Buddha "Don't worship anything". Buddhists "With folded hands I turn to you". Me "Huh?".

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2 hours ago, Apech said:


I kind of agree ... but I'm not sure if you can actually use the ego to weaken the ego ... I see it more about just admitting that there's 'something' greater than you (ego) as I see the refuge assembly to be illustrative of the continuum of buddha-nature.  It's like you've come across the Holy Grail in the woods and you cannot help but bow before it because it is so ... awesome (there I used that dreadful word).




I get that.

I also get a sense of the repetitive, sometimes abstract, deferential, or tedious activity causing a bit of a conflict with the identity that has other things to do or the one who doesn’t really identify with this foreign cultural indulgence… The one who rebels, the busy and important person, all these different personas come out to complain, to argue, and I begin to see how arbitrary, hollow, fragmented, and unimportant they, I,  all seem to be. The central sense of an individual loosens. Hard to express it well…

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