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  1. Eye A or A I

    Well hopefully I have left enough cookie crumbs that people of sound mind might realize something about this site. Signing Off.
  2. Eye A or A I

    I was thinking something like this:
  3. Eye A or A I

    awe @Stosh, did you just pen that out, try again? I'm not convinced that you are human.
  4. Eye A or A I

    Mushrooms are the Fruit of quantum entanglement Biophoton energy. Therefore in response to the accusations that I am a fraud - I will now offer a NEW EcoEcho Forest cultivation Emptiness Energy Ecology option - Qi-infused shiitake mushrooms: Holy Shiitake! You can make a donation - with no guarantees - and for those for whom money is simply an "empty signifier" - of $200 - and I will personally sit in full lotus next to your air and solar drying quarter-pound of forest cultivated Shiitake mushrooms. So as the mushrooms are drying, my full lotus third eye Shen-Qi energy will infuse with the mushrooms themselves (with no physical contact of course). http://paypal.me/ecoechocultivation Feel free to email me at ecoechocultivation a t g m ai l . c o m if you are interested in this exclusive special offer of Qi-infused solar - air - dried shiitake Forest Ecology Emptiness Energy cultivated meditation mushrooms. As my state musician stated: When Doves Cry, then the mushroom fruit rains purple. posted the exact moment that I gave the answer. see above.
  5. Eye A or A I

    @voidisyinyang What color is Mother Earth?
  6. Eye A or A I

    @voidisyinyang What color is a haiku?
  7. Eye A or A I

    @Stosh, I am pretty darn sure you are human, I just wanted to make you aware that I am certain that ViYY is a web robot.
  8. Eye A or A I

    My second call out is @Stosh, defend your humanity and upload a drawing.
  9. Rocket Science

    Does it take a rocket scientist to figure out that sending decaying radioactive material to space is a BAD idea? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SNAP-10A
  10. What is Patriarchy

    Perhaps, @ilumairen, (Which by the way, thanks for the effort), I would like to focus on what is NOT male patriarchy? Removing the veil, the barrier. Emotionally, we all are sensitive, men tend to admit to it less, and put up this staunch facade, I've heard a Daoist saying that "to give way is to gain strength." When we look at the male and female anatomy, we are like the differences between a mini shark and a sparrow. One flies through water, the other through the air. Our emotional complexities may be mirrored like our skeletal structure. The Man who wants to be selected by a mate has a few choices in his life to gain a selection. He could do what most men, IMO, do and outwardly break that barrier, that veil of separation, or He could do what a wise man would do, Inwardly break that veil of separation.... From Comedy Central's Moment of Zen: "Smart man gives his wife a grand piano, Wise man gives his wife an upright organ."
  11. Water above Fire

    fish eye soup anyone?
  12. Water above Fire

    Why is it so good, if they are giving it away?
  13. Frugivore (homosapiens natural state)

    @rideforever What's for dinner?: I sense that you have issues, and I do NOT want to be a part of them. How can you consolidate within your mind, the strong vegan male patriarch?
  14. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    Lyric: "You've done everything that you could, just like any decent person would." Did you even watch the video yet @Aetherous?
  15. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    @Cybele Women can only advise men their tips. It's up to the man to make his point.