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  1. Ok reading some of @Nungali posts and deciding I may have to slowly work through this thread...
  2. Only read the first page of this thread. The idea of catching up on 28 pages is daunting, probably wont do it. So maybe these links have been shared already and the conversation probably long moved on, but throwing in some links for the most easily accessible up to date research on some of these topics. (All of season 2) I recommended this one before. One of the most important new books for anyone trying to suss out dominance and hierarchy. Doesn't provide all the answers but blows up a lot of misconceptions and asks new questions.
  3. Chyawanprash
  4. The seminar was well worth the time and cost. It's worth it for the Stillness practice alone. If you're serious about developing Neigong, then it's absolutely worth it. As everyone has said, Rudi is a calm, patient teacher. He provided clear instruction in all the various practices. Both during and after the seminar, he's been extremely generous with his time in answering questions that have come up. I like that we weren't "primed" with theory, history, or mythic stories. He did advertise the ability to generate electric qi as a long-term potential benefit, along with some stories about his teacher, but really the emphasis was on simple, direct and practical exercises for inner development. And they are surprisingly easy to fit into your day or existing practices if compatible. I've been trying to track down proper instruction in one of these practices for the past 9 months and Rudi delivered. Already feeling some improvements in my health and sense of well being.
  5. This book will be a useful read for anyone engaged with this discussion. Here's a preview:
  6. Oh look, I got covid

    Best of luck and a speedy recovery. I know how rough a "mild" case can be, so be well.
  7. Fruits of Fragrant Qigong?

    I can't say one is better than the other. I've enjoyed both. If for some reason I was forced to only practice 1....that would be a hard choice.
  8. Fruits of Fragrant Qigong?

    I miss meditating though, so not sure I will stick with it as a form. It's been very helpful and interesting to learn such an easy, simple to perform form, but I don't like the meditation and breathing restrictions. Sometimes I'd just prefer to sit.
  9. Fruits of Fragrant Qigong?

    Physically there is a very big difference in how the forms feel during practice. SF is much more pleasant and soothing, or even blissful. Not much happens when I practice Fragrant, sometimes some chills, but I notice it has a more optimistic energy as you say. I do seem to be getting mental and emotional benefits from it and even a sense of increased intuition. I had similar experiences with SF, I noticed it seemed to be reshaping me mentally and emotionally (I was also meditating frequently at the time), but the energy of FQ feels a little more grounded or confident, if that makes sense. Not every day, but on many days after practicing, I have a strong feeling of everything being OK
  10. I'm curious if some of the fragrant qigong practitioners here could share about their experiences with the system. I've been practicing for a little while and find it distinctive from Spring Forest. Are there any physical, emotional or mental benefits or changes that have been noticed, for example.
  11. Qi Gong and Tibetan Yogas?

    But do dakinis visit if your Qi Gong is advancing?
  12. "night hags"

    Thanks for sharing @Eduardo Yes, I've found Aum useful too. Didn't mention that. The speed and ease and bodily confidence I feel using it is very helpful. Thanks @Apech Thankfully it's not weighing heavily on me (no pun intended), I view it kind of lightly. At the same time, it was intense and I thought there might be some folks experienced with these types of events around here, so thought it was worth sharing. These things are ultimately empty, but we still have to deal with their forms. There's actually a documentary about this subject I've been meaning to watch. Now it's at the top of my cue.
  13. "night hags"

    Thanks for the tip @RiverSnake I was just shopping for cactus today actually, along with other plants for our place. I'll need pick up a small one for the bedroom. Nice that I happen to like them.
  14. Qi Gong system for chronic fatigue?

    Thanks Chya! I'm on a few of the more obscure things listed there - Mirica, which contains Luteolin and PEA. And liquid B12, which delivers a 2.5mg dose. I've had a previous Lyme infection that was theoretically treated. I never had the fatigue or neurological symptoms, instead a major infection of my knee. My doctor thinks that means the bacteria may have been just been in my knee and possibly eliminated with the antibiotics. I've tested negative on the Western Blot, but she wants me to get a 1k US dollar test just to be sure at some point. Can't swing that right now, so have to wait. The supplement costs alone come in at almost $300 every 30-60 days.
  15. Qi Gong system for chronic fatigue?

    Hi Cheya, Thanks for asking. Yes, I'm also working with a functional medicine doctor. She has me on a load of supplements - vitamins, herbs, and some medical compounds I guess you could call them. I'm also taking low dose naltrexone. I incorporate Pacing into my day and some breathing exercises for calming the nervous system. Would be curious to here what the Dr. has to offer, open to any to approaches that may help.