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  1. Production of all kinds of life I dreamed today that people will produce any kind of life
  2. Let's talk about hippies

    There may be many questions. It all depends on your interests. In the USSR, there was a hippie organization, which is called the system. BUT it was an informal organization. Few people had an idea about it.
  3. Let's talk about hippies. There are hippies or sympathies here? This man wrote the book "School of Mages". A book about contemporary hippies and recently a movie was made based on the book. Everything is very shrill.
  4. I take first place in Germany

    I have a tool little bits . This is a very interesting thing from Korg.
  5. I take first place in Germany

    Please note that we are talking only about experimental music.
  6. I take first place in Germany

    I can not register votes.
  7. I take first place in Germany

    There are versions of different systems, different logs. It is in the order of things.
  8. First place in Germany I take first place in Germany Lois
  9. Stole name and album

    I published my album Symbol of the Era at the company aggregator. And for your money. And then here is the number of the healed. If you enter in Google the name of the album and my creative pseudonym https://www.google.ru/search?newwindow=1&source=hp&ei=eAHxW9SeCIflkgWi3JLYCQ&q=Symbol+of+the+Era+Lois&btnK=Поиск+в+Google&oq=Symbol+of+the+Era+Lois&gs_l=psy-ab.3...31925.31925..33049...0.0.. , the title of the album on the right of the page and a completely different author, a certain Lois Maffeo from the States, is highlighted. I listened to her, a very incompetent person. And if on the search page to click the name of my things in the album, then her video comes out on YouTube. here's your grandmother and the west ...
  10. How do you feel about vampires?

    can you explain where the tinnitus comes from?
  11. https://wiki2.org/en/Vampire_lifestyle
  12. It turned out that the article was printed on a humorous site. So this is not fake, but humor