but actually the entire side is full of deep blockages, not simply stuff, it feels coal, hard contracted, it runs the entire right side the outside half of the leg and foot, up the body through the liver, then split the right eye. One thing is that it's just extremely painful to work on, especially in the head. The other thing is that the channels are blocked at both ends so it's difficult to gauge progress because I have to work at the foot and head one after the other to get progress. But yesterday I tried a much softer approach and it seemed to do something good. With ZZ, for quite a long time I stood and that right side did not actually participate, it was just numb. And it just wasn't doing anything it was a dead zone. So that was a couple of years back; since then I mostly do left / right weighted postures for each position, this has shifted things ... I have prioritised getting flow into that area regardless of the accuracy of the posture .. that side just must participate somehow. Also Santi, if the back leg is the right side then that position helps open the calf. And recently I have started single weighted stances which put a lot of qi pressure into each side. Anyway some progress yesterday taking a softer approach, I suppose I am still tensing these areas subconsciously all the time. Yesterday I did some Inner Bonding work which seemed to help. But yeah, years of various qigong forms has done almost nothing for that side, although I am quite expert at filling myself with powerful qi energy and buzzing around full of energy. I think if you personality is very developed then you would also need to work on it. If it is less developed then it may cause you fewer problems.
  24. Are you a Shaman

    I apologize for doubting you, there is a lot of friendly banter that goes around from time to time. In my experience: this new enthusiasm for spirit/unseen world training and experiences, is not going to attract many of the real to come out into the open. Some of the most talented practitioners that I know are looked upon unfavorably by the general public and even among their own piers. Even within groups that do important spirit work all but the essentials have to be hidden from the members. People just don't seam to be able to handle a actual encounter with a being from the unseen world. Thanks
  25. Reiki

    There's a place near me that does free Reiki every Tuesday night. Free as in they don't charge. I'm not quite sure what the catch is. It's at a church, so perhaps they are just volunteering for good karma. I went there tonight, and the reiki woman was fairly strong. Interestingly, noticed my breathing rate dramatically dropped. I was counting up to 25 seconds between breaths. All in all, my mood took a massive turn for the better.
  26. Yes, sorry. When you click each will go to the right time mark, but the splash image is always the same it looks like. Youtube does this. Movement 1(MCO) Movement 2 part 1 (Bird flaps wings - Chong Mai) Movement 2 part 2 (Raise heels and thump - Chong Mai) Movement 2 part 3 (rapid hand fluttering - Chong Mai) Movement 3 (baseball pitch - yin wei, yang wei, and yin heel, yang heel merdians) Movement 5 (belt channel) Hope this helps.
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