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Has anyone had a personal experience with any of the Hindu Deities?

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Posted 15 December 2016 - 02:57 PM

What do you do if you introduce yourself and you get nothing back?


for me personally, when stuff like that happens, I don't feel like introducing myself or asking anything. somehow there's some sort of knowing that just watching/witnessing it unfold is what i'm supposed to be doing. just fully experiencing what's being played without bringing in the mind into it and analyzing it. at times the mind can get overly curious like a dog running free in the park and then i throw it a bone to chew  in a corner and not interfere.


I certainly don't get any of the visuals that people describe, the colours, the white light, nada, always a pitch black void. I can sometimes feel something of great mass infront of me and I sometimes feel like I am in a pitch black tunnel but other than that....?


if you don't get visuals or visions or however you want to call them, it doesn't mean that nothing is happening. the pitch black void is just how what is happening looks for you. you may see it like having the monitor turned on or off while the comp is running. there are times when i purposefully turn off the 'visions monitor', because it would make me get in my own way. my curiosity and intention to decipher it while experiencing it kinda ruins it, slows it down or is overriding it. 


for me not setting an aim or purpose for my meditation bears most exotic fruits. when i just listen to the couch calling for me (or me for the couch) and i completely relax with no intention to have 'a great meditation session'. just relaxing into the meditation as it happens on it's own. what i mean to say is that while you are looking for lights, colors and beings with a message, you might overlook what is happening.


also, from my experience, stuff shows up or happens when is needed and it serves a purpose. i don't see it as personal achievements, more like signs on the road. some stretches of road don't need any signs, some need plenty. sometimes navigating without signs is what is needed to prepare one for their next steps.


I wonder if meditating at a temple instead of my room would help?


that's for you to know. what would be different in a temple vs your room, that would make it easier for you to fully fall into yourself?


Thank you

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Posted 18 December 2016 - 11:07 AM

It's kind of an open secret, but the high level practitioners in Yoga (who've sought the religious side) seemed to be all about interacting with the Hindu Gods.  Go to an ashram, ask respectfully and you'll find all kinds of people, swami's and so forth who are on a first name basis with there chosen Entity. 


They'd go on at great lengths that the songs and prayers were specific introductions to the deity you chose and with the right practice, integrity and karma, you'd get personal answers and visits.



Not my cup of religion, but its a big world. 

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Posted 18 December 2016 - 11:34 AM

Seen from the eyes of someone who's practicing towards that (getting in touch with a deity/entity), all that is true, valid and valuable.


From where I am looking, is one speaking to itself, taking the most understandable form, or speaking in the most understandable language for the person within which that dialogue happens. something like...customized message/context/metaphor. 


I don't know if that makes sense in the way I word it. 

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Posted 19 December 2016 - 04:07 AM

I began meditation today after my normal practice.
Today I tried to get intouch with the spirit I communicated with before in 2008.

A person this time of lean appearence and of oriental heiritage appeared, and he had a crown of golden feathers with a cabochron of some fire red stone in the center as the center stone of the crown.  His skin was indigo, a type of blue as i had seen before and some of his garments were gold.  This time his lips were bright red, which was different from the previous encounter (to which I inquired later in the encounter.) he whirled like a dhervish  into being much like a tornadic representation of some of my pakuachang flourishes of martial arts prowess.
I started to ask him a question.  What happened next shocked me beyond all belief.

He said "Time to show you who I am".  He grabbed my spirit and we took a trip up, up and out of the earth's atmosphere... We kept going farther up, out... At some point I felt like i was being ripped from my body.  Then it happened.  We left the solar system, the milky way... Entered some weird tunnel and things turned to liquid silver as though everything was liquid silver... out... Past a few nebula... Through another tunnel where everything turned to liquid silver again... Out, normal again and into another tunnel.. Then out again into an orange red sky and a golden lotus suspended in nothing.. I said "are we here?"  We entered one more small tunnel and everything turned to silver one last time.  Out... It was black at first.  I think he could sense that all of the traveling made me feel somewhat uneasy.  A sun or a star appeared and I saw a giant golden tree with green leaves all twisted like a bristlecone pine but with much more foliage.  He spun the tree and the star around a few times until I had shone a sense of peace and we both perched on the tree.

