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hey im new here.


my names emily im from the uk.

i came across the site when looking up something qigong related.

look forward to chatting to you all :)

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Hey what's happening!?!


I studied in classes from He sat in a cave in full-lotus for 40 days with no water, no food and no sleep. He just sat in full-lotus the whole time.


Fire away with questions. haha.


Hi Emily !


That's how tai chi walking started, you know. ;)

All these "masters" sittin' around shootin' the breeze,

all hungry, and thirsty, and tired, and stuff.

One of them finely gave in,

he decided the others were a bunch of lazy old men

and went to go get a pizza and some birch beer.

He found all the cerculation was cut off in his legs ... and elsewhere.

and all he could do was scuffle around! Dude!

The other "masters" tried to get up and walk,

It was all they could do to keep from tipping over on each other!

They were all laughing and pushin'!

It was the Funniest thing you ever saw!!!

Man! But you know all the young bucks wanted to be just like them, right?

When they asked the "masters" what was up,

They were of course told "It's training."

So for generations "masters", i.e. students of other "masters",

for part of their Training would have to sit for 40 days and nights.

Hungry,Tired,Thirsty,Smelly...and then have to go pick up the pizza.

talk about "HAZING" ... DUDE!


PS. Facts may have been lost or blurred in translation.


and i am no longer allowed to tell my brothers kids stories

... so i joined this group!


Hi, Hope You have fun!






I'm going to get hit by lightning for that, hmm?




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Welcome to da Bums. 40 days fasting? Hmmmm... I've heard that story somewhere before....


Oh yeah, Moses fasted 40 days on the mountain top, Elijah fasted 40 days in a cave and Jesus fasted 40 days in the desert. I only did 21 days of water fasting. I feel soooo inadequate. :(


Anyway, welcome to da Bums.

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Good to have you aboard. The UK seems a bit under-represented here.

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