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  1. Jung shadow work?

  2. Jung shadow work?

    What I really am interested in is shadow projection in romantic relationship.we could say it's all the seperation-unity
  3. Jung shadow work?

    I'll work on this has been a mixture of methods.journaling,dream work,poetry,music, is a slow thing.i had a great shadow insight because of synchronycity..
  4. Jung shadow work?

  5. Jung shadow work?

    Shadow can also be positive but repressed
  6. Jung shadow work?

    Yes we'll said.ive been reading a lot of has really been insightful.
  7. Jung shadow work?

    Does anyone do jungian shadow work.ive been working on this recently and sometimes what I learn is suprising,shocking.its also interesting how it affects relationships.
  8. Yes I drink with my girl.its dangerous because we're both lushs ie no boundaries.
  9. Living Hobbit Wild

    I'm a tiny house,simple life person and yes it's alot more work but Soo worth it.nature just gives i.e will we ever run out of chi?
  10. Polyvagal theory and tao

    I am doing wim there any visualization chi channeling?
  11. Wu ming-. Stockholm-good point there.its the same as codependency.not a good relationship but soooo hard to get out.
  12. It isn't just physical.emotional are very curious to learn about her , in love with my best friend and there's benefits I know her well.
  13. Polyvagal theory and tao

    Thank you.i watched his vids,awesome.this helps me with inflammation and cold weather too.
  14. Polyvagal theory and tao

    I'm asking cause I'm getting physically triggered and it's hard to control.i have some PTSD and I get triggered by noises.
  15. Polyvagal theory and tao

    Any thoughts on how polyvagal theory relates to tao?