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  1. The Harsh Reality of Awakening

    Another thing which revealed itself to me, is that the practices and teachings that I used in order to initiate the awakening process, came from many traditions, religions, societies, communities and spiritualities. I've sat with highly realised 'masters', crossed hands with extremely accomplished martial artists and fighters, read the works of guru's, saints, prophets, monks. In the end though, I've dropped them all. My individualistic, independent mindset has no room for others. None. It despises the very thought of the herd mentality and group-think. Social situations to me are bothersome, boring and reek of the stench of conformism. Head-nodding and passively agreeing with 'the group' makes me feel physically ill. I've only ever known this anarchistic way since birth. It's been my modus operandi whatever situation has arose. Inevitably, this has led to conflict, especially where authority figures are concerned, but I point blank refuse to be moulded into someone's version of 'me'. The motto I live by, and always have as far back as I remember is: There Is No Authority But Yourself.
  2. The Harsh Reality of Awakening

    Applying the awakening process to my own life, means chipping away at old, outdated dogma that have no business cluttering up my life in the first place. It means I don't need to fit in to any one scene, or to think of reality in the same way that everyone else does. It means I need to figure shit out for myself whatever the consequences. Otherwise I would just be parroting what my parents told me, which they were told by their parents and so on. Figuring out my own laws, my own rules and my own regimen is equivalent to standing against the collectivist dictatorship we like to call society. I don't have to fight it, loathe it or in any way seek to destroy it. All I need to do is say "I'll figure it out for myself, thanks!" and interact with whatever and whomever I find to be rewarding.
  3. The Harsh Reality of Awakening

    Great words, thank you.
  4. The Harsh Reality of Awakening

    This is a fantastic post. Thanks for your thoughts.
  5. The Harsh Reality of Awakening

    I'll pass on that thanks. I know I see the world in a different way from yourself, but to be honest, I actually feel happy that the blinkers have been removed. Fake sincerity is not my thing.
  6. The Harsh Reality of Awakening

    Not really, even though it seems like that. The device addicts usually have 1000's of virtual friends, and probably a lot of real-world friends, with whom they can post/share pictures of every single hour of their existence, however banal and mundane. I have no desire whatsoever to interact with such people.
  7. Seeking Info

    I'm not seeing the things you speak of in Walker's posts, cah5896. There's definitely some misinterpreting going on.
  8. The Harsh Reality of Awakening

    The tone of the topic may sound depressing and morbid, but it's only my thoughts on modern living and the human condition. Believe it or not, I experience a profound sense of joy and appreciation for what I have nearly every day. My words here might not suggest it, but that is the truth. I'm fortunate to live in a semi-rural area where the quiet countryside is within five minutes walk. No traffic noise, only the sound of birds, farm animals and the occasional jet passing overhead. I feel at home in nature, and in relative solitude, but I experience a massive disconnect from humanity. It's like there's a huge gap between myself and the rest of civilisation.
  9. The Harsh Reality of Awakening

    It's not angst, it's way beyond that. Just observations on human behaviour which is becoming increasingly narcissistic and selfish. If I went around smiling at strangers, believe me, they would think I'd gone mad, or even worse become attacked. People generally don't interact anymore. Those days have gone. I'm old enough to remember times like that. Like a distant fading memory.
  10. The Harsh Reality of Awakening

    It's hard not to think about this stuff when you're out and about, especially in towns and cities. For example, yesterday the wife and I popped into Starbucks. I got the seats, while Mrs.Lifeforce went to the counter to order the beverages. As I sat down and looked around, every single person sitting in Starbucks, with the exception of myself, was staring at their phone. It was like I could feel the screen glare from all these devices, draining the place of any positive energy. Coffee shops used to be places of conversation, quiet contemplation, or just watching the world go by. Today they are places where phone zombies plug into a world of megapixels and they can give a thumbs-up to a photograph of a plate of someones food.
  11. The Harsh Reality of Awakening

    There is a world of difference when screens are used occasionally, to when they become the focus of one's life. People are constantly checking and touching devices. The addiction is as strong as nicotine, if not more. The psychological damage which is caused by device addiction is already being seen. When 5G is rolled out worldwide, more physical damage will be seen. This is dangerous technology, and not enough testing has been done.
  12. I found this quote today and it sort of sums up my current view of life: "Morality depends on social interests. Natural law doesn't give a shit" The world we find ourselves existing in really doesn't give a shit, not one bit. All the religions and spiritualities in the world today tell us lies. Utopias don't exist. Humanity's masses are walking around in their own little bubbles staring at their smartphones 24/7. As soon as people have to wait in a line/queue/pick their kids up from school - out comes the smartphone. Families out in restaurants, each member with their own virtual world not communicating with each other. From the real world to the virtual in a nanosecond. It really saddens me to see this.The more I observe human behaviour, the more I despair. Transhumanism is here now, and has been for years. Who needs robotic implants when the world is addicted to technology ? I have no desire to wake up the majority of humanity, it's beyond help. Kali Yuga is playing out before us, just as it needs to, naturally. Awakening is a very lonely place, believe me. Even when you're surrounded with people who love you. The world is a beautiful place only people fuck it up.
  13. RIGHT !

    Now we're talking ! I'll take those off your hands and ...erm... dispose of them in the correct manner.
  14. What are you listening to?

    The pinnacle of ambient electronic music. Absolutely terrifying and extremely unsettling. Dark and creepy in places and uplifting in others. I've yet to hear a better piece in this genre.