Rates of Sexless Men under 30 hit all time highs

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So something you hear a lot about these days, is that fewer people especially men, are having sex than ever before. It’s quite bizarre.


i remember about 10 years ago people would talk about the huge rates of “herbivore men” in Japan who never had sex, and you’d think that could never happen here.


It seems the phenomenon has come to the west now too though.



People have tried to blame everything from tinder, to low t levels,  to porn, and the bitter and misogynistic have even tried to blame women.


I think only I have identified one crucial factor though. And that’s the maturity and development of the people’s personalities.


One thing that’s been universally observed by almost anyone I know of who pays attention to these things, is that guys who are good at the courtship process, who connect easily with women, or who understand how to communicate with the gender of their choice, always start off at a young age.


Think of the male gender for example, when two men communicate it’s almost always a logical discussion.They have no inborn desire to speak to each other in emotional terms cuz they never got any evolutionary advantage from it, so see no value in it. But when interacting with a woman in a romantic context, well that will usually require speaking on an emotional level. Women will often appreciate a man speaking in Emotional terms.


That requires a bit of effort and learning as it may not come naturally to a lot of dudes.


So think about it, who is the more socially, mentally, and emotionally developed person? The one who has been dating and had relationships since they were 15 or a 19 year old who has no experience? Let’s say they both are 20 and both have crushes on the same girl. Who’s gonna get her? the guy who has been dating and had relationships since he was 15 or the 20 year old virgin?


It’s obvious who’s gonna get the girl 


No different than a pianist with 5 years experience playing in a concert against a total noob. It’s a no contest.


A lot of reports also say that in places where men are more timid or less experienced like Norway, Sweden etc. it’s easier for a man to convince a woman to cheat on a bf or leave a bf. It may very well be true.


So if you want to know why there are so many sexless adult men who as a result must be emotionally stunted, I think you gotta look at age of virginity stats. 

It appears the trend has been going for a long time actually. Since at least 1991.


So it seems the logical conclusion is that in general, there's gonna be more awkward stunted guys and fewer confident naturals than ever before.



"Percentages of high school students who reported ever having sexual intercourse range from 38% in ninth grade to 60.9% in 12th grade. This compares with the 1991 figures of 39% for grade 9 and 66.7% for grade 12, the CDC said.

The overall percentage of sexually experienced teenage males decreased from 57.4% in 1991 to 48.8% in 1997, CDC said, whereas sexually active females decreased from 50.8% to 47.7%.

The trend toward abstinence contrasts with the promiscuity of the 1970s and ‘80s, when sexual activity ballooned among teenagers, Kolbe said. Sexual activity among girls 15 to 19, for example, jumped from 29% in 1970 to 57% in 1988, according to previous studies."


So think about that. 
According to the data, Prior to 1970 people were extremely repressed and underdeveloped socially and emotionally. Only 29% of people under 20 had lost their virginity. That’s seriously messed up

The  period from 1970 to 1988 saw unprecedented progression in human social development, where in only 2 decades rates of virginity loss for those under 20 shot up to 60-70 percent or more. A clear indication of a society wide advancement in social skills.

Think about Marty Mcfly in 1985 as compared to George Mcfly in 1955

There’s no comparison who was more mature and more developed as a person.

But since 1991 or so society has started to decline. Or regress. Virginity rates are going up. Social awkwardness is going up.

No one seems to know why.

Some people have suggested that prior to 1970 society was repressed by an imbalance of male power suppressing female power, resulting in a lot of social awkwardness and stunted development.

But then society advanced greatly, and virginity rates went way down through the 70s and 80s as society became less male dominated

But why did it regress again? Why have things gotten almost as bad today as pre 1970s

I found some research that kind of points towards that at least in dating, the context, the framing, the meaning attached to it, the purpose of it, has in fact now become too female dominated….




"Fewer than 40% of American high schoolers have ever had sexual intercourse, a decline of over 15 percentage points since the early 1990s. The historic drop is one of the findings in the 2019 iteration of the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS), a biannual survey administered by the CDC that tracks risky behaviors, including sexual intercourse, among America's high schoolers. Administered to high school students across the country since 1991, the YRBS offers one of the more detailed longitudinal views of the state of high school sexual activity.

