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  1. Entering the Void

    Hey Adept! Thanks for sharing your experiences! I too find that breath meditation is the simplest and most effective meditatoin practice for the conditioned aspects of mind to fall away revealing naked luminous emptiness. It is very impressive to me that you experience this everytime you meditate and within only a few minutes. In this context, you are an adept indeed. How long have you been practicing and for how long and often each day? Can you offer commentary on how you came to this level of mastery? Any advice for the rest of us to get to the same level of competency? Can you point to any resources for practice of this nature and its results of no-mind? Any that you recommend? What affect has this daily realisation of emptiness had on your consciousness, personality and daily, social and work life? Thanks for sharing! Adam.
  2. Joshua David Stone and Ascended Masters

    Dr Stone passed away, I guess, about 6 or 8 years ago, or so. Not sure what from. At the time he was talking a lot about breatharianism - and working up to living off prana or light, and nothing else. I kinda wonder if he finally tried it, and died as a result of complications. Don't know. He is probably responsible for making the ascended master doctrine most popular back in the late nineties - early two thousands. Naturally, he built on the pre-existing channelled work of many others from the 60's, 70's and 80's, and earlier still. He did a lot of research - prolific reader and writer. He produced some good material - if you're into that kind of thing - many books - which I was during the 90's. I think his material remains a valid source of esoteric teachings, from that particular perspective. It is, of course, just one point of view amongst many. I don't see any value in his university, although I have not looked at it for many years. Better material out there, in terms of more traditional oral traditions - which ultimately are the source of his more generic new age stuff. In kind regards, Adam.
  3. How to get into Focused Trance State

    My suggestion: use breath meditation at the lower belly. Instructions: completely let go into the breath. Just notice it go in and out. Let go of all thinking and doing. Let go of all other sensory stimuli. However, be completely open, and do not attempt to block out anything. Just notice the breath coming in and out. Only know the breath and the chi field at that point. However, do not 'try' to feel the chi or 'do' anything there. Just be completely present and mindful of the breath at the belly coming in andout without any break in that mindfulness. It should be continuous. This one practice will take you all the the way to the Tao. it is really cultivating chi, and directly noticinga the tao as it is, in this present moment. Follow this practice for a minimum of 20 minutes, and up to an hour or more once or preferably twice daily. You will be enlightened in a little while. Because the Tao is here and now - always was, is and will be. We need only let go, get out of our mind - thinking and doing - and we will directly realise Tao as the natural state of things. As who an what we are. Enjoy. Practice, practice, practice. Adam.
  4. tummo

    Hey guys! Here is Shou-Yu Liang's book Qigong Empowerment. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mod Team This link has been removed as it violates forum policy regarding copyright protection Mod Team Out ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Enjoy all! :-) Adam.
  5. tummo

    Hey there! Check out this link. Here you will find a distillation of the complete practice without the (unnecessary cultural baggage of the) Tibetan visualizations. There is a discussion of the dangers and pitfalls, how to avoid them etc. It is written up by a person, a Doctor I believe, who received the traditional transmissions and training from (if I recall), three different Lamas. Tummo is really just Indian yogic pranayama breath retention with various locks etc. It is not easy at all, and not meant for generating heat in cold climates. It is a spiritual practice for enlightenment. If you wanna get warm there is way easier ways to doing that than holding your breath for 1.5 to 2 minutes! Enjoy! Adam. edited fr typo
  6. most advanced,highest neigong system or study ?

