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Hey there,


Long-time lurker creating an account here for the 1st time.


I've gained a lot from reading all the posts and finally decided to pull the trigger and get myself on here officially. Have been studying spiritual and esoteric traditions for almost 20 years now(since 2004) and am always apt to learn more in-depth detail about them.


My first foray was getting into Hermetic Philosophy that a friend turned me onto and also Terrance McKenna to which I ended up taking a heroic dose and had an intense vision. After that I mostly left psychedelics alone and just tried to become familiar with what the terms and conditions of spiritual experiences were and meant.


I've had many varied experiences including Native American Sweat Lodges, Kundalini Yoga classes, Santeria and Palo Mayombe rituals under a Santero/Palero, Clairvoyant Classes under an excellent teacher, Hypnotherapy classes and much more.


Currently reading Steve Gray's book, 'Zhan Zhuang Power Secrets' and can highly recommend it although I would say go for the paperback as I have the hardback.


I work physically laborious jobs so I may only be able to get on here to check or reply to posts a couple times a week.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Thank you everyone who welcomed me to the forum, I meant to check back in sooner but have had an interesting last few months.


I mainly joined because I felt I needed to get my experiences with LMP/TIP written down and available publicly. I recently decided to purchase all of Steve Gray's Tien Shan Qigong as I just found out yesterday, on my birthday of all days, that he had passed not long ago. This knocked the wind out of my sails a bit as I was seriously considering getting some 1-on-1 training with him down in Ecuador but now I will just have to make due on my own. He gave his blessing for one person to continue his lineage in England, a man named Aaron Hall, so I might have to give him a visit once I get decently practiced in it for some fine tuning.


A few days after my first initial posts here my father passed away after not eating or drinking any water for about a week. He was up there in age though and I'm surprised he made it as long as he did because he did not take care of his health besides make half-way decent food for himself self some of the time, lol. I got to see him last year though as he lived in another state so it was an amicable passing and I'm glad he is not in physical distress any longer. Had to deal with some family drama fallout but was expecting and ready for it so it didn't knock me at all but did give me some grief while I was going through my own emotional purging.


Then about 2 months later I had my closest friend show up at my door and needed to borrow my couch for about a week. Really interesting story behind that but I unfortunately can't go into detail. I had helped him move almost 2 decades prior up into the hills to get away from his hometown which was doing him no favors and he did great until things went sour for him up there and he had to come back. We're both thinking of writing out a book or some other creative endeavor to share or spiritual journeys we have both been through and hopefully have it reach the right audience.


I went to an symphony orchestra performance a couple weeks back at a university so the ticket prices weren't bad and the music really did something for me. Seems like all the old masters from whatever lineage either sincerely appreciated their own form of classical music from their culture or the serenity of silence they find in nature. Highly recommend cultivators to go see a live symphony orchestra performance if they have the chance, your Qi will thank you for it!


I've also been doing this herbal remedy protocol that I was turned onto by a fellow cultivator called, 'Cosmic Death Fungus NAC Protocol' and have been having some REALLY interesting results with. It makes a pretty solid case for biofilm, fungus and parasites being the underlying cause of basically nearly all disease and most aging symptoms pretty thoroughly with good references and data to back it up. I jumped on it over a month ago and have had to adjust here and there but I really like how I've been feeling overall, I keep having memories pop up of when I was a kid and feeling really happy for some reason, lol. I was actually doing coffee enemas before I got on the protocol, which I highly recommend for a variety of health purposes, and I'm glad I combined them as they seem to compliment each other really well.


Planning to start cultivating again here soon and will create a practice log for people to follow as I give Tien Shan a fair shake.

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On 5/20/2023 at 2:00 AM, Delta_Wave said:

I just found out yesterday, on my birthday of all days, that he had passed not long ago.



Can you share where you heard this information? 

Is it confirmed?

thank you



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Wandelaar you wander a bit too much in a dog eat dog world,

I'm going to rob your pendant store and throw it in the City of Slums. I'm sorry I just need more milk and I can't afford any

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