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7 hours ago, Michael Sternbach said:



However, the conscious mind isn't always aware of the big picture, and it is on that level where we are aware of it, more accurately, part of it, that we 'decide on' or 'agree to' everything that happens.



This is the exciting part!  The subconscious mind of our collective self is non-local!  It contains all knowledge in all times, places, and locations.  Like a flock of birds suddenly all turning at the same instant, or a school of fish doing the same.  And we do have a tendency to all agree what 'reality' appears to be, only our own observations are different from everyone else's on earth is at any time because the sensory data has to make it's way through the baloney of our ego and everybody has experienced and interpreted life differently.  But our I Am selves has all the answers!  Every one of us has every answer there is.  But the darker the lens is of our ego, the less accurately we see the light.


It's like it's all backwards from what most of us were taught as children.

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