Report of the Heart Shrine Relic Tour Amsterdam.

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Hey fellow Taobums,


After reading the thread http://www.thetaobums.com/index.php?showto...p;hl=relic+tour started by Rex (thanx again Rex for letting the Taobums know about this unique event !!) i was very curious for the Heart Shrine Relic Tour that was going trough Europe. I decided to take the train to the Maitreya Institute in Amsterdam where the tour would pass by 18th and 19th oktober.


After reaching Amsterdam (about 2 hours by train from Antwerp) i went straight to my destination (hey its really easy to get diverged in Amsterdam :) ) where the kind people of the Maitreya Institute gave me a warm welcome and information about the relics and the institute.


I wasnt tired or hungry but after removing my coat and shoes and entering the room where the relics where shown i felt strange so my first impulse was to sit down and relax .. so i did. There was a very (very) strong and positive vibe inside the room. I cannot really describe it but that moment i instantly knew: hey this is the real deal !


After 10 minutes of yust sitting down and looking around i went round the table where the Heart Shrine Relics where displayed. It wasnt that big .. one room with one big table where many relics been displayed behind plastic cases. In the middle there was a statue of Buddah and the whole table was nicely decorated, aswell as the whole room.


I walked around the table starting with the relics of Shakyamuni Buddha and from there went from the older towards the more modern relics.


Its unbelievable really, seeing these relics of long gone (and more recent) spiritual masters leaves a big impression i can assure you. I noticed several people that entered and went straight to the relics .. who yust started crying and let loose all there emotion. It was beautifull actually.


After going round the table you had the possibility to offer all your negative emotions, karma etc to the Buddah and all other masters represented. Also you could pour water over the small Buddah's head to honor him and ring a gong to offer its sound.


When you finished the tour there was the possibility to get blessed by a Lama (over 35 years experience) who did so with a small golden object filled with several relics. He did this by putting the object on your head and whispering a mantra in Tibetan. After he took the object away he touched the soft spot on your head and put down the object again while reciting another mantra or prayer.


I noticed a person entering the room with he's dog and he asked a blessing for him and he's pet .. the dog didnt really like this though so the lama grabbed the dogs head carefully and placed the object containing the relics on he's head. I never seen a dog get so relaxed so fast hehe. He almost fell asleep and seemed to enjoy the blessing he yust received.


There was a place in the same room where you could meditate near the lama but didnt join the people there as i noticed that there where chairs put around the relic table. Ive been so rude to occupy the chair that was about half a meter away from the relics of Shakyamuni Buddah and stayed there in a meditative state for i cant remember how long. It was getting dark when i finally thanked and greeted the lama, the people of the institute and the relics and walked outside filled with an intense feeling of compassion and bliss.


If the Heart Shrine relic Tour Passes by somewhere near you, certainly do not hesitate to drop by as you most likely will not forget it soon.


Regards and blessings to all !




























































Movies (lesser quality):







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Thanks - that's a wonderful account and a great set of photos. You've really captured the spirit of the 'Tour'.

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Minkus, Thank you!

The Relics Tour was in Asheville recently, and it was WONDERFUL! I floated for days in a great big heart grin. Then, slowly, the experience faded. I could remember that it was wonderful, but was not able to reconnect with that feeling. Your pictures bring it all back! My heart is glowing again.

Thank you so much for taking the time to post this!

Many blessings,

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Absolutely wonderful Minkus - thanks!

After reading the thread http://www.thetaobums.com/index.php?showto...p;hl=relic+tour started by Rex (thanx again Rex for letting the Taobums know about this unique event !!)
Thanks again! I'm glad one of my posts was actually useful to someone. Now the torch has passed more ably to you. :)


For me just getting to the event seemed a purification in itself in overcoming obstacles - cancelled rail services; experiencing a strong impulse to knock it all on the head; subsequent driving in torrential rain on Europe's biggest carpark, the M25; getting lost; narrowly missing having a nasty accident and getting soaked walking to the venue.


So after a five hour journey I finally arrived - hot, tired, hungry and busting for the toilet (I couldn't find one, even at the venue). But funnily enough as soon as I entered the relic room all the hassle dissolved and it was as you so beautifully described. :)

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Thanx alot for the positive response guys :) glad to hear other people also had good (great even) experiences with the Heart Shrine Tour. Do tell others !!!


Rex, for me getting the pictures was a small obstacle .. the lama and the people of the institute gave me permission to take them so i was like thank you thank you. When i arrived back home afterwords everything went well until i opend the sd-card. It was corrupted. Took me a whole day of testing recovery software (downloaded and tested about 15 programs) until i finally gave up. I was quit dissapointed as i would of loved to keep atleast the Buddah and the Milarepa pictures :( the thought that i visited in real life was comforting but still it would be pitty ..


A few hours later i gave it a last shot and asked a friend of me who said he had a good recovery program but only on mac .. he tried it and tadaa finally got lucky :)


After you arrived all the hassle dissolved you said, nicely put as that seemed indeed what happend .. all crap dissolving, a true blessing ! As Cheya said: you get a nice glow hehe.


Regards !

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