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  1. Depression

  2. Depression

    Once again, I didn't say that it was. What I did say was that the chemical imbalance theory is a complete scam to foist pills at a profit and that the various talk modalities range from totally useless to actually dangerous. For most people depression is caused by a lack of options which makes them feel powerless. The bodymind creates this state of malaise to motivate the person to get off their bottom and go and do something about it, change it aka create options. The money in this situation would make the average factory worker laid off with depression forget about all of that in an instant as he'd have a much wider focus. Thing is he doesn't need the money to open his mind but for most people they need external strength to offset their internal weakness and that was the whole point of this rather flippant example that I've now drilled to death by decimating it to clarify it for you. Idiots guide = Depression is due to feelings of powerlessness as an effect of continually narrowing options that seemingly get worse and worse. People misread the cue and other people makes lots of money out of it. I see *takes notes* *scratches beard* *adjusts tampon* So what you're saying is that these feelings, they come and go, correct? And when new ones come you wish to revise the previous perspective, yes? Interesting. How does that make you feel? Did you always feel that way? What do you think this means?
  3. Depression

    *strokes beard* *looks thoughtful* *takes notes* "Yes, I see... And why did it make you feel that way?"
  4. Depression

    I didn't say that but you are free to rattle your begging cup as noisily as you wish.
  5. Depression

    This is what it sounds like when Shens cry. Depression is a message that your life isn't how its supposed to be so do something to change it. People misread the signal as "Hey Doc, give me some pills that don't really do a thing beyond distracting me as your attention is the most healing aspect of all of this" or going to bleat to a shrink who is actually more messed up than you are. They just have more paperwork to disguise it and, occasionally, some cool parlor tricks to keep you amused. Take the most depressed person in the world and give them £50 million. Watch how quickly their "depression" evaporates because the money represents the potential to change and thats all they needed in the first place. Thing is they weren't creative enough to think of a solution without the paper but that doesn't mean it isn't possible.
  6. 猴子在树上。男人只看到椰子。 成功有两个关键。首先:永远不要告诉任何人你所知道的一切。第二:
  7. Optimal time to practice Qigong?

    Yes, exactly. Whilst neigong is the whole body thing there are certain qigong aspects that are aimed primarily at healing specific ailments and blockages. That is what I meant about tying in the times and directions to the practice for more aligned benefits. The latter point is a problem of the modern age as we live our lives with very unnatural cycles that are coordinated to business interests moreso than our own rhythms and this cumulatively has an effect. These points don't seem to be discussed much and I made the thread to see if others have considered them and experimented. If so I'm interested in hearing what differences you got from your form when you switched the timing, direction etc...
  8. This thread ties in a lot to my incomplete knowledge thread. Tangent but when it comes to Kundalini people think that when it kicks in you'll all of a sudden become some saintlike person. Wrong, it just makes you more of what you were and its up to you to shed those unwanted layers to actualize what you are. So if you're a crotchety moaner pre-K afterwards you'll be a horrendously negative person to be around. If you lack the insight you won't notice the change as you are too busy "being you" as all of your old familiar ways are amplified now, plus it feels great plus you're in the K Club so what can go wrong? What happens is this extra energy is chewing up the system like gunked up engine oil in a car that is redlined all the time. Sure it feels great for the driver but he never looks under the hood and no one else told him about this bit so on he goes. End result? Great power internally whilst looking totally depleted externally. Bodybuilders in general are the flip of this as its rare you'll meet one with even an inkling of balance as they are too caught up in appearance/stats. Now most of the Yoga out there is straight up BS, calisthenics dressed in Indian attire and totally devoid of the inner aspects and circulations beyond airy fairy lip service and visualization. But what it does do is "purify" the practitioners current level of embodiment by working out the previously acquired kinks. Net result = same energy as before but less resistance. Contrast with Captain K who has more energy but still the same old resistance in place that is now overpowered by the influx of energy. Which one do you think would look more healthy and vital? Its all because we have bits and pieces of complete systems that have been released in randomized chunks without the coherent framework, guidelines and general insight required in order to be able to sort out the modern messed up man. Most of the practitioners don't have a clue and frankly don't care. Intuition also isn't that high and if it is they're scared to "distort" the form by doing what their body wisdom says due to the rigid dogma attached. In a nutshell what we have these days are fossilized, devitalized aspects of complete forms that were once living energies and are now reduced to a series of poses that are better than nothing but nothing like what they really should be. There is a reason why the old practices had such long initiation periods as they were actually deconditioning to get the adept back to a baseline but that doesn't sell well in the modern world. Heck it didn't sell well in the old world but people took it if they wanted to ride the rollercoaster because there were no TVs to watch instead. That and the living energies part, this is why it was always a ear to mouth practice before being written down and that in itself killed most of the knowledge out there and we get to this point where people spin empty water wheels (or gunked up engine oil as they redline) and thinking they're making process. If cultivation is an intelligence test a lot of people failed it and didn't even realize. Most of them went on to teach other people how to be exactly like them
  9. Energy on Items?

