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  1. Dealing with my woman's crazy ex

    This guy's video has a good take on the dynamic you are involved in. Much of it actually evolves around the woman you are dating, and her (perceived) lack of ability to put a stop to it. He's doing it because for years she's let it happen, and quite likely she's the type that was attracted to his type as much as his type is attracted to her type. This then leads the question of 'what type are you?' although it doesn't necessarily mean you are the same as the other guy. My point is you won't be able to stop this guy with the dynamic between him and your girlfriend. She needs to change herself (usually through self-improvement which takes a LONG time) for that dynamic to change - he'll just keep coming back - see this sort of thing all the time. Until she is able to put her foot down you'll just be getting drawn into fights with her regarding him until one of you gets sick and tired and decide to end what you currently have. This guy wins either way. He'll label you an a-hole (when he speaks to her) because you're in his way. He'll label you an a-hole when you leave 'because he was right about you, since you left her'. My advice - cut bait and run. Work on yourself until you can recognize these traits in the women you are attracted to, and keep working on self until you are no longer attracted to that type of woman. (same advice goes to women that are dating a man with these attributes)
  2. How to get a strong energy field?

    SmilingOne, if you're in this (energy work) for the long run you'll find a very potent way to protect yourself from others is to clear your inner energy... sounds crazy, but hear me out... in the beginning, when you begin to open up to energies around you, you're bombarded with it (and it's an amazing experience!) - some of it is good, some of it is draining, some of it feels like a cheese grater on your own energy body. In the beginning (I started over 25 years ago) I was often affected by others, and could feel their energy from about a block away (both good and bad). I used to do clearings, protections, etc... to protect myself from their effects. Some worked well and some were simply what I refer to as 'lame visualizations'. My instructor (I was a disciple in Bagua Zhang) always told me to sit down and meditate - it is a better way to 'develop power' (for hitting) than the regular iron palm and iron vest exercises I was always so keen on.... plus about 3 hours of bagua circle walking each day. A number of years later I was made aware of how important it is to clear our inner energy blockages. The analogy used is opening a water tap (increasing the energy volume) but the pipe is blocked (your inner energy can't permit much flow). So rather than focusing on gathering and developing exercises that I had invested so much time in, I began to work on clearing the inner energies (I often refer to it simply as 'inner work'). You see, most people think they need to 'accumulate' something in their life to accomplish these things (I was guilty of that too). "If I only had this in my life, I'd be happy... If I only had more of that in my life, I could do those things...". Imagine you're holding onto the knob of a door on 1 side of the room, looking across the room at a door on the other side you'd like to enter. "Man, if only I had a pair of shoes I could make it over there.." is what we often say to ourselves and to others. In fact, all you need is to let go of the door you are still holding that brought you into this room. That door has served its purpose, and you already are in the room. Let go of it, and walk over to the other door. The fact that we hold onto our past experiences often prevents us from moving forward in our development. We come into this life in the physical to deconstruct ourselves, unfortunately we get caught in the 'maze' and think we need to accumulate. How many people have had an amazing energetic experience in the meditation, or their taiji, or their bagua practice, then returned the next day thinking to themself "I hope that happens again"..? It's the wrong approach. That energy has already unlocked itself, and you most likely will never experience that as a 'true' experience again. Oh sure, you could 'manifest' the experience by thinking about it but it's not the 'real' experience of the energy doing it by itself as a result of you unlocking something within you through your practise.... it's already unlocked now. The real approach is to think "I wonder what will happen this time?" and simply practise the way you normally would as you continue to develop your skills. So now let me get back to inner work. You work on releasing, letting go of your issues... emotional, energetic, spiritual... you may experience tears, shivers, giggles, tingling... or other things...or perhaps you perceive none of this while it is happening. But as you unblock these inner channels more energy flows through you... like a pipe cleaner scrubbing the years of grime build up inside the plumbing lines. As you get stronger a few things happen.... for example your vibration raises...especially if you begin to purify your diet (no pork, alcohol, cigarettes, nor coffee/stimulants for example). Many people have a baseline frequency, and when we're all at that same level we can sense all of those around us that are within the 'range' of our frequency - that's when you're feeling the drains, the drug addicts, the physically injured (because they unknowingly take energy from all those around them to help themselves heal - who knew that a guy with a broken bone could cause so much energetic/physical discomfort just be being in his proximity?). When your vibration raises high enough that it's no longer in their frequency 'range' (the range you used to be a part of) their energy can no longer connect to yours as easily and you'll find comfort being around them, since they no longer have an effect on