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On 11/03/2019 at 8:21 PM, lifeforce said:

Yiquan's shili practice looks very similar to the movement in LHBF form. I believe there's crossover material there. So many of the internals compliment each other.


Well, I've had confirmation of my theory. I just KNEW there was a connection.

My yiquan teacher (who also happens to teach me xingyi), travels regularly to Hong Kong where he learns Han Xingyuan branch of yiquan. The Han brothers were the students who studied the most with the founder of yiquan, Wang Xiangzhai, and their branch is considered pure to the original. So it's held in very high regard. When I mentioned my interest in LHBF he told me what he knows.

In Hong Kong, LHBF lineage holder Li Zhong became concerned when he noticed that the pure LHBF form was being diluted with aspects of xingyi, bagua and taiji and wished to restore LHBF back to its original intention. He enlisted the help of yiquan master Han Xingyuan who helped soften the form and to take out the elements of xingyi, bagua and taiji.

My teacher then went on to tell me that he has been learning LHBF also and that he would teach me on one condition:

That I drop my xingyi altogether and focus solely on LHBF and yiquan. He has himself stopped his own xingyi practice.

I've known my teacher for 15 years now and have enormous trust and respect for him. I've enjoyed learning and practicing xingyi but I can definitely see huge benefits in switching to LHBF. So, that's it. A new adventure awaits and I'm looking forward to learning this incredibly beautiful art.

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