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  1. monostih Happy

    Happy is the person reading this line You can read about what monostih is in Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monostich
  2. Jesus from Siberia

    The Borus Telegram channel said, citing its sources, that investigators suspected cases of incest, child molestation, suicide and even murder in the community. However, there are still no official comments on this case.
  3. Playing cards

    Playing cards I offer an interesting project made in the environment Game maker If you click on a playing card, you will hear an interesting composition. The shuffle is stopped with the alt key . This is an exe format disk.yandex.ru/d/Zgk2JLCths73cQ
  4. Jesus from Siberia

    Visarion * Jesus from Siberia " was put in prison
  5. Beautiful pagan music

  6. Atlantis

    This is only about sound, not about image
  7. Atlantis

    why did you decide that astronomy is an objective science?
  8. Atlantis

    What objective evidence do you have that the Sun is smaller in size than stars? The Book of Zohar says that the Sun is bigger than the stars. This cannot be verified experimentally.
  9. Atlantis

  10. Atlantis

    I was told in a dream that this is the technology of Atlantis. Sound is meant.
  11. Beautiful pagan music