you and your own energy. Another thing that happens as you 'clear the pipes' is that your reservoir increases in size - the amount of energy you contain at any given moment. That's when you have so much abundance of energy that even the people that often cause the most discomfort energetically on others are like mosquito bites compared to dog bites they used to feel like on your energy body. Ever meet an experienced qi gong master or (for example) bagua master, that their very presence in the room raises everyone's own energy and suddenly no one feels tired, and they all want to be active? That's the kind of abundance of which I speak - their very presence revitalizes those around them. I've met people that say things like "just raise your vibration" - sure... that works a little bit, but how long can you maintain that concentration for? Are you able to raise it enough to get out of their range? And are you truly raising it, or simply creating a temporary shield around yourself by the intent you are putting out? IE - are we only fooling ourselves? This isn't an overnight success. This isn't something you do in a weekend. It can take a few years of daily meditation... but you've got your whole life ahead of you, right? Three years goes by quickly. The results are permanent (unless you completely change your lifestyle and go in a different direction with things) compared to a visualization, a spell, a banishing or an energized stone. Fortunately it doesn't suddenly 'click in' after 3 years... it grows in that direction each day as you continue down that practise, so you can see the results manifesting along the way, which hopefully is rewarding enough to keep you focused because you are seeing positive results. good luck!
  3. Flowers coming out of each chakra?

    Well, last I checked this is a web forum for providing information and finding answers. I'm hoping to find other experienced members around the world that would like to connect and exchange concepts and what better way than to provide a few experiences? Should the forum be simply for beginners asking which direction their energy spirals up their legs? After all these years, I think it's about time more experienced members on forums started sharing our experiences to see if others are willing to open up at the risk of sounding bat-crazy, rather than simply answering 'am I doing this right?' questions to validate the ego.
  4. I had a meditation this evening where flowers came out of each chakra - crown, 3rd eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, abdomen and root. I had the impression to stand up during my meditation shortly before this occurred. Once the flowers opened up on each point (they ranged in size from baseball to umbrella sized) the same experience repeated itself behind me, opening up at corresponding spots going down my back, causing me to arch/stretch as it was trying to come out of each chakra (one at a time) and then I'd be able to relax back into a natural posture each time a blossom opened. When it was complete I had the impression to raise my hands over my head, looking up through them, and 1 large blossom engulfed my whole body from feet to outstretched hands. Once this occurred a huge wave of energy swept through my body and I saw many visions. It's the first time I've had this particular experience (and experience has taught me it usually only happens during the 'initiation' or 'first time only' that it happens). Anyone here versed in this sort of thing in their research/meditatopm that can share some insights? thanks! Dave
  5. Honestly, I'd say find a Hindu temple that has an association with the Deity (or Deities) you want to associate your efforts with an go meditate there. I found a Krishna temple online very near my home, emailed them to see if it was ok for me to go meditate before work (they open VERY early) and they invited me to come by any time. I didn't do their method of meditation (theirs involves repeating the names of Lord Krishna in a repeated fashion/mantra) and chose to do the meditation based on instruction from the deity himself... seems to be different if you can hear them, but probably also has a lot to do with what I am trying to accomplish with my meditation work. Being at the temple, my meditations went from an average of 20 minutes (at my home) to over an hour each time (at the temple). They don't even need to be the primary deity (eg: I worked with Lord Shiva at the Lord Krishna temple) as long as there is a statue for them at the temple (Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvathi and Lord Ganesh are portrayed together on an altar to the right of the main altar there). But I always asked them (the deities) if it was okay to work with them at the temple first, then I'd also clear it with the main deity (in this case Lord Krishna) beforehand. You might find they almost always say 'yes, of course' but it's still good protocol to ask first. If you've never talked to them before, or never heard them before... simply go to a temple, sit on the floor (bring a cushion or often they have little mats as well), sit there quietly and introduce yourself to each of them. Talk to them about yourself, your life, and state your intentions to them.. ie: you're requesting the assistance/guidance with your meditation work (or life) and the type of meditation you are doing. Or simply that you place yourself in their hands and ask them to guide you through a meditation of their choosing. Pay attention to what you feel, and don't dismiss random thoughts or images in your head. Give a donation if you feel like it. Try the food if they have lunch. Find out the customs - I didn't realize there's a purification ritual where you drink the water that's been poured over the Krishna statue each morning, until someone showed me what they were doing - after over a month there. Now I try to follow those customs as well to honor the system... plus it tastes great and energetically feels amazing.
