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  1. Favorite Quotes from Buddha.

    It wasn't posted to seek attention, at least not in that way. I've already explained that I'm not going over it again if you didn't get it the first time. If you allow yourself to be shaped by the times and follow in ways blatantly false you are in effect betraying your own integrity. If thats an acceptable thing for you then have at it. There's plenty (un)happy to join you and I'll stand alone if needs be. So you're a social justice warrior then? Someone who goes around looking for things to be offended for on other peoples behalf? No wonder you're "on the internet" as its the only place your kind are. Real life NPCs unaware that they are unaware. On a spiritual forum. Oh the irony. Does "changing the tenor" mean running this place into the ground because as far as I can tell there about 10 people posting on here these days. Well done. Hitler would be proud with how you cleansed the place of "undesirables" (as you define them). Do you even see how dictatorial you sound? Either way I'm glad you shared because it explains why this forum feels so bombed out and depleted. From lurking and searching every now and then it seemed to be vibrant, filled with discussion and lots of experience. In reality its pretty much the opposite of that which means in between then and now something happened and you just filled in that blank. Well done. Here's to the next 10,000 posts in your "safe space". Just typing that makes me want to puke. How can any fully grown person even deign to use such a term? You know the inference right? That everywhere else is perceived as threat so what does that say about your internal world, emotional development and overall resilience? It seems this forum had a civil war at some point long past and drove what made it interesting out leaving the losers to claim a win by sheer default. No offense to those who aren't all riled up by a simple spoilered, warned and generally "safe-spaced" meme as I'm sure you're cool but the rest of you've who replied up in arms seem like a bunch of tools just looking for a reason to be unhappy. Glad we had this conversation though as I've realized you're not the kind of people I want to be anywhere near. Misery is contagious so I'm going to log out now and be on my merry way. This is not the congregation I'm seeking... May you find happiness and I truly mean that as all I know how to be is genuine.
  2. In a nutshell: Life is hell and everyone dies. There it is. Distilled to its purest, shiny wisdom. Of course Big B doesn't say it that directly but he doesn't mince his words either because that is the message he repeated over and over. Hoping people would get it into their thick skulls. If you don't you'll get another go round on the wheel and have another chance. Rinse and repeat until you finally get what he means.
  3. Favorite Quotes from Buddha.

    Its not really that hard. Most things aren't but people certainly like to complicate them. A lot of that comes from this tap dancing around what you think people might want to hear/not hear then self editing accordingly. Its why I prefer to just speak directly. Sheesh, I can't believe this response from you all from a simple amusing picture, even after explaining it to death which killed any humour that was there. There is a distinctly dour tone to so many of the posts and I've just met it directly here and it feels quite icky. Do you lot just lurk, waiting for something to be mad at because its the most response I've had to any post and that is quite sad. In things that count, yes. In self censorship and the editing it creates as you pussy foot around using politically correct euphemisms and other linguistic games? No. Why are you so bent out of shape by the quote? If you personally are offended by it just say and I will leave right now, forget the 24 hours. If that is how you define integrity then I don't know what to say. Petulant immaturity I'll give you as that comes with the territory. I'm quite dismayed that this, out of all I've posted, is whats garnered so much attention and that speaks volumes on the community here and what gets them clicking reply. Maybe something to reflect on all the way up there on your high horse?
  4. Favorite Quotes from Buddha.

    Like I said, I didn't come here to teach but learn. If I'm drowning in ignorance why are the wise men of this forum throwing breeze blocks at me? Whose level of evolution does that speak on? Mine or theirs?
  5. Hello

    Come on in, the waters warm and the reception frosty!
  6. Hello

    Could you speak more on your experience of the energy forms of the body please? What are they? How did you feel them? What changes did you gain and insights did you come away with? Thanks
  7. Favorite Quotes from Buddha.

    If you take the entirety of pretty much any religion in the world it can be distilled to "Treat everyone how you wanted to be treat yourself". The rest is just commentary and expansion on that. Reading the earlier fake Buddha quotes passed off as the real thing inspired me to lampoon it with an obvious absurdity. The absurdity however contains the exact same truth (albiet expressed in a more profane way) as the distilled wisdom above. It was all quite amusing in my head anyway as it tied together so many disparate points in quite a pithy way. The fact that it was hidden and warned ultimately means those making a song and dance of it are abnegating their own sense of autonomy and personal responsibility and thats yet another blatant case of ignoring Buddhas way. Clear enough?
  8. Favorite Quotes from Buddha.

    Its not a challenge, just a statement of fact. I lurked before and mainly searched the db for insights and didn't realize quite how dead this place was till I signed up. To say the pace is glacial would be an understatement so I'm fine either way as I didn't realize quite how echo chambery/cliquish it was till posting and I wish to learn by asking questions about things I want to know from those who do. If I've offended the handful of people active on here the I'll leave the site voluntarily as that was never my intent but nor will I change the way I am.
  9. I do believe these are the "thinly veiled insults" your friend spoke of previously. Have you ever considered getting "off the internet" because the time and effort you put into 9000 posts could've got you to the promised land and back. Just a thought.
  10. Thank you, that is a very interesting response. The point about frustrated Christians is interesting as Buddhism seems to be the default go to for so many who drift away from that way of thinking. Also you're so right about its "exoticism" as that ties in with the diluted Western version and its marketing. At least they know who they are aiming for, eh? Personally from my (limited) experience of it they've over complicated what was intended as a direct path to enlightenment. There are massive disparities between what the man himself said/do and what others do. Like the blind leading the blind in many respects and people are too invested in this image and hype to see the reality. That being: How many enlightened people has this (or any other method, throwing it out there) produced since they were shared with the world? Its a uncomfortable truth but a truth nonetheless. The mark of madness is doing the same thing again while expecting different results.
  11. Favorite Quotes from Buddha.

    Of course it is. If you can't see the joke (and truth) in this then I don't know what to say. I signed up to discuss things that interest me. I don't pull punches and am known for being quite blunt. Its interesting that you think I've got "an attitude of nonchalant bravado" so thanks for that insight. I'll give you 24 hours to decide whether to ban this username or sit down and be quiet as I've no intent of foregoing my nature on your, or anyone elses, account. If you want an echo chamber, have at it. You've already done quite well in that respect it seems. Discussion is born from people having different views and wishing to learn from one another. Otherwise what is the point in having a forum? 24 hours. Don't think too hard. Go with what feels good. But most of all, remember what Buddha said as it applies so perfectly in this situation.
  12. Favorite Quotes from Buddha.

    I really like this quote from Buddha. It sums up the entirety of his teaching with a simple, snappy saying that just rolls off the Tongue. Warning. Do not open if easily offended, prone to hysterics or if you lack entirely in a sense of humour
  13. Thank you, thats exactly what I was thinking. Much like Lipstick Lesbians there are lots of Chapstick Buddhists meaning they only cling to the image and apply a surface veneer of insight to appear "spiritual/enlightened". Lip service if you will and in the process disrespect not only the man but also the whole point of his teachings. Its interesting to see the cult of personality angle was that rife while he was still alive. Given time its only magnified. Like I said, they spin empty wheels thinking they're getting somewhere and clap each other on the back for their "progress" (or lack thereof) and how awesome they are at being spiritual. Granted the nature of the ego is to be slippery but it just makes me wonder. Can so many swathes of people have so little insight? The guy outlined a step by step plan for getting there, what to see, what to expect and what to avoid if you lacked the wherewithal to do it yourself. This article refers to "Toothless Buddhism" and makes a very good point about the McDonaldization of it all: And its of this that I speak and hope others that read will comment too.