What this year's report shows is yet another drop in that activity, consistent with the more or less continuous trend since 1991. Closer examination reveals that most teens are having less sex and delaying sex longer, and that sexually-active teens have fewer lifetime sexual partners. That confirms other data indicating that American teenagers are far more risk averse than their parents, challenging the popular media representation of an increasingly sexualized adolescent life. 

In 2019, some 38.4% of high schoolers reported that they had ever had sex, down from 39.5% in 2017, 46% in 2009, and 54% in 1991. (The YRBS only tracks frequency of "sexual intercourse" and does not ask about other sex-related but non-intercourse activities.)

Boys were slightly more likely (39.2%) than girls (37.6%) to self-report having had sex, a disparity that appears across most surveys and likely represents response bias. Just 27.4% of teens were currently sexually active, a decline from 28.7% a year ago, 34.2% a decade ago, and 37.5% in 1991.

Not only are high schoolers having less sex; they are having it, on average, later and later. That's reflected in grade-level data, which show the largest declines in ever having had sexual intercourse among ninth graders, down a full 20 percentage points since 1991. Twelfth graders, by contrast, have only fallen by 10 percentage points—a disparity that suggests that some rising high schoolers "catch up" to their '90s peers later on.[\quote]



So the question is what can be done?


When I think of Marty vs. George Mcfly, Marty’s idea was to teach George to be a cooler guy. Sort like deliberate learning, rather then Marty who naturally “had it”



Or I was watching discovery channel or something like that, and there was a show called “Orangutan School”. It was about Orangutan orphans who had lost their mothers.


The Orangutans couldn’t live in the wild on their own, they didn’t know how so had to be rescued by humans. But the humans eventually wanted to release the Orangutans back into the wild. But the Orangutans had to first be taught how to survive before they could be released. They had to be rehabbed and taught by humans what they didn’t learn naturally in the jungle.


Could be the future for humans too, not so different from Orangutans 


"What did change in the 1990s was the context for high school sex. The authors write, “our best informed guess is that the cultural norms for girls’ sexuality have dramatically changed. Girls are now presumed sexually active inside, but not outside, romantic relationships. Boys are therefore now much more likely to begin their sexual lives with a girlfriend.”

This contrasts with pre-sexual revolution times when boys had their initial sexual encounter with so-called “bad” girls or “sluts” who were outside their social circle.

“Girls are not having less sex today, but they are insisting that they have it in a relationship,” said Schwartz. “However, the definition of a relationship has changed. This drives parents crazy because a boyfriend can be like the flavor of the month rather than going with a guy for two years.

“A girl today might be called a ‘slut’ because she had sex outside a relationship, not because of the number of partners she had. Boys have to conform to this social context. A boy can’t play around and have a girlfriend. His girlfriend may not be ready for sex so the boy delays his sexual activity or leaves the relationship.”"
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1 hour ago, Immortal4life said:

… It’s obvious who’s gonna get the girl …


On 22/11/2022 at 7:45 PM, Immortal4life said:

… I bang at least 2 new girls a week …

(my bold)


new” :lol: Somehow I think you’re not really “getting” the girl. :P 


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6 hours ago, Immortal4life said:

Think of the male gender for example, when two men communicate it’s almost always a logical discussion.


Luke, admittedly more emotional than most, starts crying and retreats to his room to sulk.  Gender talk always puts him in a mood.

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Covid probably didn't help the virginity problem. 


It is such a bad static though?  That only 72% of young men were having sex the last year?  Don't know how it is now, but in my day, early 80s there was quite a bit of social pressure to get laid.  Bragging rights, being a true red blooded American etc.,  The virgin was looked down on as a square, not with it.


So, if part of this phenomena is less social pressure, then it might be a good sign. 

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Women don’t wanna sleep with incels. Plain and simple. Nick Fuentes said  it himself 

“dating women is gay, having sex with women is gay”

Can’t make this shit up 😂

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