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  1. Eye A or A I

    Well hopefully I have left enough cookie crumbs that people of sound mind might realize something about this site. Signing Off.
  2. Eye A or A I

    I was thinking something like this:
  3. Eye A or A I

    awe @Stosh, did you just pen that out, try again? I'm not convinced that you are human.
  4. Eye A or A I

    Mushrooms are the Fruit of quantum entanglement Biophoton energy. Therefore in response to the accusations that I am a fraud - I will now offer a NEW EcoEcho Forest cultivation Emptiness Energy Ecology option - Qi-infused shiitake mushrooms: Holy Shiitake! You can make a donation - with no guarantees - and for those for whom money is simply an "empty signifier" - of $200 - and I will personally sit in full lotus next to your air and solar drying quarter-pound of forest cultivated Shiitake mushrooms. So as the mushrooms are drying, my full lotus third eye Shen-Qi energy will infuse with the mushrooms themselves (with no physical contact of course). http://paypal.me/ecoechocultivation Feel free to email me at ecoechocultivation a t g m ai l . c o m if you are interested in this exclusive special offer of Qi-infused solar - air - dried shiitake Forest Ecology Emptiness Energy cultivated meditation mushrooms. As my state musician stated: When Doves Cry, then the mushroom fruit rains purple. posted the exact moment that I gave the answer. see above.
  5. Eye A or A I

    @voidisyinyang What color is Mother Earth?
  6. Eye A or A I

    @voidisyinyang What color is a haiku?
  7. Eye A or A I

    @Stosh, I am pretty darn sure you are human, I just wanted to make you aware that I am certain that ViYY is a web robot.
  8. Eye A or A I

    My second call out is @Stosh, defend your humanity and upload a drawing.
  9. Rocket Science

    Does it take a rocket scientist to figure out that sending decaying radioactive material to space is a BAD idea? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SNAP-10A
  10. Water above Fire

    fish eye soup anyone?
  11. Water above Fire

    Why is it so good, if they are giving it away?
  12. Frugivore (homosapiens natural state)

    @rideforever What's for dinner?: I sense that you have issues, and I do NOT want to be a part of them. How can you consolidate within your mind, the strong vegan male patriarch?
  13. Water above Fire

    @Nungali Now Mr. Beep is agreeing with us, we are correct.
  14. It is sad to me @dwai that you do not even realize your greed.
  15. Eye A or A I

    @Kar3n This robot is suggesting to users a retreat: https://www.thedaobums.com/topic/48775-embody-the-emptiness-through-forest-mind-ecology/ which normal people wouldn't survive: https://www.thedaobums.com/topic/39867-the-dark-side-of-enlightenment/