Sumer: the "black-headed" vs. the "red-faced"

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That was really interesting. Thank you.

Felt a little bit like the First Movie of a planned Trilogy, which never got finished because nobody else liked it.



I wonder why this Topic catches my attention.

It did before.

One thing, I guess, is  that I love a good Story. Not belittling as in "just a story". Kind of the way Imagination was mentioned here earlier. ( Like Imagination relates to just imagination similar like Story to just a story)

And then, of course, because I wan't to know what to do about it. And take a bit revenge. Maybe.


So.. That's what I thought and it reminded me of a story.

Capital S would be a little much here.


Once upon a time guy in his early twenties finishes a half a Year of work and heads to the nearest Train station to start his half Year of touring, as that's the way they used to do it back then.

He sees this and that, he sleeps here and there until he comes to the Teutoburg forest and the Externsteine.


Here's the Wiki- Link:



It's overwhelming. He spends Weeks walking in the Woods stumbling over amazing things, he meets someone who can tell him something about it and then there's the time he sleeps under the tree where they say Abbio von Thiotmalli had been baptized and something happens with the Birds and I don't know, it doesn't really matter here.

The point is he loves it and it's life changing.

The rest of the Tour gets canceled. It's Time to rest.


The Years go by. Quite a few of them.


He comes back. There's a woman and children with him and they are surprisingly cute, but something is different.

This time it's not early Spring, it's the middle of Summer. It's tourist season and he hates it.

The way most people around them behave is disrespectful at best. They're selling entry tickets and ice cream.

The situation is killing him. They will of course make a wish at that tree, the girls will be climbing around and he will show them the Bärenstein but it won't be long before he really wants to leave.

He's angry, but the problem is a subliminal sadness the anger is pushing to the surface.


( A little Box inside the Box:  The Bärenstein is about a ten minute walk from the Externensteine. North- Westish.

  I have heard people say that it's the older place between the two, but I don't know that. I do know that it has some                          Atmosphere.)


So the next morning our guy wakes up in the van they been sleeping in, he grabs a roll of toilet paper, a little shovel and all his angry thoughts to walks into the forest.
The thing about Teutoburg forest is that it's one of the few remaining beech forests in the mystical land of this story and in the Times of ancient Sumer, for example, there was little else. There would be birches at the water or spruce in the mountains, but under the conditions there the beech is truly made to rule them all. It's a pretty natural natural environment.

Just a few steps into the forest he starts  to dig a little hole knees above it and as he lets go

everything goes

the forest becomes a Wood again

and he is in it

a moment we'll call beautiful when it's gone.


So, yeah, that was all this was about.

I thought that, when I think about the gap between the current way of living and a way of living that may feel more in tune with the world from the perspective of civilasation, it seems unbridgeable, but as an Individual sometimes it just takes a shit and you can at least see the Bridge.


Big news, I know.



I'm not sure if the picture of a forest becoming wood works in English. In German "Forst" means forest, but in an economic sense and "Wald" means the same thing, but the word has a subtle magic left to it.


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