New Translation- Sun Lutang The Study of Xing Yi Quan

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Hi everyone


just wanted to let everyone know that we just finished a new translation of:

The Study of Xing Yi Quan: Xing Yi Quan Xue

by Sun Lutang




its 200 pages




to celebrate finishing this project we have it at a special reduced price on our website


the book will also be vailable on Amazona nd on Kindle soon

I will update this post with links when it is available



I know a lot of people here practice the internal styles of kung fu

but for people who don't know:


Xing Yi Quan

translates as Form and Intention Boxing

it is one of the internal styles of Kung Fu

(the other internal styles are Tai Chi and Bagua)


The basics of the boxing is rooted in Wuji, Taiji, Sa Cai (three powers)

and the 5 Elements


it also contails 12 animal forms


the training is straight forward and liveley


the book covers the theory, basics, boxing forms, and 2 man application sets (the five elements paired practice and An Shen Pao (advanced paired set))



Sun Lutang

was a very famous practitioner

he was the first one to publish books on the interal styles of chinese Kung Fu

his Xing Yi book was written in 1915


he mastered all 3 of the internal styles - taiji, bagua, xing yi

and was well versed in taoist cultivation

which is reflected in his books






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I always think that people can come to Taoism in many different ways :



-Studying Chinese herbs


-Practice acupuncture


-Searching for meaning of life through philosophical reasoning


-Practice Calligraphy


-Having no intention to search anything ( ie , Zen :P )


-Martial arts



All Chinese schools of martial arts , in the final analysis, have to return to the concept of qi and its applications to fighting, so its relation to Taoism is inevitable.


Early years of the 20th-century China is a time where brilliant Chinese kung fu masters rise in their dozens ( See the movie : ' The Grandmasters') , we have Huang Feihong , Sun Lungtan, Wang Xiangzhai (王薌斋) .. yet Yip Men's claim as one of them seems doubtful . Real master really is a person who can fight against ten guys , or knock down a person without even touching him ( just like real Taoist sexual practice is likely something free of body contact.. )


Reading books written by those Kungfu masters is like reading difficult books on Philosophy, and , similar to those about medical qigong in TCM , another way leading to Taoist alchemy..

Edited by exorcist_1699
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