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  1. Jesus from Siberia

    The strangest organization is mine. I created a computer party
  2. Speak directly. Why these rhetorical questions?
  3. Jesus from Siberia

    Apparently he can do nothing more than what he did. He just has nothing to do. А про Рулона слышали ? Это вообще умора, человек создал целое движение, которое назвал путь дурака. Они считают, что надо быть дураками.
  4. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=23833165 I propose to support my project I got acquainted with this project just a week ago. until everything is clear. I hope you figure it out
  5. Jesus from Siberia

    Jesus from Siberia One man from Russia declared himself Jesus. He has 4,000 followers who live in the community. I was especially surprised by his appearance. Here the Dane interviews him.
  6. This person further says that the United States bought Poland, Hungary, the Baltic states, Ukraine, and Georgia. How can you refute this?
  7. One well-known Israeli figure stated on Russian television that the basic law of America is "everything can be sold and everything can be bought." It's true ?