  6. Thanks Old Chi - I was actually introduced to the Hindu deities after working/meditating with deities from a different pantheon for many years. One of the 'head' deities from the other pantheon said I had reached a point where it was time to move onto new things, and introduced me to one of the Hindu deities. From there, it was a gradual learning and introduction as I accomplished different aspects of my meditation work - sometimes I had to take a moment to google them when they came to me, as I knew very little about the Hindu deities back then. Often they simply say that the best way to honor them is to be diligent in my efforts (life choices, character, habits, meditation, healing work, being truthful, etc...) but every now and then I get the impression that a gift of flowers or some other item(s) are a nice added touch for something that was quite astonishing in our work together. I have to admit though, they are a very pervasive part of my daily life, always right there when I have a question (and often popping in to give advice when I don't have a question). Best life ever...
  7. ...

    Last week I attended a weekend meditation workshop. Part of the workshop preparation was to do a cleansing diet (no spicy foods, no red meats, no alcohol, caffeine, processed sugars) and avoid sex/ejaculation. This was to be done 1 week before and 1 week after. I first attended this type of workshop January of last year, and after attending quite a few in the last 1.5 years, I have a good working relationship with the 'spiritual guide' that is associated with that meditation group. She came to me and gave me some solid advice (the spirit guide) about 2 weeks before the workshop, and part of the cleansing that I'd never heard (nor considered) before was the cleansing of the mind - not only was I to avoid ejaculation, I was to avoid THOUGHTS of an impure nature - essentially taking 'purification' to a level I hadn't considered before. Even just a basic "whoa, nice ass on THAT girl" was to be avoided. How did I fare? I think because of my relationship with some of the Hindu Deities, it found it was Lord Ganesh that began watching over me - every time a thought even began to form within my mind he (or perhaps a helper of his) was right there to hook it out of my thoughts and discard it before it could manifest and affect my vibration. The first week I looked pretty silly, physically feeling thoughts being pulled from me, causing a strange looking 'tug' on my face, almost like a fish hook pulling on the upper corner of my lip every time it happened. By the beginning of the 2nd week though, I think I had 'trained' myself not to initiate those types of thoughts in my head, plus with all due respect to the Hindu Deities helping me, I was probably re-tuned a bit energetically not to think that way. Now that the workshop has been over for more than a week, it's okay for me to resume the normal spicy foods, red meats, intercourse, etc... but I have to admit, the 'way' I think things feels completely different (part of that may be from the meditation workshop as well). I don't feel so attached to those thoughts, although I've found "I'm permitted" to make those thought now - just doesn't have the energetic attachment to me the way it used to. As for retention during sex - it was a challenge to master the technique, and when I first learned it about 25 years ago I actually did more harm than good (I didn't have all the details). But even now, while practising retention, there is still a chance for energy lost during intercourse as you connect with your partner and use that energy to elevate theirs (or enhance their experience). Especially doesn't help if your partner is not a practising meditation/energy person. I have found that if the partner is an energy practitioner also, then the loss is mitigated but I've yet to experience it where I find myself either 'the same' or 'elevated' the next day - doesn't mean "she" is not out there for me - I just mean I haven't found her yet. My old kungfu instructor back in the 90s used to discuss these concepts with me, and said that 'back in the old days' in China there were 2 types of guy practising 'hard qi gong' (essentially, energetic toughening exercises for hitting power). There were those that practised hard qi gong (called Ying Qi Gong - not yin/yang, but ying as in 'hard') and practised retention during sex, and those that practised hard qi gong and abstained from sex. He said that the guys that completely abstained were always so much stronger. Back then I assumed the other group were simply hiding the fact that they 'had little accidents' and lost some of their essence during sex.... now through my own practise I realize he meant they were still losing energy despite not ejaculating - which makes sense when you consider the energetic relationship between 2 people being like 2 water balloons with a hose connected between them... the balloon with more water pressure will send water through the hose to the other balloon until they balance out 'energetically'. As for some of the guys on the board opening up about feeling wiped out afterwards - man, you aren't kidding. When I first started doing