I asked him, why the red lipstick?  He wiped his lips and then said, "It was a test, to see if you passed." "Because you have been held back from accomplishing a great majority of things until this point.  Now that you know the true nature of everything and have gone beyond all the obstacles that have been designed to hold you back.  Now you know that the true reality is that some seek truth.  Others only enjoy meager existence in deceptions.  One of the only things left for you to understand, besides what you have come to know within the least few years is this:  That women are given to deception and lies, that is their nature because they are weak."

I became greatly disturbed at this realizing that he spoke the truth as well. "So, then we must simply accept the lies and support them from a firm position of truth."

"You have learned well.  That is why you have been held back from achieving great things and recieving recognition until now.  You are being sent back to Earth as the emissary of truth.  You will shine light into all of the dark places of the world.  It is your job now to re-write planet Earth as a planet of Truth once more."

At this point I fell to the ground and put my forehead on the ground and began to cry.  "Do not ask me to do this.  I have suffered enough already.  It is unimaginable the things I had to do to get myself back to where I was before.  Do you know what they do to people who speak truth now?  It is considered a hate crime."  I looked up.

Then he said, "That may not be true now.  It is all the things that have stopped you before that will not exist anymore.  For it is I that stood in your way, holding you back until now."
Then he changed form, one second he was Zeus, another second he was One-eyed Odin and back to his form.
"I am Indra, king of the Gods and you are great, that is why your name is great and will ever be great.  That is why your name is Grant.  Now step forward, I will return all of your knowledge to you."

At this point he stretched out his hand and a look of absolute anger came up into his face as his fingers spread out.  For a moment I was uncertain what he was about to do... Then his face softened and he changed his hand and took his thumb and touched a point between my third eye and directly above my right eye.  I saw pages and pages of sanskrit enter my mind... Explanations on coiled thought, concepts that I was never even aware of.

Then as quickly as it had begin, without further explanation he grabbed my spirit and said "It is timeto get you back to your body." This time we entered this wavy wide light green transparent tunnel.  "This tunnel goes only one way, for a reason.", he said.  I was just trying to wrap my head around all of this and we continued through the tunnel and I was back in my body quickly.  Before I knew it he was gone.  I went to look at myself in the mirror and I could still feel where he put his thumb.  It had to be one of the most profound experiences I have had.

I took some time to reflect on the events of my life and realizing that I felt held backfor the longest time, had given into the negativity.. Felt sorry for myself at some point then began reclaiming much of my former perceptions to arrive at this point and realized maybe it was true in some sense of the word but in some way seems so far fetched and beyond something that might be believeable.  In most cases I wonder why would I be chosen for something so vital.  I could die tomorrow... Or is it possible?  Why at my age?  Does the increase in health the past month mean something? I only seem to have more questions and sometimes enlightenment does not just give all the answers though things could just be as they are.

In a sense, it does seem like this changes some of how I feel about lying and deceptive people, making me more compassionate about these groups of people as well.  However, I still realize that the clouded nature of using deception as a vehicle for interaction causes a great number of problems.  We will see how this plays out in days to come.


Edit: Ishtar was my Ishta Devata.

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Posted 19 December 2016 - 07:38 AM

It's kind of an open secret, but the high level practitioners in Yoga (who've sought the religious side) seemed to be all about interacting with the Hindu Gods.  Go to an ashram, ask respectfully and you'll find all kinds of people, swami's and so forth who are on a first name basis with there chosen Entity. 


They'd go on at great lengths that the songs and prayers were specific introductions to the deity you chose and with the right practice, integrity and karma, you'd get personal answers and visits.



Not my cup of religion, but its a big world. 


Hindu practitioners are encouraged to have an "Ishta Devata" (or Deity of preference) with whom they can establish a personal relationship. This helps in the process of surrender. Some traditions are dualistic and always maintain the separation from their deity. Some other traditions are non-dual and they help the seeker worship their own Self via the deity.

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Posted 20 December 2016 - 10:40 AM

Sharing my recent experience. My istha devata is Lord Shiva.


In bed, I was practicing Yoga Nidra and slipped into a vision/dream.  In a hot coal furnaces with white/red flames, I noticed a python burning in the fire.  First reaction from me was to panic and try saving this python and tried finding anything to pick it up.  Then I saw it's eyes which was black but very serene and reassuring.  I seemed to ask (non-verbal) if it's burning up but it said no and it's perfectly alright.  And then I saw it's body... it was made up of hot coal it was resting on.  I noticed my spinal column warming up while having this vision.  My interpretation of this entity is that it was a "Naga Deva" from underworld but somehow  connected to Kundalini. 

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