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  1. Hello fellow seekers of something

    erir IN odhro beer?
  2. Hello fellow seekers of something

  3. Hello fellow seekers of something

    Hi Odin... Where did Athena hide her wisdom?
  4. The tendency to think people of old were dumb

    Question: Is it the advent of technology in the 'digital age' or our that we are being made aware of technology?
  5. My understanding is that we are all cut from the same mold. Think of divining power more as a path or direction from that origin. The list of possible changes are enumerated, and where our current reality is, is described by the divination.
  6. About chi and inner sensations

    The fire is in your heart center, li. The water is in your tan tien, kan. The goal of the meditation that I've practiced has been to unite kan and li. Water falls and Fire rises. The water is below the fire, How might one heat the water with the fire?
  7. Ancient Symbols

    Can you see the heart here?
  8. Ancient Symbols

    Can you see the Heart?
  9. Ancient Symbols

    Here is a fun symbol:
  10. About chi and inner sensations

    around 223 BCE this text says: " the hot qi of accumulated yang produced fire; the essence of fiery qi became the sun. the cold qi of accumulated yin produced water; the essence of watery qi became the moon. " Inside or outside, within or without, qi follows principles. Guide your meditation such to follow principle.
  11. Ancient Symbols

    Here is a nicer view of the original function: The white data in all of the above graphs is in spherical coordinates. The red data is the same data as the white data, just in Cartesian coordinates.
  12. Ancient Symbols

    If we presume that immortality is a reality, then a 2200 year old being might be more advanced than a 22 year old. The 22 year old would have a naive human nature, whereas a 2200 year old might have experienced more of the dark and light of life. Just because the 22 year old does not see or perceive the world as a 2200 year old might, the few 2200 year old beings might have created symbols, tools and ideas to guide the many 22 year old beings.
  13. Ancient Symbols

    original function is on the right side of the screen:
  14. Ancient Symbols

    Not as beautiful as Grace Slick:
  15. Ancient Symbols

    changing the first function that I modified, and keeping the second: