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Off Grid Wisdom: clarity of a life lived authentically

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Artists of Life: Kathryn King and Wayne Adams dropping pearls!

Sharing deep wisdom realized in their life living off grid in a home they've built over the course of 27 years.


They built this small floating off grid world entirely from recycled materials.  The entire thing floats on reused fish farming structure and the structures are built from salvaged materials.  They gather driftwood for heating and cooking wood.  They both carve and work in various art forms.  The colors they chose are magenta and green from the fireweed plant, the first to rebirth after forest fires.


Their wisdom flows with a piercing calm, gentle and pervasively demonstrative of a life lived wholly and authentically.



Various quotes that resonated:


there isn't anything you do you don't need to maintain somehow...


I'm still workin on it, everything's a process.

Learn by doing...

There's two types of schools and i've been to both.  One's the institution, i say go.
But also when you step out... choose your teachers... travel, experience.
Get out of that little nest and do things.

Get away from the high tech computer and use your hands, head and heart.


What you can't learn in schools... life skill.

Search for people, something that's for you,


before you choose

and take your time
because it's a knowledge based lifestyle...

it's not a freebie...
take your time.

don't be in a rush.

a lifelong process...


lose anything but your sense of humor.

you'll be fine

it's a big deal

You gotta enjoy yourself.
We enjoy each other, we like each other.
I refuse to lose my sense of humor in this great big mess.


I think it's ok to stop living a fear filled life.
Don't be scared to have a life, get out there.


Fear is there to be gotten over and worked through...
If you can do that, then you can accomplish anything you want in your life.



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Living small and mobile.


How much do you really need for full life, for a life of freedom? 

To travel and have hours each day for pondering life, practicing art, meditation... whatever you choose.

To live small, while enjoying more freedom while also contributing a smaller impact footprint on the environment...




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Is it really possible to be happy and not live in a traditional community, with many people around, and working on difficult seasonal things that ... are meaningful.

I am worried that technology is destroying the ability of people to work meaningfully, for their food.   If you can't do that what will you do with your arms and legs ... they will rot?
Living remotely is fine, it disconnects you from mad cities, but it is not really happy is it.

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6 hours ago, rideforever said:

Living remotely is fine, it disconnects you from mad cities, but it is not really happy is it.

I thought the point of the video was that the people living 'mobily' were happy.  I was just reading how Mcmansions weren't selling, and the small house movement is doing well. 


Not my cup of tea, having just lived in a tent for a few days, but there are those who master it and enjoy it.  Finding meaning is important, but people find meaning in different things.  Happiness too.  Working in the fields is not the sole way, people have to find there own paths and causes, ones that will be different and seem strange to others. 


My path right now is family.  Retired early, live under my means.  Probably living under ones means is a help to happiness, more so then any material possession, in that it brings a certain amount of security into life.   

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This world is going to hell.

Honestly, it's a disaster.

Big up to all these people, I wish them well, but it already appears to me like a shell-shocked apocalyptic landscape.

There are too many people on this planet, and the technology is destroying people in many ways, by removing from their hands the ability to work to live and for meaning, and this techno atheistic mental culture is just hurting people.

Young people are so shell shocked they don't know up from down and just do whatever, they are being raised by zombies.

I don't hear any or many sane voices any more, they are silent.

Anyway, the thing is that we are a certain type of animal and I just feel that living in a traditional tribal group would be most appropriate and satisfying.  I think it is important to work towards something, rather than just .... continue.

Anyway I don't personally have a lot of answers, except for myself but ...  jeez it's been traumatic.

Our species is in a tremendous mess, it is really sad to live on a planet like this.

I agree with what these people are saying, but I feel sad more than anything.

And then I feel God.   

But I suppose I have travelled enough to have seen enough and to have done enough now.

The way I feel today, there is nothing on this earth that is of interest.

Apart from a good chicken sandwich.

The gap between God and me must be closed down to zero I think.

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I am not off grid but I try to live a simple tiny house life.your right about using your a blacksmith and my son has done it some.these old ways might die with our ancestors.ive been studying bushcrafting.gettin my gear together for that

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