    Go to a library or bookstore. Wander around a bit then pick a title at random with closed eyes and see what it says to you. Dealing out playing cards into a pile of black and red with eyes closed is also another good one.
  10. Optimal time to practice Qigong?

    Yes, thats what I mean in the sense that the teacher dictates the practice usually based on their insight of the student and whats needed whereas these days on the net its just a case of "hurry up and buy". Have you ever tried moving your practice to different times to check the variations (if any) in your experience?
  11. Evidnece for the super natural

    Everything is natural. It only appears super to those who are of the world (as opposed to those in it) because they expect it to conform to their expectations/programming with the common delusions of the age.
  12. Optimal time to practice Qigong?

    Yes, thats what I mean. If, lets say, you get "prescribed" a Qigong form in China they'd give you a certain one to be done at a certain time to get the result you require by addressing the main imbalance first. Now with the net and "All the forms you can eat" at your fingertips that diagnosis aspect is missing and I feel its a vital part that many gloss over. Like I said not much discussion on it but it could also explain why two people doing the same form get such totally different effects. Also, whilst we're on the topic: What do you lot do as a warm up to before practicing to get the energies flowing and awaken the meridians? The same old joint circles routine everyone seems to know (feet circles, knee circles, hip circles, shoulder circles) or something a bit more fancy? I've recently been thinking about that as well after a convo in which someone said "The first 45 minutes of most peoples practice is entirely wasted as it takes the bodies this long to gain equilibrium in order to optimally cultivate". That was quite an interesting observation and was the precursor to this topic we're now discussing but its these basics which are often not spoken of these days as the Chinese think "Everyone knows anyway" and the rest of the world doesn't know what they're missing. Its the same as opening and closing which I discussed here: A vital aspect that means the difference between flow and stagnation that many are simply unaware of as its spoken of so little and people are expected to just "get it".
  13. asanas,qi-gong, tibetan rites for youth and longevity

    Advanced glycation end products (AGEs ironically enough) are what you need to look into in a practical sense before diving into the sea of theoretical mumbo jumbo and general sketchiness. There was a good thread here about why so many Qigong masters look like shit thats worth a browse: Other factors to consider (which are related to AGEs and aging) are inflammation, cortisol levels, quality of sleep and lymph circulation. The other one is genetics, some people only have the raw equipment to age like milk whilst others mature like whisky. Better genes next time!
  14. Its Time To End The War On Salt

    99% of what the mainstream tells you is was and will be straight up BS. Why? Because they treat people like mushrooms as its good for business.
  15. Gaming Corner- What's your game

    What if all of the "deaths" you've been responsible for in the various games you play are actually attributed as actual murders when they weigh your soul against a feather (or whatever you believe)? Purely an intellectual pursuit here to get you all to think outside of the frame as its an entirely viable possibility when you consider games take place in their own "world" and the (soon to be) AI assisted characters by default will have some rudimentary subjective experience/feels much like our own. What if we're actually in a game with really good graphics? Are we playing or getting played?