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Earl Grey

Health help for someone who can’t get approval to post

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This prospective member, who is one of many people awaiting approval to post here, @Takingcharge, sent me this and I am posting it on his behalf because @sean isn’t approving new people’s requests to use the board. Answer on this thread or PM the user himself to help out.


So apologies if its a bit messy, im writing it on my phone and i dont really know how to ditscuss and describe This very  consisely so its a bit of a mess. 


so im not a qigong guy at all -  only experience i have is some basic mindfullness and self hypnosis processes.  I came here kind of desperately because i heard qigong worked directly with the nervous system and that you guys have all kinds of mappings and frameworks. So all that i know is what i read here and bruce frantsiz videos om youtube


So went to a hypnotherapist and did a trance process and it did something to my nervous system - this has been going on since november

I somehow  activated  something   in my nervous system  locally and manually while the rest stayed untouched.

This  created all kinds of havoc.   it was making me  ungrounded,  very clouded,  eye pain  and heavy stomach cramps. I felt under attack by my own body


during the hypnosis process i was doing a visualisation process while activating a strong feeling state -


looking back  now -   during this   i deeply tensed and untensed the muscles (and probably the nerves)  at the base of my skull , back of my spine  and back of my upper legs.   that seems to be kind of one and the same tract   and that seems to be  the tract it runs down.  maybe this tensing untensing is what caused it to activate locally there because it activated those nerve groups  and held my focus.


so il just describe what  is happening:


so either nervous system electricity activity or actual energy,   would  start moving down  the back of my legs (maybe just starting at the base of my skull moving down)  ,  moving down my ankles   -  going underneat my footsoles  - up on the front side   move over my  belly,   solar plexus erea   and  get kind of stuck at my forehead / hairline .


and it would only run down the middle part.  The middle part of the back of my leg.  so not the sides of my legs, it would move up   over the middle/center part of my shins , upperlegs , the middle of my belly - over my belly button  but a little braoder then that.  

i would feel it in the middle of my under arm and i think i would feel it mainly in the middle 2 fingers,  ring and middle finger etc


it would burnat the back of my upper  legs,  alot under my foot soles.  lowerfeet/shins on the front side  

my ankles felt like it  had a circle around it the electricity extending outwards  very strange to feel.  


 i would get severe stomach cramps as soon as it moved over my belly.      then all around my head i felt huge pressure, in my head pressure.    


 there was a weird  huge crown around my head like it was actually  it extending outwards. and other very strong nerve sensations .  it created  headaches  and  my eyes would feel like  falling closed  and staying like that.

i also had severe muscle twitching  everywhere


looking back now what i think has happened

i had activated manually  a different stream of electricity locally in a part of my nervous system - while the rest of my nervous system was doing different things  - it would move against the rest of thr nervous system and it would fight eachother - i had severe muscle spasms burning for months. 


top of my scalp and bottom of my feet is where it would collide i think, my footsoles,  and the moving up on the front side  had huge resistance as well ,   i think alot of  the muscle twitching  and huge burning and all the crazyness  was it running up agaisnt huge resistance because it isnt supposed to run like that.     

somtimes it would  actually  win and go over my scalp and it would go down my back  then i would turn  unnaturally cold ice cold.  and then later  heat would shoot back up my back and id became fully warm again. i would constantly get icecold  and  somewhere turn warm again

it woukd constantly be doing battle 


so my current state is - the intensity lessened. because it mostly seem to have won so no severe muscle spasms much anymore .  it now flows very unpleasantly  down the back of my legs,   up the frontside of my body is even more  unpleasant.    it hardens my belly    it creates headaches,  and eye pain,    i think the eye pain is mainly because it gets stuck at my  hairline head era ,       whne it moves over the scalp down the back  it diminishes and my eyes get lighter.    - but it feels really off and unnatural and very unpleasant. 


i have no idea what to do about this?  any advice, ideas, suggestions anyhing really is very welcome

i fear i somehow ruined my body


by the way for a while it would also shoot insidemy belly instead of over it  - and it would go straight up on the iside of me and push agaisnt the top of my scalp from the inside. i dont really think its energy because from what ive read thats suppsoed to feel really good and envigorating, so its probably nervoussystem  or not. i really dont know

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The system I study had hundreds of people who died trying to refine the methods, not die of old age, but of incorrect methods.


If you want to blaze your own trail and be your own lab rat be prepared to pay that price.


My advice is find a system, just one, and stick with that one.


Don't modify the practice, add to it, change it, deviate from it, etc.


When you start mixing practices and doing new things you get health problems.


My advice is using a grounding wire, connected to an actual grounding rod outside in the ground (not an outlet) to ground yourself during sleep.


Eat well, and make sure you get 8 hours minimum sleep per night.


Exercise and stop doing any forms of meditation and practice until these symptoms subside.

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I will post my standard response here:


Consult Eric Isen to see what is wrong with you and what can be done.

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This person suffers from Liver Yang rising.


He need to see a TCM professional to correct their problem plus:


1. Heaps of grounding work

2  A lot of gentle exercise that involves moving in the natural environment

3. Gently work on the Asían Squat (on a daily basis) until they are able to squat down with only their body weight and stay in the lowest position for as long as they can.

5. Think less and exercise more

6. Serious breaks from computers, mobile devices, social media, reading and studying, any sources of stress...


To reverse this condition completely it TAKES DECADES OF WORK since modern society suffers from it plus Spleen Qi deficiency. It's a lifestyle disease from which many other health conditions (including viral attacks like the COVID-19, allergies, mental problems, etc.) arise.


Good luck to this person :)

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