    After nineteen years of study, exploration and practice of many of the worlds systems, I would say Dzogchen and Mahamudra has the highest and most vast view. It points to your already awake, enlightened nature as your very own awareness that has always been present here and now. The same awareness, sentience or aliveness that reads these words. And exactly how to realize it. The only possible problem is it is contained and transmitted via Tibetan Buddhism which is a very comprehensive and elaborate metaphysics and system of mysticism. So there there can be a long time getting to the plain truth. Zen is similar, but it lacks the clarity and sophistication. Its direct pointing will do the same thing, but even still, there are hundreds of years of tradition and ritual which confuses and distracts. But yes, sit and face a wall; or sit and gently gaze at the sky or environment in front of you. If your true nature is Dharmakaya or Tao already, and we need only spontaneously realise this, then this will become apparent to you in time. Most other practices merely support this process. Unfortunately they more often than not distract from it. Adam.
  7. "Doing stuff", "not doing stuff"

    Hi Kate! It is nice to drop in now and then - see what you lovely people are up to. I've been off, as you say, doing my own thing, going my own way. As things slowly ripen - they spontaneously come alive in expression, and it is always nice to touch base with other practitioners on the path - of the way - to share and commune in the journey of awakening. It is like we go full circle - away from the bustling crowds and their chaotic disturbance and collective individual suffering, into ourselves, touch something deep and awakened, feel driven to reconnect and share with life and others in our collective sentience of life as the human experience, and together and on our own, dissolve into nothing and everything - finally realizing we have never traveled anywhere at all - just always this. In celebration,
  8. "Doing stuff", "not doing stuff"

    Hey guys and gals, I think the thing about emptiness is it is not a vacuous nothingness or nihilism. Rather it is a living dynamic awake-ness - the one living reality. The source of all energy, life, being, existence, activity and creation - not only the source thereof, but the fundamental nature of all these things - not two, but one. So to go deep into emptiness is to discovery a vibrancy and awake-ness - a living intensity of being - the creative force and essence of life itself. So in this sense emptiness / life is far from passive or inactive - it is both active and passive and neither simultaneously. To realise emptiness for a time is to be immersed in energy, power and creativity, while also a deep stillness and profound completeness and fulfillment. This is why some schools of thought suggest that no active energy practices are required - all the energy, power and activity of the entire universe is awakend in oneself when one touches and realises the essence of one's being - emptiness. Emptiness is inseparable from life, energy and activity - inseparable from awareness, cognizance, lucidity, phenomena and being - different dimensions of the one singular reality that is 'just this', here and now - to realise emptiness in meditation and later in everyday life is to see this for yourself. To see it yourself, simply go deeper in your practice. This is how you can judge if you have gone deep enough - that is the realisation - the direct experience. All activity in this world - the drive to be creative, connect with others, share in the human experience, to give to know and be as we are, springs forth from this creative void that is both empty and profoundly full - both still and profoundly active - there is no dualistic dichotomies - only this, just this. On a practical level of lucid dreaming and other meditative and spiritual / life practices - they all seem to awaken of their own accord assuming one goes deep enough into the very essence of life / being - they are all stages in the natural awakening to truth / being / presence / what is / Tao. Once one becomes increasingly lucid in meditation, one becomes lucid in life, and also in dreams. In a sense the 'doing' of the ego is a doing done by a misapprehension of self - when this confusion dissolves in the greater dimension of being that is our true nature all the outcomes that the little self was working towards with its 'doing' come about on their own - as they are of our natural state; however, before we could not see that, as our true nature was obscured by the confusions and 'doings' of this little self. Let go into being, into emptiness, into awareness and all will become apparent - a vast dimension of infinitude of Being will [be] discovered - its already there, we just need to make contact with it. In kind regards, Adam. edited for grammar
  9. retention contest

