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  1. From the videos I've seen, his approach doesn't conflict with Yogic methods, whether from Indian or Chinese or Persian (Sufism) origin. I'm not sure how he came to this knowledge. I've tried emailing him. I believe he's still alive. However he came by this information, I'm of the belief that it is solid. As for how recent this is, yes, the 90's is only 20+ years ago but the source is obviously thousands of years old.
  2. I've traced the teachings on this subject back to a series of videos entitled "Hidden Meanings" from the 90's by a man called Bill Donahue. Basically he picks the Bible apart and confirms something which I'd suspected for quite some time. That the Bible is NOT LITERAL. It is written in metaphor, allegory and parable. It is esoteric, occult knowledge. A quite incredible wealth of information is presented in these videos. I think this may be the end of my spiritual quest. It just clicks with me in a way nothing else previously has. Enjoy.
  3. Tulsi (Holy Basil)

    Yes. They have a lovely fragrance. He also gave me a Tulsi wood mala which also smells divine. I might see if I can get a plant or even grow one from scratch. I quite like the idea of the tea.
  4. Tulsi (Holy Basil)

    I have some Tulsi wood neck beads given to me by a Krsna devotee friend of mine. Apparently wearing them is very auspicious. I haven't done so yet. Maybe I should.
  5. Wait, this isn't going to descend into another cake thread is it ?🍰
  6. So, I've tried the experiment on myself. The 3 days are over and all I can say was that it was very strange. I don't know if it's because I was focusing on being good, eating clean, no sexual thoughts or activity etc for such a long time before the experiment. Or that it was a natural occurrence, but I woke up right on the dot of 1AM on Thursday 17th. The exact time that the moon entered my star sign. I had an intense headache coupled with nausea and felt absolutely terrible. So bad in fact that it laid me up for 2 days and well into the third. This was very concerning for me as it's been years since I've felt this ill. I was housebound and had very little energy. As a result of this, I didn't do my usual daily practice, something I was planning to do more of in this period. I started to come out of this horrible feeling late yesterday afternoon. I was sure that the whole thing hadn't worked. Then, this morning I woke up feeling incredible. My mind was flooded with information, pointers as to what to focus on. Diet and nutrition, exercise, breathing, meditation, healing. I kept hearing the word "Ki" repeating over and over. Not just the word though, also the meaning of it, as in the Japanese word for qi. It was very clear I was been gently nudged to look into something. Japanese energy methods are not something I'm familiar with, apart from a positive experience I had with Reiki a lot of years ago. So after a little research I came across a breathing meditation method which was unfamiliar to me. Shinichi Tohei's Ki breathing. I tried it, it's a very simple easy to learn method, and I felt super-charged and full of energy. So, that's basically it. I need to look more into it as I've only had an hour to take it all in, but what started out as a harrowingly bad migraine type experience may have led to a new practice for me. All in all a very peculiar time.
  7. There's some seriously weird topics popping up lately. I think a few have been over indulging over the recent holidays.
  8. Anti Lord of Death steel underpants sale !

    Death Grips ? 😜
  9. Lord of Death

    I was out running today and happened to bump into The Lord of Death himself. Not a pleasant guy. Told me he's going to enter the dreams of people on the Dao Bums forum and kick their non-asian asses. I kept on running.
  10. I certainly will. Thanks for the post.
  11. Yes it is. For instance, I'm Gemini. The next time the moon enters my star sign is January 17th according to this website : So, from the 16th, for 4 days just to make absolutely sure, I'll keep my body as alkaline as possible, drink only water, eat one vegetarian meal a day, meditate (which is a daily practice for me anyway), pray, abstain from sex and sexual thoughts, refrain from anger and impure actions and be as charitable as I can. Hopefully if everything goes well, the physical process will kick start something within.