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The Tantric Inner Circle - Santiago Dobles

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Hey guys,


Many years ago I used to work with active methods of Indian kundalini yoga - you know pranayama and active visualizations etc - Indian methods similar to Chinese Qigong. I worked with other active western methods from the western alchemy and magic and so forth and so on; and Chinese and Tibetan and others. Years later I moved on to, by comparrision, more passive methods found in Zen, Dzogchen etc. Right now I am interested in active methods again, to suppliment my sitting practices in stillness meditation. Many of us know of Santiago on this board as Vajrasattva who is the head teacher and Guru of Umaa Tantra. He appears to have a long history in Tantra from several reputable teachers and traditions; with training and initiations from several traditions outside of tantra per se. He offers a complete distance course in the essence of the worlds various enlightenment traditions.


I wonder if anyone has any experience in the Umaa Tantra course and if Vajrasattva would be happy to carry out a thread of open questions with regard to his course and exactly what it is composed of, and why he thinks serious aspirants ought to take it and how it differs from the KAP course and so on?


Vajrasattva, I see that as part of the course you teach stillness practices, where do these practices originate from and how do you see that they fit with the more active methods - physical asanas, breath work, manipulation of chi etc?


In the KAP course you teach weather magic and so on, do you teach these kinds of magical practices in the inner circle course, if so, what is the philosophy behind "actively affecting" the material world with one's Will and energy? Why do you teach it and why should your students learn and practice it?


There seems to be a lot of emphasis at the higher levels on tantric sexual practices, how do you see these methods working in with celibacy? What is their status / importance in the system you offer?


Vajrasattva, how can we get a sample of the kind of materials you are offering so that we can see if we find resonance with your course and your style of teaching - could you make some interesting offers to those of us here at TaoBums? I would be willing to test drive the complete course and do so in a practice blog here on Taobums making daily entries describing the effects of the practices and my progress through the course - this may be very interesting if indeed the course is the essence of the worlds mystery traditions and as effective as one might expect.


Vajrasattva, how long does it take to complete the course? Can all the materials be bought individually i.e. DVD's, CD's, manuals, books, without being part of the course? If so, why do the course? How complete is it? Do you believe it contains the essence of the worlds most effective enlightenment practices? On one of your web pages, you mention higher courses to follow this one, that would seem to indicate the current course is not complete. What is contained in the higher courses that is not contained in this course?


More questions to come as they arise...


In kind regards,



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Hi Adam!


There is an Indian gentleman offering remote initiations via prayer letter that you might be interested in. He is in a branch of the lineage that Swami ShivomTirth has written much about (the one I belong to). Shakti is awakened by the diksha, and processes that are the goal of Tantra are simply surrendered to and observed.


Kundalini Shaktipata Yoga


The only requirement is daily sitting for one hour.


Also, here's a nice site I've been studying the lectures off of lately. This guy's a foremost scholar on sanskrit and Kashmir Shaivism:


Mark Dyczkowski





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