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  1. Living Hobbit Wild

    I'm a tiny house,simple life person and yes it's alot more work but Soo worth it.nature just gives i.e will we ever run out of chi?
  2. Polyvagal theory and tao

    I am doing wim there any visualization chi channeling?
  3. Wu ming-. Stockholm-good point there.its the same as codependency.not a good relationship but soooo hard to get out.
  4. It isn't just physical.emotional are very curious to learn about her , in love with my best friend and there's benefits I know her well.
  5. Polyvagal theory and tao

    Thank you.i watched his vids,awesome.this helps me with inflammation and cold weather too.
  6. Polyvagal theory and tao

    I'm asking cause I'm getting physically triggered and it's hard to control.i have some PTSD and I get triggered by noises.
  7. Polyvagal theory and tao

    Any thoughts on how polyvagal theory relates to tao?
  8. Dealing with my woman's crazy ex

  9. useless to thhin about

    Either way you are on to something
  10. useless to thhin about

    I don't know much about him.the German health Dept did publicly say that WiFi is bad for your health.
  11. useless to thhin about

    Check out deitrect klinghart.his theory is that heavy metals in our body are vibrating from emf.this affects everyone whether you notice or not.wifi and microwaves are also bad.
  12. My woman has a narcissist,borderline personality disorder ex.he believes that he owns her permanently.he threatens all her male friends.i love her but feel do I navigate and asess the danger someone poses.
  13. Any tractor or deisel mechanics here ?

    You drain the kerosene.
  14. Any tractor or deisel mechanics here ?

    It's a hard one cause dirt maybe worn into the rings ei scratching the bore
  15. Any tractor or deisel mechanics here ?

    You might be able to rinse it out by pouring kerosene through the engine.diesels have high compression and they compression if the compression is low it will be hard or impossible to start.