    I think Hagar is wrong in this; certainly, however, if his practice is having good effect without it, that is what matters. It's not a matter of ideology, rather one of what works for the persons on the path and their social supports. My decade plus experimentation has led me to be certain of the value of retention in conjunction with deep and effective meditation. One's growth and empowerment on 'all' levels of being is exponential with retention; and excessive ejaculation will just as certainly result in one's deterioration. This is true for me at least, given the condition of my present mind-body structures; as these change following energetic structural change, so will the system and the need for celibacy. I find Bodri to be correct in his analysis concerning this dialogue. -Adam.
  10. It is true that psychiatric drugs can be *very* problematic, with many unpleasant side-effects; some times, many times, these side-effects out-way the benifets. It all depends on the presentation and individual case. With *acute* psychiatric presentations, sometimes medication, at least in the short term, is the only option, since the disturbance and distress is so great, and there is a real danger of harm to self or others, mostly just to self. Drug therapy should be considered just one *support* or protective factor and therapeutic intervention with psycho-social, situational and spiritual support all just as important in a bio-psycho-social-spiritual model of health, wellbeing and recovery. Now days, mental health practice is increasingly a 'whole of life' concern, addressing many complex factors, including, but not limited to, biochemical, medical interventions. Remember the balance of the way - anti-psychiatry is not a balanced view, nor is biological reductionism; a holistic complex systems approach of multi-dimensional personal, social and situational factors in a spiritual context is much more useful, and I would suggest, more consistent with Taoism. In kind regards, Adam.
  11. Hi! I agree that it is not clear that retention and partial, intermittent practice of the orbit has been a causal factor in his bi-polar. Bi-polar seems to be organically based, which of course would be consistent with the retention thesis, but it is more likely biochemically based following genetic factors. In any case, bi-polar disorder responds well to medication, which serves as a good support for finding one's equilibrium and treating disabling symptoms. Once somewhat stable, other additional interventions may be useful like cognitive-behavioural / psycho-therapeutic and complementary medicines, including meditation, under close supervision. He should make use of professional help, as bi-polar is very serious and can and does kill through self-harming behaviours. From that base of stability, one can then build recovery through other and all means. It is not clear what harm retention does. From my perspective, retention combined with effective meditation practice will result in health and growth on all levels of being - this is my experience. It does redirect a lot of energy, so that energy should be channeled in a healthy manner. It may be that if it is not made use of in an organized manner through formal practices, it will just disperse naturally through nocturnal emissions and hyperactivity of both functional and dysfunctional behaviours which burns up a lot of pranic force. In any case, it is not clear to me retention is the cause in this example, nor generally. In kind regards, Adam.
  12. New! TaoBums iPhone App!

    Nice one! Hey is it just me, or is SereneBlue a dreamy Elf or perhaps a mesmerizing Vulcan with pointy ears??? Ether way, I feel a little light headed And yes, I too found myself sliding the bar, to no good effect...
  13. PDF Books and Lectures To Trade?

    Hey Scotty! Two things primarily. He really drags out, or slowly releases the material - a real drip feed method. During which you are required to buy many of his other books and products. I get the sense he is really trying to milk the student for all they are worth before he actually passes on his material to them, which is great quality - highly detailed and comprehensive covering several traditions within kundalini yoga and western mystercism and magic; but can be found in other sources too, however. He has compiled it in one place and given his particular spin on it. The other thing is he requires a really tedious daily reporting of meditation practice that focuses on the phenomenology of one's experiences, particularly the details of mood, what one is thinking about and one's distractions into fantasy and daydreaming and such while meditating. It seemed to me to be a Freudian influence where the symbolic content of consciousness is somehow relevant and meaningful. However, I find that completely off the mark. Relevant to psychotherapy, but not meditation. In meditation such conditioning of mind is merely passing phenomena and not related to the Tao or the true nature of mind. I was interested in the meditation technology - the kundalini yoga and associated energetic practices; not the periphery. And he was attempting to make me jump through too many hoops and spend more money to get it. I have had contact with past senior students - and have heard some pretty big claims that he may be of a more nefarious nature. The meditation technology still works regardless. One can go down the dark path of personal power and self-aggrandizement or one can go down the path of service to others; either way, the tech will develop psychic power and transformation of consciousness. :-P Why do you ask Scotty? Are you thinking of going there? Can you help me locate that material? In kind regards, Adam.
  14. New! TaoBums iPhone App!

    Hahaha... I think all us blokes just want to see the dreamy SereneBlue wallpaper!
  15. SHAKTIPAT NEW MOON meditation tonight

    Hi Santi! Regretfully, I missed it. I look forward to the next one. Please post a reminder before, and hopefully I will catch it this time. Thanks In kind regards, Adam.