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  1. The Key of Buddha.

    "The Key of Buddha. "Now listen, O wise friends, to this sudden teaching. People, originally in ignorance, consider illusion to be the only reality. Their reality is thus entirely illusory. Illusion, by its nature, makes everything real. But if one destroys the illusion and enters the realm of reality, then one realizes that they were in illusion. The illusion they took for reality is beyond their perception. Reality, however, to one in illusion, is like an illusion; they know it but do not perceive it as true reality. I emphasize the suddenness of this teaching to attain true enlightenment and dispel illusions. Now be extremely attentive. If you realize what I am about to say, you can shatter the realm of illusion and enter genuine reality. So:" "All things by nature are not as they initially appear. The flower does not exist in its pristine form, the butterfly undergoes no transformations. The beetle crawls nowhere, the seagull does not hunt for fish. The universe does not function, the tea in the cup does not cool. Who is this snake flying in the air and walking unaccompanied, while the ant, resting between teeth, derives pleasure from it, the beginning of which is in society, and the end in solitude? Who is this eagle, weaving a nest on a non-existent tree? Who are its chicks, growing up, but not among the creatures created where they were not created? Who are those that rising descend and descending rise, making one and one equal to three? Who is that beautiful maiden on whom no one fixes their gaze, whose body is hidden and revealed, who comes out in the morning and hides during the day, adorning herself with ornaments that do not exist?"
  2. Resin art, Liquid art, Petri art

    this is a neural network