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  1. Getting started...

    I would suggest starting with very relaxed belly breathing, some stillness meditation and some very simple qigong with a downwards flavour. And a certain amount of time considering exactly what you hope to achieve, as that will likely be your main basis for further decisions. Good luck. As a general rule, see if you want to be like someone or not before you do what they're doing.
  2. Kunlun follow up poll

    I want to keep goddesses, pixies, Elvis and mermaids. Can I Dad, can I? I'll brush them and feed them and take them for walks. Pleeeeease !
  3. Life Without a Story

    What I found challenging was trying to tune in to the background vibe with that mentalist kitten coming at me all the time. Good practice !
  4. David Deida

    Now we're getting somewhere ! Can you tell me? How is it when you are loving? What's the difference between that and not loving? And physically. How does it feel? Unfortunately, I believe so. Most of us, in my opinion, have an idea of love, an attitude of love. But not love. But then I guess it depends what we mean by the word. And if I remember, previous attempts to define it have not exactly reached consensus ! I wish we could all just meet up and talk about this. I reckon we'd all be agreed in half an hour. I must admit I'm getting sick of being so pompous and opinionated. Which means I must be irritating the shit out of the rest of you !
  5. Can feeling good be bad karma?

    Don't worry - bad karma is good karma !
  6. David Deida

    Splendid, carry on.
  7. David Deida

    What? Are you saying I should shut up and leave Mr Deida alone, because he might help people? If not, please elaborate... If so, where is the ultra-libertarian Pietro I know and love? I happen to believe his path is not a path and will leave people more lost than they started. That's all.
  8. David Deida

    I never suggested waiting. I don't know where Pietro got that. I just suggested not faking, and I believe Deida encourages faking. Pietro seemed to suggest that not faking implied waiting. I entirely agree with starting from where you are. And the rest is just semantics. You can say the ego has no power, and that is true, in essence. But 6 billion people are in thrall to it every moment, so it's not without the ability to convince that it does have power. It has force, for sure, if not power. How long can you sit thoughtless? Myself, not that long. I think it's bollocks. It sounds wonderful. The skin of his writing is inspiring, as ever. And the reason we feel like failures is precisely because it's a shining ideal with no practicality. How would this love actually be done, made, carried out, in these moments of doubt shame, whatever? What would the state be, where would one's attention be, in the moment? Curious: he doesn't say. I bet if he was demonstrating it, there would be some noble facial expressions.
  9. 2012 Big Changes

    Let's do it ! I'm free most of next weekend. You handle the techie side, and I'll fix the drinks.
  10. 2012 Big Changes

    I remember an old quote from Bucky Fuller about how all that accumulation would one day let the earth become a star. I've no idea what science thinks of that, these days.
  11. Who is trained in Micro Cosmic Orbit?

    Way back in the past, when stones had legs, I had a session of private tuition with Rene Navarro. I kind of wanted to know about progression in Healing Tao stuff, where, if anywhere, I was, what I should be doing next. So he told me all about the principle of Taoist return, of things getting gradually simpler. And the orbit was actually the last thing, representing the final blend of yin and yang, to happen after you got all your five elements harmonised and all that. Naturally enough, I asked why the bloody hell, that being the case, it was taught at the very beginning. And he kind of said because it was just handy and connected things. I paraphrase, obviously, long time ago. So it may well be that what we think of as the orbit, if we're talking about having a bit of a nice ongoing flow, may be but a pale ghost of what other people mean by it. But hey, I really haven't a clue.
  12. David Deida

    I'm sorry, I'm really trying to making it clear, but to me, once noticed it's obvious, so it's hard to explain. What could "to" possibly mean there? Making love in the direction of her? Maybe it helps to really split making... ... love. For me that's not two words with one meaning of "the nice action that people do". It's two words with their individual meanings still attached. Could you make sandwiches to her? Clearly not, I hope. You could make sandwiches for her and that's pretty clear. But you can't make love for her and bring it to her afterwards. You have to do it together. With her. Hope that helps. My intention is not just to be pedantic. Ian Later edit: Just thought - maybe helpful to ask: could you make peace to someone, make contact to someone? No, with, each time. And those are pretty much synonyms, to me.
  13. David Deida

    I'm sorry, I wasn't clear. From my perspective, you cannot make love to someone. It's meaningless, nonsensical. I see that that you use the term to mean taking an active role. For me the term "making love" means something diametrically opposite to what I mean by "having sex". In making love, the literal making, generating, of love, is paramount. But enough. It's a lovely day. I'm going outside to wave my arms. (Also I did not mean to seem like I was criticising you personally. It was meant to sound just like a general example with your name in it. My apologies.)
  14. David Deida

    Emphasis mine. This is the crux. If a bunch of people got together and built a factory to make the product glunk, would it make any sense to say you were making glunk to your fellow workers? No. And if two people get together to make love with their bodies, does it make any sense to say one makes love to the other ? No. You can only make love, actually produce more love, with someone. You don't need to be perfect, you just have to do your best. Making love to someone is all about the greater glory and satisfaction of Pietro, as established through his delight and hers. Am I wrong?
  15. David Deida

    Strongly disagree, as they say in the surveys. A good 95-98 percent of relationships and sexual interactions, in my opinion, represent a headlong flight from reality, without even the honesty of the cinema, where it's at least evident what's going on. But maybe we have a different definition of "reality". What a wonderful idea for an interminable thread !