meditation and things like taiji (apart from my kungfu) in my early 20s, I quickly learned it was like 'flushing a toilet' and suddenly all your stored up energy was gone. Instead of having all these terrific energetic experiences during meditation or training, it would take a week before I'd begin to sense any of these again - the rule of thumb is 1 day for every 6 years old you are. So an 18 year old would take 3 days to replenish, a 30 year old 5 days, and me (at 46) would be a week. But this doesn't put you back at 'where you were' - it puts you back to 'full, but not pressurized'. You still need a few weeks on top of that to bring it back close to where you were - don't kid yourself that developing 'energetic wealth' for 3 months will be replenished in a week. You'll find though, that the NUMBER and intensity of the ejaculation will make a difference also. Let's say you've been 'master of your domain' (Seinfeld reference) for 100 days and are feeling super strong, no ejaculations. You go on a date, score with her, and as 'luck' would have it, you lose a bit of control and end up 'giving a donation' to your partner (I prefer the euphemisms, bear with me). Let's say it's a small amount - you might actually be okay after about a week or so, and back to where you left off. But what if you go home and think "ah screw it - I lost some anyways, might as well make it worth my while" (we've all done that...) and decide to surf some porn, and really bat 1 or 2 out of the park before going to sleep.... you might as well set the calendar back to day 1. So be mindful of how this works.
  8. I was wondering if anyone would be open to sharing some personal experiences with any of the Hindu Deities while meditating (or as part of their daily routine). I'll start by sharing this one that happened a few months ago (which is why I started looking around and was referred to this web forum). I had a sudden draw to find a Hindu temple to meditate at (rather than meditating at home each night) - turns out there's a Krishna temple about 10 minutes from my place. I emailed them for permission to meditate there before work and they readily invited me to come by any time (they open around 5am). So I started going there before work, around 5:30am and meditating for just over an hour each time. I could feel the presence of some (but not all) of the statues in the temple. The front of the temple has Lord Krishna, Goddess Raddha (his consort), the right side has Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvathi (his consort), Lord Ganesh, the left side of the temple has Lord Hanuman, Lord Balram, Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi (his consort). That morning Lord Shiva had started working on me while I meditated (I think I was about a month into meditating at that temple, he had come to me the night before during a meditation and introduced himself to me). At the same time his wife (I did not know who she was at the time since she hadn't made her presence known to me yet and I was relatively new to the temple) started working on me in parallel with his efforts - I could also feel the amazing love the 2 of them shared with each other. Essentially, Lord Ganesh was behind me, Lord Shiva to my right and Goddess Parvathi to my left. In my inner vision I could see a red ball, the size of a ping pong ball, inside my head. A stem sprouted from it and began pushing through my forehead from the inside. The sensation was so intense I was gritting my teeth, but I just focused on trying to relax and not fight it. Suddenly the energetic stem pushed its way through my forehead and I could perceive a crimson flower bud through my forehead - but it didn't stop there.... the flower dialed open into a beautiful blossom... I could feel so much energy emanating from my body. I heard the Goddess Parvathi tell me to sit up on my knees, so I changed from a cross legged position. She then told me to hold my hands up, palms out, with the fingers of my left hand pointing to the floor, right hand fingers pointing to the ceiling. "Did I hear you correctly?" I confirmed, since they'd never asked me to use a hand position before. "yes" she said. So I put my hands in that position, and suddenly I perceived a red flower grow from each palm, the same as the one I perceived from my forehead. I could see the Goddess Parvathi reach into my head and touch the center (the pineal gland?) with her finger and all the energy 'collapsed' into a serene stillness, like a ripple extending from the center of a lake - I didn't realize how intense it was until everything fell still. I heard her say "that's better - it was getting too intense" and my body went from rigid to relaxed (again, didn't realize how intense it was). I went to work and googled her, trying to figure out who she was (Like I said, at the time she hadn't introduced herself to me, and this was my first 'known' meditation with Lord Shiva. I found a picture of her online, and there it was, an image of a Goddess with a red rose on her forehead/3rd eye, and 1 in each palm, in the same position she had me place my palms in. Needless to say my mind was quite blown by the image of her, and the experience.
  9. Do you believe in telepathy?

    I had a friend from highschool back in Arizona that I hadn't seen in about 5 years. Often wanted to call and say Hi but I couldn't remember his family's phone number (plus I knew he'd moved in with a girlfriend last time I saw him) and I was living in a different country now. One morning I woke up with a start thinking to myself "Call him before it's too late" and his family's phone number was clear as a bell in my head. I got to work and it kept eating at me (I felt something was terribly wrong) so I called and left a message at his parents' place. Next morning I still felt the same way so I called and left another message with my phone number. 2 days later he calls me back - he had overdosed on drugs the same night that I woke up in the morning, 2,000 miles away, knowing something was terribly wrong. He had just returned home from the hospital the day he called me back.
  10. Do you believe in telepathy?

    About 25 years ago I trained kungfu with a guy that could demonstrate some inexplicable skills. We were sitting in a restaurant and he would tell us stories of his teacher back in China about 30 years prior - he mentioned how his teacher could sense your thoughts by the way your energy changed (not exactly reading your mind in this example). He said you couldn't strike his teacher because he would feel your intent before you attacked. At that moment I was wondering if it were possible to kick my teacher under the table.... I got as far as formulating "I wond--" in my head and I felt his foot tapping against my leg... I looked across the table at him (there were 4 of us in a booth) and he was looking right at me shaking his head "no" at me. Same teacher, different instance (probably a few months later), he bet us that we couldn't attack him from behind, and gave us permission to try it any time. Months passed after this and one day I'm standing chatting with him, when I see his facial expression change to surprise, then he suddenly drops low, turning around and striking my classmate in the groin, sending him flying back and landing on his butt. "Why'd you try to hit me??" he asked the student. "Because you said we could try to attack you any time" he answered. Once our teacher realized what it was about, he relaxed and laughed a bit. He said he could feel my classmate's presence behind him and suddenly "felt the Yang energy change" and knew he was about to be attacked. The student said he simply stood behind our teacher and the moment he wound up to push him from behind, the next thing he knew he was landing on his butt. So not exactly reading thoughts, but definitely having a similar result .... with this teacher by the way, I could write a book based on all the crazy energy skills he had that I personally witnessed during the 6 years I trained with him....
  11. Intent vs Visualization

    In my personal experience the difference between intent and visualization is quite distinct. Intent is what you set your mind to during your meditation - this causes an energetic response based on your intent, which if performed correctly will cause the energy to manifest/rise/move within you. Visualization is using your mind to create a 'manifestation' that may or may not be accurate to what you are trying to do. Yes, you can visualize energy rising up your spine, and in fact manifest a feeling of this. But is it accurate? Is it a truthful energy? It's a sensation. Proper intent (for example, focusing on your dan tian) which causes an energy to manifest that naturally ascends the spine (without your visualization - you're focused on the dan tian in this example) is a completely different type of energy work - that is a more accurate representation of what Qi Gong (loosely translated as development of energy in chinese) is rather than simply practising 'mindfulness' (visualization work) that can cause you to manifest sensations. My old teacher you to say in his 'Chinglish' ... "think Qi, no real Qi... no think Qi.... maybe Qi come..."
  12. Hello from Vancouver, BC

    Hi! I've been practising primarily Chinese meditations for martial arts for a number of years. Last week I had an energetic experience that I shared on another forum, looking for people to discuss and share like experiences with, and another member was kind enough to direct me to this forum, which looks like a more appropriate avenue to be having open discussions on this sort of topic with. I'm looking forward to sharing and learning with other members. Dave